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favorite winnowill


Lives in the dalles, Oregon United States · Born on October 29, 1985
Elfmom's Final Quest Art
Wanted to see them all together and thought you would too! First one, not exactly sure if it is final quest but the style looks right for final quest. This one has Leetah's new cloths before Elfmom...
Wendy's birthday today!!!!!
Yes it is here! June 4th, the day our lovely Elfmom was born into this world!! so lets celebrate like wolfriders! AYOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOoooOOA! *dances around with pike and tosses dream berries to eve...
I'm Back!!
Hello all! How are things? I haven't been around for a long while but i missed it here, and missed all of you! *Lights up the dance fires and picks up her spear* "AyOOOOOoooooAAAA! dream berries fo...
Happy Birthday too me!!!!!!! yay 26!
Come and join the fire! Dance, Howell, and eat lots of dream berries!!!! AyOOOOOooooOOOA!!! *Dances with her spear around the fire and munches dream berries.* Shade and Sweet Water to All!!!!!!...
Farewell to the dead.
I have been thinking allot about life and death lately. My aunt just died and my uncle told me that she saw my father sitting on the end of the bed. He died a long time ago but it makes me happy that ...