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So... What did you do today?


I made couple of bouquets.
It was fun, only two students (including me :D).
And soon, I'll be going home to spend the weekend with my family.


Wasn't there any topic like this yet? Unbelievable! Grin
So.... I didn't do anything yet today, except for having breakfast and hanging out here. Sorry, not too exciting... :P


what are you doing now
and DAy to Day life seem quite the same ...

yet, not intirely

I picked up my car... my parents payed for it, because I need it for work, they get the credits when I don't need it anymore..


Edit: moved it to day to day


Yesterday I moved a whole lot of boxes from one side of my attic to the other. Today I shall move a whole lot more boxes in a similar direction. Such an exciting life I lead.


crap...i thought this was day to day...


I just got home from work and I've been shopping for tonight's date. And now I'm gonna do the dishes, change the bed Wink , work out and take a shower. Then start cooking dinner.


What do you mean "now"... that's enough for two weeks... *has now, at 4:30 PM, managed to get dressed - and wants to go to bed BADLY*


I'm going to school, writing an essay, taking an exam...

finishing yesterday's painting. Hitting the gym (damnit- yes!)
and going to see my gal this weekend.



What do you mean "now"... that's enough for two weeks... *has now, at 4:30 PM, managed to get dressed - and wants to go to bed BADLY*

I'm somewhat with Nowth on that one! Though... Today I have to mail some packages, go to the tag agency and get a new tag/plate for my car so it's legal. (my tag expires today, and I still have Oklahoma plates :oops: )
But, I did find my insurance paperwork and my title, so, that's a good start, eh?


woke up to my cub kicking and moving around.. That was fun. Got up, went to the computer.... And than.... Laundry :roll:



[quote:a202804eec="Nowth"]What do you mean "now"... that's enough for two weeks... *has now, at 4:30 PM, managed to get dressed - and wants to go to bed BADLY*

I'm somewhat with Nowth on that one! Though... Today I have to mail some packages, go to the tag agency and get a new tag/plate for my car so it's legal. (my tag expires today, and I still have Oklahoma plates :oops: )
But, I did find my insurance paperwork and my title, so, that's a good start, eh?[/quote:a202804eec]

that's great... now I hope you managed to keep going... find it hard not to just stop...

I think I'll change bed sheets now... makes hiding in bed feel all the better :roll:


Well, I'm happy to tell you that I did manage to get everything done today. And I'm exhausted! And we've got to be in OKC in about 12 hours for a birthday party.Surprised

So, got the packages mailed (Angel should be checking her mail soon :)), and my Oklahoma tax return mailed. Did finally get my car a new plate and tag, but, not before sitting at the Derby tag agency for 2 hours only to be told that since I'm bringing the car in from out of state it needs to be inspected first. And they don't do inspections there and the place that does do them is down town and stops at 4pm. It was 3pm when I found this out. So, mad dash home to get proper directions on how to get there, only to still take a brainless wrong turn on the highway which took me about 15 minutes out of my way (managed to get turned in the right direction around 3:30). I got to the tag agency with 15 minutes to spare. Got the car inspected and in line for the tag right at 4. *whew*

Needless to say, I was completely doped on adrenaline at that point. And very hungry. Until finally getting to eat close to 7pm tonight, all I had eaten prior was two granola bars and a diet soda (that was the only cold soda in the house :? we keep em cold in case his brothers come over, they drink diet).

Anyhow. Now up much later than I ever intended to be and am about to crash out with a headache.

See ya later. Love you (you know who you are.;)) and goodnight!



Today.... I painted the best picture of my life!

And tomorrow, I am giving it away.


Yesterday I managed to break the zipper on my coat, pull my loft ladder out of its runners and snap off the earpiece of my glasses. It's getting so I'm scared to touch anything in case it brea#y[j06uw



Today.... I painted the best picture of my life!

And tomorrow, I am giving it away.

