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Men and Women are not so different at all. Society(in America) makes everything, "men can't like pink or purple, men don't cry;ect." OR "women can't swear, this or that is not lady like;ect". So we all over think how we are suppose to react or are too affaid of "what if", to change the reaction.

Fact: men cry, gossip, backstab friends, get broken hearts...... and so on and so on.

Fact: women do all those things as well. The only difference most of the time, is how society and stereo types make us react. Instead think the old sayings "do unto others..." "treat others the way you want to be treated". Everyone is an idividual, but we are taught the same insecurities and preconceptions of ourselves and others.... Get beyond that, you will be just fine.


Why do WE all like ElfQuest? Because the elves are more open to everything. Was Cutter any less manly when opened up fully to Leetah and was willing to leave Sorrow's End in tears because he thought she was going to deny recognition? Where we mad at Leetah when she admitted she was just too damn scared to go with Cutter on the quest in the first place? Didn't we all forgive Rayek, yet again, when he was willingly getting his ass kicked by Cutter and thanked him for raising Venka. We love EQ because the characters are honest and loyal and strong..... everything I have always strived to be. If there is any person you don't understand, tell them your issues honestly. Is every woman (or man) going to have a carbon copy of your opinion, HELL no. But it will help you to get to know them and understand them better. You need to take down your wall and open up.