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Welcome to Blue Mountain!



Here's our friendly little roleplay forum. You know us all - Callidora, Anarane, Reyes Lord, Jade Owl and me. And that's all there is of us right now.

We'll be starting a new roleplay soon - we almost have started it already, but there are some situations we have to finish first. So now would be the perfect moment to invite anyone and everyone to have a look and maybe join us - if you've ever wished to be a glider, now's your chance! The instructions should be clear enough but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

The basics are these: we're roleplaying the Gliders before the arrival of the wolfriders - all elf characters must be Gliders. In addition to the canon characters we have the possibility of creating your own character, in which case you don't have to attend the game as rigorously as when playing for example one of the Chosen Eight, who may be summoned to duty and given tasks - anything to serve their lord.

Canon characters currently playerless:


The only canon character who can come and go exactly as he wants! Most Gliders know him only as a mysterious voice in the walls talking in rhymes and riddles...


Teejay used to play her. Everyone knows who Aroree is and what she is like, I think... gentle sweet Sad Eyes.

Yeyeen, Oroleed, Eresir

Three Chosen of whom little has been established. Yeyeen's profile is filled in but may be refilled because she was never actually played. Oroleed thinks he knows something personal about Winnowill.


Youngest of the Chosen, not averse to male lovemates. Has been moved puppet-like by several people in turns...

And last but not the least:

Lord Voll himself!

The player of Voll must attend the forum as regularly as possible, because he may be called upon when authority is needed. Currently I'm pulling the strings on him but it'd be a lot more fun if Voll and Winnie were not played by the same person...

Currently, I have Winnowill and Voll, Callidora has Kureel, Reyes has Reevol, Talno and Tyldak, all of us except Reyes have original characters too and Jade and Anarane have only original characters (not counting Brace who started out as one of Anarane's but is now a non-player character (NPC) like Egg and both Doors)


Looks good. I may join.

(Already posted something as "Starbolt-Guest".)


New players already! Cool!

Oh, and I forgot to mention one thing - Eresir's hawk is brooding eggs (two, to be precise). We haven't decided what to call the hawk yet, so if anyone would like to RP Eresir, they get the privilege to name the female hawk too...

Those who roleplay the Chosen also roleplay their hawks. Reevol will probably bond with one of the hatchlings eventually - his old hawk just died.


Update! We have two new players!:D

ulmtwen will be playing both Hoykar and Yeyeen. Starbolt will be playing an original character she created called Jewelree.

Wonderful to have new people join us! Anyone else interested?


Aroree is mine. *gives an evil chuckle* I'm looking forward to diving into this RPG and hope many more will join us.


I have decided:

The Second Roleplay begins on June 16th - two weeks from now.

We have enough players now and should be all prepared for the game by then.

New players are welcome to join us even after the RP has begun.

I'm still waiting for further communications from these people who have joined the forum but have not posted anything or answered my emails and PM's:

[b:c6b1c767df]cutter59, mook, multimedea, psimio3, starmoon, twinklebug[/b:c6b1c767df]

If I have forgotten to contact some of them, my apologies. I know I meant to, but my memory isn't very good.

Also, I assume [b:c6b1c767df]Nomad-human[/b:c6b1c767df] is too busy with real life to join us anytime soon. It's been ages since I saw her on the Scroll.

Last of all - to [b:c6b1c767df]callidora, starbolt, ulmtwen[/b:c6b1c767df] and [b:c6b1c767df]jade owl[/b:c6b1c767df]: will you be joining us for the second roleplay? It's not obligatory, but if you can't participate, please inform us beforehand, especially those of you playing canon characters.


I almost forgot - Someone whose name I won't even try to spell will be playing Oroleed, and also what is left of Aurek.:P Silawen is indeed Aroree. And Anarane has taken over Lord Voll. Not many canon characters left now. :P :D And that is good news indeed! We have quite a tribe now! :D *proud of all my li'l Gliders*

Canon characters still playerless: Two-Edge and Eresir

NPC:s (non-player characters, who may be given to players with very limited communication abilities and no movement whatsoever:

Aurek - played by asero-something (sorry, man, your screen name is absolutely impossible to remember!)

Brace - played by Anarane

Male and female Door - NPCs, played by me when needed.


Eresir has been reserved to Shadikka. Jade Owl will be attending the new RP - and she was wondering if someone here would be interested in adopting one of her original characters, the female lovemates couple Keyla and Tirmi... incidentally, they're the only named female couple in the roleplay at the moment. Jade likes playing them but she'f like more interaction with other players. Wink PM Jade Owl if you're interested, you can sort it out with her.