Ooooh, you should take a pic and show us. :)


Went off to the 'big city' today, with my sis, and checked her computer for my files. Unfortunately, most of my stuff was gone as I had already moved it to my computer a while back. Well, at least being a pessimist prepared me for the worst. :?


Shopped, got a bunch of clothes, checked out this new art store and got a few scratchboards! I've mostly been working on a scratchboard piece all day.


i actually went to one of these "dog-shows" today.. my mother is a little in to that kind of stuff... our dog did not win anything... but kinda fun just to watch all the different dogs that were there...


xeno... maybe, I think I got a pic of it.

Today... I woke up way too early with a hangover.... ug. I'm online now because I'm trying to train my eyes back into focus and my brain back into functioning. Look- I'm typing! I have basic coordination back!



Way to go, Luna! :D


Went to another "dog-show". Our dog did not get anything today either... :roll:


The same thing I've been doing for the past week. Immersing myself into the blissful ignorance of computing, ate scarcely and watched half of 'the Drunken Master', which happens to be one of my favorite movies.

Doesn't sound like much, but by my standards, this day was a blast.


I'm almost done with a line drawing....


Talked to the father of the baby today... He said he didnt have the money and he didnt even pay for his apartment... so he said he's gonna take me out and get the crib and everything...


I finished my drawing - Tyleet and a little Pool. And I got Kazaalite to work! Yay! Now I am one of the kajillions out there who can download music. Let's see how fast I can fill up 80G...


I am procastinating again! I've been doing it all weekend long.... *shrugs* So why stop now? :roll:


Same here. :roll: I should be working on some college stuff and homework, but no, I'm sleeping and daydreaming.


I too have done the grand total of bugger all today. Can't be bothered. And I have no interest in doing anything either. I'm just going to look like I'm really busy but not actually do anything.


Today I noticed that I have been mistaken for being male, here. But since I heartily dislike the color pink, I am not going to clear things up myself. I like the color blue, tho... And green and purple, but the only options seem to be pink or blue.


Today I did... next to [i:4e53ef80cd]nothing[/i:4e53ef80cd] stoned a lot in here! Watched a little bit of TV... wrote a very little bit on my project... stoned many other places...


i went to an ER. To the pound, nearly got a kitty. Dealt with Tonys drama... dealt with Tims drama... and all of this on 4 hours of sleep


Today I got up really early as I volunteered myself to help on a campaign to gather food and other goods to abandoned animals in a mall here in Lisbon. Although I'm sleepy like a zombie I feel very happy because people contributed with many Kgs of food packs and money donations.


[color=red:f4a83df631]Held my birthday! :D Just me, my parents, my grandparents and my cousin's dog (my grandparents are taking care of him) out in our summer house (well... my mum and my uncle's to be precise...)[/color:f4a83df631]


Went to the mall... Played outside...
Got NEON purple nail polish... idont know why i did... but i had to... lol

shaved... and talked to Fernando :D


[quote:d92b0ece3d="Willowspring"]Got NEON purple nail polish... idont know why i did... but i had to... lol[/quote:d92b0ece3d]

[color=red:d92b0ece3d]Me wants pics! :D [/color:d92b0ece3d]


Here ya Go Ember!!!!



a master budget project for managerial accounting -__-"


[color=mediumpurple:18c4cf0784]am sorting beads to make a windchime! strenous, i know![/color:18c4cf0784]


[color=darkred:b6169b1b45]Did the same thing as always pretty much... wondered around apartment in jammies... dealing with Ember (little baby who is teething) and Andy (big baby a.k.a. hubby who is uber sick) and he acts worse than I do...[/color:b6169b1b45]


I talked to Sony, went to the gym, talked to the retailer, then walked home. Been filing some applications on line and now hanging out here :D


Have they still not fixed that bloody TV yet? It would be quicker to give you a new one. :roll:


No they have not, and I am getting a new one, beginning of next week. The retailer is circumventing Sony.


Surprised :?
*googles 'circumventing'*
Oh! It's about time.


