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Things they have in common...


List as many things as you can that an ElfQuest character and some other fictional character have in common, and if you like suggest lists for others to make. Mention the fictional work the other character is from.

What Skywise and Frodo from the 'Lord of the Rings' have in common:

They're approximately the same height.
Both have a hand with four fingers. (so what if one has two such hands...)
Both carry a precious object on a string around the neck.
Both have lost their both parents in a tragic way.
In the movie version Frodo falls off a cliff because someone tries to steal the Ring and is saved by his best friend. In 'Forbidden Grove' Skywise falls off a cliff because someone tries to steal the Lodestone and is saved by his best friend.
Both have a closer relationship with their best friend than with any female.
Both know and love from afar a tall, wise, ancient, fair-haired woman. (actually with Frodo this fits both Goldberry and Galadriel)
Both show no marks of aging, although in Frodo this changes after the Ring is no more.
Neither has a lifemate.
Both enjoy watching the stars.
Both have a sword that would be a knife for someone human height, both swords are made by a race other than the owner's.
Both go on a Quest.
Both end up in a place that is the fullfillment of their dreams (Tol Eresseä & the Palace)
Both are separated from their best friend and later reunited.

All right, would someone do Shuna and Eowyn? Or anyone else...


Kahvi and Xena.

Dark, pretty, warriors, strong...

*sorry for bumping this one, but i discovered the "view unanswered topics" button:P*


Skywise & Lucas (SeaQuest)

- Parents weren't around much (or in Skywises case, not at all)
- Couselors
- Wise and full of mischieve
- Thinkers.


I felt, after reading Kingdom Come (one of the best graphic novels ever produced!), that the triangle of Superman-Batman-Wonderwoman reminded me alot of Cutter-Rayek-Leetah. Particularly at the end. Superman/Cutter is the golden boy, the hero, the boy-scout.... Batman/Rayek is the darker anti-hero who is basically good but has less moral objections about getting things done..... and Wonderwoman/Leetah is the opinionated and beautiful woman they have in common.


Ohh, Kingdom Come... I loved that... I gotta agree... I never liked Superman, but I love Batman... the difference is Rayek is the one with supernatural powers while with Bruce and Clark it's the other way round... which is probably why I'm not all that crazy about Rayek... just a little bit crazy...


Good note on the power-switch-up... I never noticed that.


Suntop and Alvin, in the Alvin series of books.

Both have powerful abilities.
Both use them in the same way, a bit hiddenly.
Both are young when their abilities show up.
Both want good for the others.
Neither one is exactly selfish.
Both would die for somebody else, I suppose.


[size=18:8719b56316][color=orange:8719b56316][b:8719b56316]Suntop & Harry Potter[/b:8719b56316][/color:8719b56316][/size:8719b56316]

Hidden Powers that eventually manifested themselves.
Interesting Parentage.
Got the job done.[/color:8719b56316]


Leetah and Dia (from Mighty Orbots)

1. Strong-willed
2. Compassionate
3. Pointed ears and slanted eyes (Dia's race is either Earth Elves, or some kind of Space Elves. The show never explained which.)
4. Intelligent
5. Brave


Winnowill & Eris from the Sinbad movie
( Actually, Richard made a comment about that once )

Both tall, Beautiful, elegant with long, black hair and a pretty dress.
Both are the bad guy.
Both have a thing for teasing the main character guy.
Both claims to be gods ( Eris is one, and Winnie once said she was a high one )
Both have magic powers.


Strongbow & Johnny Depp

Both Hot
Both very seriouse type
Both brownish, long hair with a little goat beard Wink
Both have hot girlfriends


[color=red:59f24dda4e][u:59f24dda4e][size=15:59f24dda4e]Ember and Kleopatra Selene[/size:59f24dda4e][/u:59f24dda4e][/color:59f24dda4e]

- Both have a twin brother
- Not living together with twin when older
- They have to live without their father at about age 5 (for Ember, it was just for a few moons, while Kleopatra Selene's father was killed)
- Both are destined to rule
- Grandparents are dead (for Ember, it's on her father's side, for Kleopatra Selene, it's on her mother's side)
- Both are pretty Wink
- Both have golden skin
- We don't know what happened/will happen to them


Pike and Garfield:

Both have red/orange hair

Both wear fur

Both are obsessive about a substance (dreamberries, lasagna)

Both hang around at least one canine

Both have been known for bad behavior at the dinner table (passing out, pigging out)

Neither is accustomed to the use of indoor plumbing