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Page five is finally done. Little explanation to the last panel: Foxtrail says "you birds". He clearly refers to Hawk´s name here, but also ironically to his friends in general. It´s a funny fact that ALL of Foxtrail´s close friends (which really aren´t that many) happen to be in the bird image. Hawk, as you know Fletcher, another troll refugee who is lovemated to his sister and became part of his family Night Arrow, his long-term crush and heartbreaker who he even calls by the petname "Birdie" This will be important to get the dialogue on next page as well. The conflict of the free flying bird vs. the bound fox became kind of a red thread in Foxtrail´s history.

Moonmoss said: something in the facial expressions and the personalities make me think that these could as easily be Cutter and Skywise while younger... ;) grumpy young chief vs. fun-loving stargazer.
I think some things are just common in any bromance, but Hawk indeed has much of Skywise, as shown in this page. I´m not so sure about Foxtrail and Cutter. I think except of their grumpiness, strong family bonds and wolfblood they don´t have anything in common at all...