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T.A. was a popular psychology trend back in the seventies. It had to do with analyzing how people interacted with each other. It would take too long to explain here, but one type of interaction was caled "parent to child." It referred to one adult talking to another as if the other person were a child, instead of an equal.

The most common example I encounter, is being called these names, or similar ones, in a professional situation:

My mother is dead. My own siblings don't call me these names. I really hate it when a woman starts a conversation in this context. I'm not her daughter, nor am I her lesbian lover.

Aside from the talking-down habit, it's generally tough to work with women who are stuck in the "Mommy" mode. I've got one ditzy co-worker who thinks she can solve every problem by decorating walls with cute stuff. There are others who can't think independently, because decisions are what daddies make. Their situation at home with the kids may vary from one to another, but some women just can't switch off the Mommy mode when it's time to deal with other grownups.