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@Trollbabe, the difference between girls and guys is that guys fight. Something is wrong, the weakest gets the punch and it's over. Some African mothers will put their daughters in a room and keep them their until they hit each other. I think it would be the less barbarian way if you see how they "solve" it nowadays... @Lunakat, I laughed at the present thing. Not because it is funny but because for me it was the other way around. I would have begged my ex to stop buying me gifts for my birthday and other occasions. See, he used to buy me appliances which one could use to be "the woman" and clean, iron... divorced him within the second year ;) @GOlden, love the "no pussy footing around" method! We were never called sweety, love, honey... we had to do the dishes if we wanted the right to go outside (outside being at the door), we got slapped when we did something wrong. No princesses in our house. It's my fathers hands that thought me I should never accept anyone else to slap me, that I should never expect anyone to be nice for no reason. Survival of the fittest, if one is treated like a princess I hope she'll never need to fight the big bad wolf...