If you don't turn up in time we will give Kureel to someone else and forget all about Calla, Kohaku and Koruy for the time being - you have a very good idea, I think, how easily people can get forgotten in Blue Mountain!

Lord Anarane wants all her Chosen present and accounted for - and Winnowill was just looking for someone to shape a deadly little web of strangleweed! :twisted:


Looks like we have everyone we need now...

Current list of characters and players:

Lord Voll - Anarane
Winnowill - Leanan

Tyldak - Reyes

Brace a.k.a Aerinsol - Anarane
Aurek a.k.a Egg - Steve
The Doors :P - Leanan

The Chosen Eight:

Kureel - Callidora
Reevol - Reyes
Talno - Reyes
Aroree - Silawen
Yeyeen - ulmtwen
Hoykar - ulmtwen
Oroleed - Steve
Eresir - Shadikka

Non-canon custom-made characters:


Anarane - Anarane
Callidora - Callidora
Kohaku - Callidora
Fanyan-Tai - Leanan
Jewelree - starbolt
Keyla - Jade Owl
Tirmi - Elyon
Lyara - silawen
Ardeth - Anarane


Koryu - Callidora
Gais - Callidora
Amhanyil - Kojiyumi
Tyree - Steve
Aleron - Callidora

Quite a crowd, huh? The more the merrier! 8)


...where did they all go? :(

*walks in empty corridors and weeps*


Yes, it's been very quiet lately. Bad times for dedicated lurkers like me :(.


Yes sadly it has been quiet, I am very bad Lord I admit. -frowns- We were rpging for awhile, but then when it became only three of us I couldn't really think of anything else to write down, and then work took over my life, and other stuff that I won't say, but I would still like to get it back working, cause it does have alot of potential, just a sucky Assisted. -sighs- If anyone wants to come back please do, and Leanan punish me if you must. I deserve it.



OH! I would like to join! I would LOVE to join!

NO! I beg of you, do not allow this lunatic into the halls of my home! She'll destroy EVERYTHING! She'll-

Very sorry for that interruption, Leanan...she's not very comfortable with the whole concept, as you can see...anyways, I would love to join in, if you are still accepting members!
(Offers annoying little neighborhood children as gifts to the all powerful Leanan/Winnowill)



OH! I would like to join! I would LOVE to join!

NO! I beg of you, do not allow this lunatic into the halls of my home! She'll destroy EVERYTHING! She'll-

Very sorry for that interruption, Leanan...she's not very comfortable with the whole concept, as you can see...anyways, I would love to join in, if you are still accepting members!
(Offers annoying little neighborhood children as gifts to the all powerful Leanan/Winnowill)



Oh, good, good, I hope this is revived! It sort of died down, and I was very sorry to see that.

Anyone know what happened to Elyon? I haven't seen her around at all lately, actually... :(


Whee, another new member! :D Do join us, Lady Arill! All the canon characters are taken (I will keep them reserved even to players who aren't active, for the time being. We can see about that later) but you can create your own character.

post here http://winnowill.proboards42.com/index.cgi

in this topic http://winnowill.proboards42.com/index.cgi?board=prep&action=display&thread=1114171791&page=17

for more info, and see bluemountain.atspace.com for background info...

we are just starting our third roleplay, a party in Blue Mountain!


we've redistiributed the canon characters among the active players... can't keep them reserved to absent people forever... so, now we still have Eresir and Yeyeen playerless, and possibly Two-Edge too... interested, anyone?

More players would truly be welcome!


...once again, Blue Mountain lacks players...

Of the canon characters, we have Hoykar and Two-Edge certainly playerless, and Yeyeen and Oroleed possibly open for negotiations...

Then we offer the opportunity of creating your own character, glider or human...

...and lastly, we have some player-created characters left behind by former players, that are available for adoption if anyone's interested.

Please come take a look, the link is in my signature. Don't be afraid, Winnie doesn't bite... much.


Can I have Hoykar? Pretty please? :awww:


Sure! :D Did you take a look at his profile? He's already been played, you see, so he has a developed personality and relationships...


Yeah he looks like lots of fun! Just fyi though I've never done a RP before so I'll probably need lots of help. :oops:


No worries - we'll start with a practice topic, and anytime you need advice, just ask! :D Welcome on board!