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Spoiler Policy - NEW 3/18/2015

Share your suggestions for the forums!

Test thread

Let's all get to know each other, eh?

You missed a spot! (Story missing from the online comics)

If you had elf powers, what (silly, little things) would you do?

Elfquest convention

Missing the beginning of Mender's Tale?

Browsing the online comics

Dead or looping links in the Who's Who-section

Profile page content

Bug in the Character Bios


"recent posts"?

How do I turn off the email alerts every time there's an update here?

Read it now links don't work

Translation of character codes from the old forum (which is this forum before 2010 )

Just learning ... slowly ...

A few words

Merging and splitting threads

Forum guidelines discussion

Ads on the site

Profile Design Q/A

Spam block is not working

Better search results

Forum guidelines


Name change requests!

Tagging and Editing

Mobile version of site...

There's something wrong with "Search This Forum"

Deleting comments on the Wall

Help with uploadíng new avatar?

I need technical help, please!

How can you turn off Notifications?

possible spambot

Testing picture posting

How do you make a banner?

Not a suggestion, more of a Question

Putting Post Latest First and Earliest Last

Upload Limits?

Am I the only one who can't see the latest Final Quest page?


Testing my sig, comments welcome and such, or not. Hee.

"Futurequest" under "Comics Discussions"?

Le Test

Comments on the new design and structure

Facebook characters 10001-20000

Facebook characters 00065 - 10000

misplaced group threads - working tool

Album Privacy settings

Advanced Search: completely bugged

Recent site wipe/other bug (pictures)

Cancel your accout will make your threads disappear?

individual reply emails instead of 1 per thread

New thoughts/suggestions...

Scroll of Colors Topics for New Digital Material

Messaging available only to "friends"

Use of artwork without credit/permission

Testing picture uploading


Twitter comments?

Ignore this.

Elfquest who's who


New group disappeared from website

Can't log out?


Help with quoting

How to post in group forum?

testing new resized banner en avater

Site on mobile phones

Neither a bug nor a suggestion

Unsubscribing threads

Logging in, password email and user name problems

I'd like to which thread I posted in...

The correct use of Blogs and Bulletins?

Blogs in asian language?

Problems with Digital Elfquest

What CMS is in use here?

Deleting posts

I wonder how big my avatar gets...

Hmmmmm. Testing, testing. Ett, to, ett, to!

...don't mind me...ok


Internet Explorer?

Spam, spam, spam, lovely spaaam

Not a test, an experiment :), please post random comments if you wish...

Terms of Use not useful ;)

Results of my poll

Logging into the iPhone Forum site

possible spammer

Nevermind me...

General bugs

"Friends" - really necessary?

Suggestions for categories

Newsletters and notifications

cross-site forgery error

Photo album oddness

Teach me?