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Being the mother of sons, I can in all seriousness tell you that you need a manual on men. It is amazing what they can forget, (or so they claim to forget). My boys were easy to raise until they hit their teens. The only positive they had is that I was not the type of mother that wavered. Discipline was just that and there was none of this wait until your father gets home. (He has never been in the picture, he choice.). I was raised by a very strong mother, who much is much like her father (my darling grandfather), say what you mean or say nothing at all. In short no pussy footing around. I'm the same way. Then there is the flip side. I have seen young women throw themselves at men. Play petty games and so on. That's when I to say grow up please. Of course I still find it amazing the my supervisor can completely disappear without a trace after you asked for assistance. Or you ask him about something and he looks at you like he never heard you speak before. Oh well the sexes are different that is for sure. But maybe a simple hint may not be enough. A two by four up the backside of the head sounds like a really good way to get their undivided attention. Yes, I even said that to my boss once. Should have seen the look on his. He had no clue whether I was serious or not.