I went to an exhibition, and the paintings were horribly sad, gray ...
and I ate a goooooooooooood chocolate ^^

aaaaaaaaaaand ... I drew :roll:


[color=darkred:0ebc2ebe61]Hmm... today I changed jammies three different times (was too hot and then too cold) and dealt with Ember (she has a fever and teething, bad combo...) and that's bout all...[/color:0ebc2ebe61]


Kin... I sense massive relief in that announcement!

Laurel... Got suggestions for a new TV; I can PM you.

Me... just got home from an 11-hour day. Sunlight when I get home - what a concept!

(phone call, Dollhouse and a beer, perhaps not in that order)


[quote:2241aafdd5="Tymber"]I'd recommend the beer last.

Sometimes after one too many beers - those phone calls can be used as blackmail!

I speak from experience![/quote:2241aafdd5]

No worries, Tymber. The person who would be at the other end of the line is, um... unavailable. Wink And it's only one beer anyway.

"Dollhouse" - T-minus 22 minutes... :D


I got 12 cats ready for my kid's anatomy quiz on Monday...had to put in 75 pins. It was great fun, I tell you. Didn't get home till 6:30 tonight!


"Nothing like the smell of formaldhyde in the morning!"


[quote:2f2f5627d3="Kindredsoul"]TODAY, I GAVE THE STORE MY TWO WEEK NOTICE!!!!!!!!!! :dance:[/quote:2f2f5627d3]

Surprised You're going to have free time? Surprised I think I need a lie down.


slept in until about 9:45 (which now is flkipping shocking to me)

got up. got dressed. packed my bag again. walked home with Fenrnado, Littlebit fell asleep. Cuddled with Fernando for a bit more before he had to go. Went to a baby shower and nearly lost my son. nice day for me


Went out to lunch with my best friend...tried on some of her "hand-me-up" clothes that she didn't need as I've lost almost 30 pounds and can't afford a new wardrobe...struggled with grouchy baby...met my 62-year old mother's new boyfriend and toured his house...came online and saw Joselle's artwork that she dedicated to me and now I feel like running around in circles and leaping about!!

Course, this would wake baby and I'd have a very long night...so...I'm controlling myself!


- slept
- slept some more (I'm entitled! I worked back-to-back 11-hour days!)
- took a walk outside the apartment
- had my only meal of the day... a lunch that actually was dinner-plus. Did NOT fall asleep later, despite the food being Indian. Wink
- called two Forum friends on Skype - first time using it for voice. Only on the first call, a string and two Coke cans would have worked better... even from California to Norway. :oops: (Better luck next time for us, Arlyn...)
- Drove 40 minutes to my preferred shopping center, intending to get a car adapter for my iPod and scout out my next laptop. Left Best Buy with neither, and got reminded why I buy everything online. Spent a grand total of $3.70 on the trip - for a vanilla latte at Barnes & Noble. And got reminded why I shop online (again). (Hard to believe 10 years ago, Borders was practically my second home.)
- Felt really wistful about a good friend.
- Signed off here, finally. Wink

Good night, soon as the latte wears off.


[color=mediumpurple:0cbec9d533]^_____________^ Had Gravel Mountain Road Adventure!!

Went back to the 130 yer old stagecoach stop, te more venison [wasnt as good- they burnt the meat, damn charbroiled trendiness!!] then took the stagecoach road as far as we could then hit a road ole Regan would have driven from his ranch 20 years ago [before he was a drooling vegetable]. It was very similar in form & funtion as the old road above the glacier in BC that hadnt been maintained in at least 30 years which was stopped by a giant rockslide that took the road over the 200odd foot cliff to the glacier. [it may be more, is hard to tell!]
Got stopped today3/4? of the way along the road by the uphill climb over bare ragged rock. The hill wasnt that steep [compared to the canyon & cliffedge2 feet away i mean] but when we had the right front wheel hanging midair spinning with the same stone as far as i could see up & around the bend... we figured it would prolly be best to turn around. If we had a 4 wheel drive instead of 2 we could have made it no prob. Not the worst road weve been on but parts made the list [20 miles of hot washboard to Chaco is on the list, the glacier road is on the list, so is the 6-8 inches of muddy wintermelt we drove through in colorado once. The trail we missed the marker for in utah is worse - we broke the car there- one rut a foot deep, the other side closer to two, bottomed it but good! :)]

