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To all who've been asking and wondering about this issue with Starlord:

First, it's still difficult using the "report" system on this forum. It tells me there is A report, but doesn't tell me what it's about. So I've been counting more on PMs than on the reporting. Which is why I've heard from a couple of people lately about Starlord.

I wrote to her, didn't hear back for a few days, and thought - as everyone else here has thought - "OK, here's someone who just doesn't care, and is thumbing her nose at the rules." I sent out a blanket message to all members last night, one I hope makes things more clear, and more immediate. (I tend to trust that people will read older posts in threads, or will read all the rules when they join up. I'm optimistic that way, though it's not always warranted.)

Anyway, I heard back from Starlord. And I am convinced that, rather than someone who doesn't care, this is a case of someone who is very likely deaf - and who, as a result, has a very different grasp of the written language than the rest of us do. (I won't go into personal detail, but if you've ever known a deaf person, you know what I'm talking about. Their construction of words and sentences is quite odd, compared to what we all take for granted.)

So while I intend fully to pursue every issue of "art theft" that I can find (and that is brought before me), in this case, I want to tread gently. I believe this is a person (a) who very greatly loves EQ and would never disrespect other artists knowingly, and (b) who doesn't "get" the rules as they've been stated. So I'm going to do my best to find a solution that works for all. I don't know what that will be yet, but I'm hoping this post will salve the feelings of those (particularly those whose art has been involved) who may have felt I was not taking the issue seriously.