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Anyone for a Play-by-Post Elfquest RPG?


Would anyone be interested in a messageboard rpg in the elfquest setting?

Mechanics: will be either True20 or M&M, knowing the ruleset is not required

Players: have two, need at least two more
--a Co-DM would be nice (knowledge of mechanics/rules nice but not required, primarily to help run npcs and help make sure the game keeps going)

Current party make up:
two wolfriders (one treeshaper, one archer) the last survivors of their tribe


I'd love to, actually! I love writing and roleplaying, it's a lot of fun, one of my favorite hobbies, actually.


Nice, what type of character/concept do you think you'd be interested in?

Further notes for everyone:

the game will be 18+ or "whatever age in your country will keep the dm/narrator from getting in trouble."

The rules do matter, but the story is paramount. The rules provide a 'framework'/impartial judge to the story, helping to provide unexpected twists and turns to the plot.

some further insight into my ideal DM-ing philosophy vie way of various quotes unfortunately I lost the list of who said what):

[quote:2fe92f5431]Anyway, sex is a notable factor in any realistic world or campaign. For some people, it can be a tool, for others a bargaining chip or a reward. If romance is a factor in your campaign, sex adds another layer to that. By this, I do not mean the act itself, but rather how different characters view it. It provides a contrast between chastity and promiscuity (and the spectrum between). Sex can be a goal, a motivation (a conquest), or a challenge (as in a trap), etc...[/quote:2fe92f5431] (that said, most/all of this should be similar to the comics, of the 'fade to black'/vague sort)

[quote:2fe92f5431]The world does not revolve completely around the PCs. The big monsters don't leave when your low level party wanders in, no more than a high level party jumps in the bushes and hides when a kobold walks by. Its all about fighting(and flighting) smarter, not harder. You pull your sword out every time something gets in your way, and you're just going to wind up dead.[/quote:2fe92f5431]

[quote:2fe92f5431]Ultimately, the DM is still pulling for the PCs, but doesn't pull his punches. It's a fine line to walk. I feel that fudging dice and nerfing encounters isn't a good way to build heroic characters or give the players genuine bragging rights. I know that if I ran one game wherein the players knew they'd probably roll up multiple characters and they paid attention to their tactics, the next "character driven" game I ran would not involve so many contrivances to keep the story arc moving.[/quote:2fe92f5431]


...Does it seem weird that I say I feel more "akin" to a Wolfrider? If so, I apologize, I promise I'm not delusional! I'd probably be able to play one better, but I'd like to contribute in some way to your game, so if you already have two Wolfriders, I'd be more then willing to play a Sun Folk; I adore them too! Leetah and Shenshen are two of my favorite characters.

Are you looking for males, females? And do you want original characters based on the canon, or looking for someone to play a particular character? I'm up for either!


can work in additional wolfriders (saying three survived is as easy as saying two did) :)

gender matters not to me, I do request that some attempt is made to play both semi-realistically and with depth ;)

original characters are preferred, but using one of the written characters as a 'basis' and adding your own twists or the like is okay as well.


This is more of the classic pen'n'paper RPG variety than the comparatively loosely moderated communal storytelling type I've seen on forums?


correct Nowth, this is the pen&paper style rpg, just over the net. :)


Mmmm... I think a little variety is the spice of life, and I would be delighted to play an original Sun Folk, if I may. Uh... A female, unless the other two characters are female (trying to be useful for your game :3 ).

If this is acceptable to you, her name will be Twylo, and she will be an herbalist. Not a healer, but one who simply tends her gardens and has a way with vegetation (not at all in the way Redlance does, she can't make them grow, nature must take its course). Let's see... She'll sew and weave exceptionally well and be just a little bit restless about her placid life, but deny it because what else does she know? She can't Send or Shape like other Sun Folk but she does feel that something is missing from all of their lives in the desert.

If you'd rather, I can easily change Twylo to a Shoal and make "her" a "him" with basically the same attributes and maybe a little sensitive to the fact that he does a maiden's weaving work a little better than he feels he ought to.


[quote:b36eee5f64="Diebdazar"]correct Nowth, this is the pen&paper style rpg, just over the net. :)[/quote:b36eee5f64]
Will this be watchable? I'd like to see how such things are conducted.


Current party is:

2x female wolfriders (one archer, one treeshaper)
1x npc male desert-jinn sandshaper

and what you want to play

It's not so much what is needed but what you'd have fun playing though ;)
(I do follow the philosophy of: "RPG = Roleplaying [u:bb103fa15d]Game[/u:bb103fa15d] = games should be fun for all/most involved)

do note though that combat, politics, and such will be involved (will try to make sure every character has their time in the spotlight (save the npc, no spotlight for him (unless it's as punching bag maybe :P))

Maybe she or he could be as skilled with poisons as with healing herbs or the like? :)

re: Nowth

Yes it'd be watchable, but will be on another forum (which has a few games of other settings going on), and has more handy tools for me to dm with (private tags for DM notes and eccetera)

However, I need at [u:bb103fa15d]least[/u:bb103fa15d] one other player :S


yes I'm double posting, but would have only crowded the previous post more:

Brief info on some elf varients/options you may or maynot be aware of Faerie_Speak:

Gliders (haughty, able to levitate/fly)

Go-Backs (fun loving, war loving, 'good death' seeking; does not need recognition to reproduce)

Wave-Riders (live in the sea, have dolphin companions, may need healing/fleshshaping to go about on land for a prolong duration)


Desert-Jinn: (matriarchal, females have 'harems' of males, males are desert warriors (may be awkward to have a 2nd one in the group; yet it could be interesting so won't disallow)

Pride-walkers: (as wolfriders are two wolves, so are these to lions; almost a reverse of the Jinn in gender-roles)

Hawkriders ((still considering if I'll have these or not) slightly less haughty outcasts from blue mountain; split-off from the gliders)

These I shall limit to only one in the group if at all:
There be trolls and the possible concept of a human adopted/befriended by elves.