Anyway, had fun. Prolly could have walked out & got a towtruck in if we had gotten stuck. Not many pictures but saw a lizard, 2 funny bluejays & a small pack of quail :) Also found the top edge of the gap wildfire which was interesting & made the canyon look even deeper & more rocky because of the scorched brown cinders :)[/color:0cbec9d533]


[color=darkred:70fe676fb4]Today... I went to bed at 6 a.m. this morning... woke up at 6 p.m. this evening... went to the mall... traded in my old DS for a new DSi... then went to Olive Gardens with hubby to celebrate early our one year aniversary...[/color:70fe676fb4]


I watched Despicable Me with my mother. She loved it. ^^


Had a three hour long walk and painted a whole room.


Work, sleep, and got RAMMSTEIN tickets *joy* :D


Went through my really really really really really really really really old drawings. Found some elves who's design I actually like...o__O Think I should try and redraw them.


Well, I bought a little something that happens to be one of the few things my mind deems nostalgic and it made me go through a box of my toys...


Stuffed myself at a seafood buffet. Yum!


Yard sale. Sold a few things.


Went to town today to buy hair dye and passed the Tordenskjold statue.People have placed flower bouquets on the fountain surrounding it to show their support to Norway. My mother and bought a bouquet and placed it there as well.


Yesterday: wroking for 5 hours, then came home and my aunt was visiting us, then I went to the store together with my mother and aunt to but something for my grandmothers birthday, and I bought the new sims game, and when I got home, I played it the whole day!


Ten minutes ago I was sleeping and dreaming, and I suddenly heard music, a melody. In My dream I was trying to get to a house to record it. Then I woke up. Then I walked up to my dictaphone and recorded it, just a few minutes ago. Before I went to sleep I was listening to some Christians who where talking about the values of dreams. I find this very strange. I normally don't dream music.


Job interview.


Banged up my foot somehow...


went to my grandmother, it's her birthday today. About an hour, I have to work again.


I dusted the living and dining rooms. Such an expediture of energy.


Worked..that's all I have done today XD


Went to watch the start of stage 3 of the Tour of Denmark.

Yesterday I watched (part) of the finish of stage 2.


I've had a movie night with my friends.


Cleaned up the house a bit and other than that nothing.


worked. Now arrange everything for tomorrow.


Mowed the lawn, carried wood to a the shelter, had a bath in the sea, dolled, done a sketch of Dolly Duck, given feedback to story and some dolls, recommended stories, climbed, called a friend, stargazed and cropped 11 images of Jarrah to a friend who is thinking about maybe doing a calendar entry of her.


There's 11 pictures of Jarrah?


All of them are in Hidden Years 9, and yes, amazingly enough. Not full shots, some are half headshots. But everyone in counting, eleven.


I watched Ronal Barbaren (Ronal the barbarian ) with two of my friends.
That movie is FUN. And surprisingly well made.


Cleaned my room. It was kinda needed...

Other than that I've been lazing around...


Lets see. Did the shopping. 4 loads laundry, cleaned the kitchen, living and dining. Cleaned my bath.


Went for a walk in the nearby woods with my family.


I watched Batman: Under the Red Hood.
Gotta say it's pretty freaking dark.


I woke up, helped me sister pack out of the house, read a book and fell asleep in the middle, and drawn on the iPad.


First I went to a meeting in the bank...

Then, later, I went to class...


Yesterday shopping with my dad, bought a game, and play it all day XD

today, again to the dentist .... but everything was good, despite the inflamed gums, and to the kidsclub *with all of nasty little brats*.


*huggles Wolfie* Games are good, inflamed gums are not, and nasty little brats... are nasty little brats.

