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I'm hoping some people can help me out with this -- I owned a set of 4 ElfQuest graphic novels (the series from the first issue through finding the palace with the Go-Backs) about, oh, 7-8 years ago. Sadly, I no longer have them. =( I want to reconstruct my collection (hopefully without paying an arm and a leg!) but my problem is this: I've narrowed it down to the two possible versions it might have been, Starblaze or "The Complete ElfQuest" books 1-4 by FTP.

My question is this: Does anyone happen to know the DIMENSIONS of either edition, or where I can find out? I've hunted around the internet and can't figure it out, myself. I remember the books as being somewhat overlarge, but an eBay listing for what appeared to be a Starblaze version said it was about 11 &1/2 by 9 inches. It's POSSIBLE that's all it was, but any info would be great!

And, um.... sorry if I'm not supposed to post this kind of question in this thread?