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Figured out an interesting dynamic to the game: Learning.

Many cards will have set skills, like Pike will have Storytelling, and Redlance will have Tree Shaping. This is standard.
What I plan to add is the ability to grow skills over time. On the card, it would look like:
Plant Shaper*
Shaper* (any except Flesh)

These '*'ed skills will not be available when the character is initially played, but will develop over time (number of turns or attempts)

I have broken down ElfQuest magic ibto the following catagories. Ill eventually make breakdowns for other race specific talents. (magic is currently on my mind):
All magical abilities are the "shaping" of these eight "elements":

(at least in the game) these basic types of shaping progress into levels of ability. For example, "flesh shaping" evolves as follows:
Ability to feel what is wrong with someone
Ability to heal one's self
Ability to heal one other person (simple, like cuts or light illness)
Ability to heal a few other people (simple)
Ability to heal outside of one's race
ability to "remove a 'taint'" (Leetah/Winnie removing WolfBlood)
ability to self heal a mortal wound
ability to heal another's mortal wound
ability to shape one's self
ability to corrupt another's flesh (winnie: Two-Edge's father)
Ability to mutate animals
ability to reshape another character's body

Here's how it works:
Player plays a character card with "Flesh Shaping*"
player "attempts" to practice healing.
If attempt was successful, the countdown until "Flesh Shaping Level 1" is decreased by 2, if not, decrease by 1 (unless this is a High One, they get special rules).
Once Level 1 is reached, those abilities are able to be used (not set yet, but lets say "healing self or one other character per turn")
Each level would have a countdown, and each time a talent is used the countdown decreases (or, if it is easier, place counters on character and determine what level it is by dividing that number by the countdown number). Practice helps more than practical use, but use gets points too. (sounds complex but its really easy once you get going).

Im thinking each race would have a particular group of abilities: Elves are Shapers, Trolls are (mining/forging/tunneling), Preservers are Helpers, and humans are... Superstitous? Im stuck there.