[u:f09e9104f6]Maybe[/u:f09e9104f6] a preserver.


It's not so much what is needed but what you'd have fun playing though ;)
(I do follow the philosophy of: "RPG = Roleplaying [u:b6a39139a9]Game[/u:b6a39139a9] = games should be fun for all/most involved)[/quote:b6a39139a9]

Right, I agree. I say I can change the gender just because I don't mind playing one or the other, and having a mixture of both would be interesting (especially if the two female wolfriders are more rough and tumble than the male Sun Folk *wink*)

Can we maybe put the gender on pause for a little while until we see which other players join? The character is mapped out in my head (and on my spiffy yellow legal pad), and it's fairly flexible for either/or.

Thanks for the info about the other tribes! I've read up to Original Elfquest 11, looking to get the others as soon as I can, but I've been doing "research" to familiarize myself with the canon. So far, I can totally understand why this series is so addicting! I love it and I've only been reading for two weeks.

[quote:b6a39139a9]Maybe she or he could be as skilled with poisons as with healing herbs or the like? :)[/quote:b6a39139a9]

Oh yes, please! :) I would like that very much. I was thinking that, and then I thought too that herbs have more to do with cooking and concoctions; since I assume they'd have their own healer, I didn't think he or she would be using them for healers purposes so much as for cooking, dyes, simple potions (like for colds and stuff, things you don't want to bother the healer about), (and now) poisons when need be.


*chuckles* indeed

and aye 'tis a fascinating setting. Requires a bit of thought too as I can't fall back on my favorite 'toys' as a DM: old school (non-fluff bunny) Faeries, Planar politics, and the Far Realms. :P (not to mention none of the classic tavern scenes or the like)

Well there is no healer in the group so far.

Your concept did take a bit of thought but I think I've figured out how to do it. :)

Basically you'll be an 'adept' with a limited 'power' list. Instead of being fatigued you have limited uses that you must use supplies/regents for, and you can't do the 'finesse' type things you normally could as an adept. And such concoctions are nonmagical and not capable of obviously supernatural effects.

For example: having 'fireshaping' would mean you know what plants/mixtures make good incendiaries. But could not animate a fire to attack or conjure one up from 'nothing'.

Tentative list of possible mixtures and concoctions (you'd get roughly one/level but could spend a conviction point to attempt a mixture you don't know):

[*]Bliss: 'poison' causes extremely dazing pleasure in the subject

[*]Body Control: concoctions that can help a subject ignore pain, go into a death-like sleep, etcetera

[*]Calm: 'poison' causes subject to lose aggression and other strong emotions.

[*]Cure: various healing salves

[*]Drain Ability: 'poison' decreases Str, Dex, and/or Con in subject

[*]Fertility: affects fertility/sterility and pregnancy.

[*]Fireshaping: incendiaries (ignite fire, increase fire, light)

[*]Enhance Ability: Temporarily boost Str, Dex, and/or Con; subject is fatigued afterwards

[*]Harm: damaging poison

[*]Heart Shaping: 'poison' various concoctions that cause various emotional states in subject.

[*]Pain: 'poison' non-lethal but causes wracking pains.

[*]Sleep: classic knock-out poison

[*]Visions: ([u:53bb8c4e1b]maybe[/u:53bb8c4e1b]) poison self or another to let them go on a vision-quest

*goes to the true20 forums to further refine/balance the idea*


first of all: need more players (at least one more)

2nd: since Elfquest, intentionally or unintentionally, is invocative of the classic myth cycles and Jungian archetypes.

I'm debating using the Heroic Character Archetypes from True20 Companion:

(Cutter would be the Champion, Skywise the Shadow, Rayak the Trickster, Leetah the Maiden, Suntop the Oracle)

Basically each character in the party would pick an archetype and gain traits to go along with that. Characters can 'evolve'/'unfold' to other archetypes.
Whether I'll allow multiple instances of the same archetype in the same group likely depends on if by some miracle we get a sudden influx of players :P

The focus/leader of the Heroic Journey/Quest/Task.

The Shadow:
Whose Destiny is tied to the Champion

The Fated: (the npc will likely be this)
Fate toys with you like a cat with a mouse.

The Mentor:
You're not destined for greatness. You are destined to bring out the greatness in others.

The Oracle:
Though you do not know where fate will ultimately lead you, parts of the journey's path are revealed to your sight.

The Trickster: (dm permission only due to risk of party conflict)
Though you travel with the heroes on their mythic journey, your true motives remain hidden from sight. Do you work with the heroes to succeed or will you be a source of strife?

The Maiden/Healer: (your sunfolk villager may be suited for this (irregardless of gender) Faerie_Speak)
Your fate is that of the archetypical Maiden, one who embodies the promise of the future and the vulnerability of youth.


I won't lie, I'm very shaky in my knowledge of True20 form, and this is rather new. However, I'm fairly confident be able to eke out a firmer understanding on how this works. I do have MSN messenger now, though, so it's a positive start!


np, as I said knowing the rules is nice but not required (my other two players do not know them)

on that note, really could use another player (a champion/chief/party-leader would be most useful)


The game will be hosted at http://forum.nexusarcanus.net/

registration may be required to watch though Nowth as I'll likely ask for it to be hidden/ 'in the adult section'


How long does it take registration to be activated?