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Spankings only at our home when I was young, but my mom didn't put up with any of our stunts. Chores had to done end of discussion, play was in the backyard when both of my parents were still at work. Then I got to go to my grandparents. My grandma was one more apt to hit you for no good reason. My grandpa never spanked my, nothing. I was his little one and that was the end of the subject. Of course we went there to get a chance to seriously play and get out of the city. I mean come on ten acres worth of a playground. But again there were differences between my parents and grandparents. My parents tended to reverse roles. She'd paint a room and he'd make pumpkin bread. My grandparents had the more traditional roles. I don't recall either pair forgetting birthdays or anniversaries though. I guess it may have more to do with the day of age they were born than anything else.