I got my driving license! =3


Drove a bus 7 hours to (and back again ) the hospital just for a doctor to take a look at my foot in 10 minutes and tell me she had to have another doctor in another city to look at it :-P ( I made up for it in 2 hours intensive comfort-shopping with money I really didn't have! )

Happy for you Tenderfoot :-D Inspire me to do the same!!


Bought some canvas, acryllics, painted with said acryllics, and sold a watercolor painting I finished.


(For yesterday)

I woke up early morning,

bright at eight am;

for I'm such a morning-girl.

Then I took a shower,

just so nice and quick,

before I went to my laptop,

coffee right beside me

as it ought to be,

without I am no good.

Breakfast afterwards,

my laptop off;

(my desktop has gone awry!)

The rest of the day was a busy one:

Sorting through paper-stuff!

Unopened envelopes,

for quite many years,

guess I just let it fall...

However now I think I got it through;

what a feeling, so very nice.

Afterwards I went to clean my room;

just vacooming everything.

Reading and relaxing for the remaining day,

of course I also ate.

Went to bed to get my sleep!


No need to ask what you did TODAY - you made a poem Wink Me likes!


Swallowed my pride and asked for help. It only took me 35 years.



No need to ask what you did TODAY - you made a poem Wink Me likes!

Other stuff I also did:

Class in the morning,

early one!

Eight am is really tough;

Coffee makes it better though.

Home some hours,

just relaxed.

Down to use my painting skills,

done this for quite many weeks.

Then back home,



before time came for me to say


Today I woke at eight am,

no classes,

what a wondrous day.

A shower quick to start my day.

Then coffee, breakfast, puter-time.

Had a meeting,

no problems there.

Lunch became a late afair.

I also had to study some,

just one text,

how very nice.

Now I write this and you'll see:

From now on this'll only poems be!


Redhead, you are rhyme-deprived! Clap


I wanna try!

This self awoke
Dreams of paintings will never be done
Who is mixing my oils?
Why, it is my sisters cat!
Nice place to sleep I am.

Sleeps very well once more
Goes to see how old friends feels
Air is so nice, sure I can ski
Will the cat go along?
No, work is for humans.

Return from quest
To save a very lonely fellow
Cat has nothing to sleep on!

Sister and niece returns
They had to bring mummy and daddy dear
It is almost enough to bring me despair.

Time to leave
A pony needs excitement
Brings us on a walk
While the cold wind blows
Good to have a gentleman to show us where to go!

At last a painting I saw
Killed me.


Woke up,

took a shower.

Just to start of my day.

Relaxed for just a little,

computer time tall!

Then study



Quite boring my friends!

Went to a meeting,

I do this a lot!

Dinner at my grandparents'

like we always do.

(On Thursday that is!)

Back home,

just chilling.

Leaving here soon!


That's fun to get such daily reports! Happy Will you two go on?

You sister's cat has something in common with mine for sure. Startear!

*neither are my days interesting enough nor is my talent sufficient to try*


go on you two, I like this! Smile
All I have done is work today.


This morning I had to work, and I spen the afternoon with faeriegirl in Amsterdam! Loved it! Happy


Woke up,

Went to buy a new computer,
together with my dad.
(Who did the paying,
I'll say it's just
an early B-day present.)

Back home,
relaxed a little.
Then watching a race.
Crazy guys on bikes,
on windy, twisty roads.
Quite a lot of crashing,
as one might expect.
Still what an awesome race;
a winner that surprised!

Computer was made ready,
while food was prepared.
(Mainly my dad,
I only helped)

Now relaxing,
checking out,
my new shiny com!


Got up read two days worth of paper. Read a bit more of current book.

Headed for Mall and put three pairs of work pants on lay away. (employer changed dress code to business casual from casual dress).

Went to the Target got shampoo, cream rinse, Ding Dongs, and a Pepsi.

Went to Bestbuy and bought a new cd.

Then headed home to drop off stuff. Then went to the Dollar Tree and got a couple of things before getting some groceries.

Now I am home and playing on the computer.