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A Poem Neverending...


'This is the poem that never ever ends,
It can be about anything, from pine cones to pens!
As long as like a rambling river it flows,
Connect things a bit or we'll come to blows!
This is a poem neverending, with many a crazy part,
Get those fingers to the keys, we're about to start!'

As the little ditty above states, this is a neverending poem. You can write about anyhing for however many lines you want, but it has to flow from the previous bit for a little while. Transition. Otherwise it would just be random poems and not A Neverending Poem, ya know?

Happy writing!


'This is the poem that Rilly began
Open to all, woman or man
The words gush forth, a veritable fountain
So many to read, but nobody's countin'
So put fingers to keys, and type with no shame
Come on now kiddies, let's get in the game!'


Thank you dear Wyndy for your intervention,
The poem, it seems, was on suspension.
For now, at least, it's the two of us,
Until others look in and hop on the bus.
Now, to really get to what I wanted to say,
Randomness takes logic any day!
Who needs fact and science,
When insanity and fun build a perfect alliance?!
Alas, I will never understand,
The people with whom I share the land.
It is quite sad, a real tragedy,
That they don't lighten up and embrace comedy.
Fortunately, here on the Scroll,
I am surrounded by fun people, let the good times roll!


Let the good times roll indeed
And don't stop till everyone's laughed till they've peed!
I ought to be sleeping or working, it's true,
But I'd rather hang out on the Scroll with you
So if you could do anything, regardless of how,
What would you rather be doing right now?
I know my answer, it may make you say "Ooh!"
But it's not a "what", it's more of a "who"!
And you?


I see myself seated on a black-marble thrown
Watching the enslavement of a world all my own
Stamping down on resistance, I'll've never been badder
Cackling with glee, as the power makes me progresively madder!
But I see no thrown, no dark temple of power
When I turn my gaze, no people cower
So instead I sit writing, dreaming of when
The Earth will be mine, to rule or to end
And with the cheery note, I pass the baton
Who's the next crazy, to cary this on?


Me! I shall carry on,
For however long.
As for the domination of all life,
Let's band together and avoid strife.
Let us form an alliance,
And together crush any defiance!
Share the Earth we will,
And any rebels we shall kill!
Such sweet thought for teenaged females,
Wyndy, our madness should be put into a book of tales.

As for what I should be doing right now,
My homework, or my teachers'll have a cow.
Anatomy, I can understand,
But computer programming has quite the underhand.
It's pointless, you see,
To force college level work on a soph like me.
It's tragic and without merit,
But the teacher says I must bear it.
What a strange notion,
I'll have to change it by making a motion.
Or by taking over, to put is simply.
Either way, I am not picky.

Thank you, Twinklebug,
For joining the hubub.
Okay, I realize that doesn't exacty rhyme,
So sue me. It isn't a crime!
Now go do your 'who'
For an hour or two.
Wow, that really sounded dirty,
Maybe I'll get my gutterhead clean when I'm thirty.
Nah, I doubt it.
Nonpervertedness just doesn't fit.



[i:ab29671a03]perverted are you? well who isn't?
i know i'm past thirty and it still pays a visit.
But i'm just here for a fun time,
and thought i'd throw in a freindly rhyme.
i know that i'm new and my voice is small,
but i really would like to get to know you all![/i:ab29671a03]


[i:996477b7b2]Welcome to the madhouse, dear newbie Demi
I look forward to fun with you, I bet there'll be plenty
Oh ya, I give nicknames at the drop of the hat
Please don't be scared, I'm just nuts like that

Lol Rillykins, domination makes me laugh!
Oh good bloody grief, that sounded dirty and a half!
I vote we change the subject, before word gets 'round
Else we may be faced with cencors, and quickly shut down![/i:996477b7b2]


Then the subject is changed to me, dear Scroller
For weirdness and shortness, give me a holler
Thought I'd give this poem a try
Though the more I write, the more I'll cry
Never been much of a poet,
and I think this entry of mine will show it


[i:81b4ef59fd]Yeah you can talk, but what about me?
I'm the one who should flee!
My rhymes suck and so do I,
who cannot even make a pie.
But do not listen to me, dear ones,
let's instead have tea and scones!

Yeah, I know, I'm not good at all,
I'll go, I'll go, my rhymes are too small.
But before I go, do please note;
All of you have my vote.
Your poems are great, wonderful and fine,
unbelieveable, elder friends of mine.

Mine are like a head hitting the wall,
Stupid and bad and... now I start to bawl.
Since I have realized (I thought, think of that!)
Everyone knows I'm just a little brat. Unhappy[/i:81b4ef59fd]

[size=6:81b4ef59fd]Hell, it's difficult to make rhymes in another language than my own![/size:81b4ef59fd]


[i:f86fa2b215]hey, there's really nothing wrong with being a brat
brats can be cute
I'll just say that!
And if you're a brat
then what about me?
almost 21, refusing to grow up
honestly I don't want the good times to stop
In here we can say
"it just doesn't matter"
in here we can just have fun everyday
about bad rhyming?
look at what you see:
My rhyming comes completely bumbled
I guess I'll go before someone gets grumbled[/i:f86fa2b215]


Grumbling, bumbling, rhyming and mumbling
A poem neverending is something confundling
Hello! I am moonsrain; of nonsense I'm queen
My poems make no sense, as you've already seen
I'm sitting here typing, of riddles and elves
Homework I should do, or clean off my shelves!
But I much prefer spending time here on the scroll
Good jokes and stories in one worldpool bowl

But how are YOU doing, oh queens of the poem?
With censors and rulers, the story does roam!
I'll leave now a riddles, a wondering rhyme;
What grows shorter as it's getting older with time?


[i:bb8ec857b9][color=red:bb8ec857b9]The answer of your riddle
I'll say is a candle
As the fire burns
It slowly shrinks down

As for How I'm doing
I'm doing just fine!
Like you I really should do something else
After all exams are soon coming up
Not to mention I really should be going to bed
Aah, whatever? I'll just survive on my major adiction
Not the Scroll
Though that one is big too
No my adiction is this beautiful black drink
Whose main ingrediense gives you an energy kick
Enabling you to stay awake
Where you'd normally sleep

Guess I'd better stop now
Ere my poem grows out of hand
I'll pass on the torch to the poet here
And leave with a fond
Until the next time[/color:bb8ec857b9][/i:bb8ec857b9]


Fantastic! Amazing! Your logic is keen;
A candle's the answer, which you've wisely gleaned.
Addiction to coffee? I cannot thee blame
If I had more money, I'd be the same!
The weather here's dreadful, it's been raining all week
With a couple tornados, the outlook's been bleak.
End of years are approaching- *bangs head upon desk*
Stop it! Just stop it! I can't handle more tests!
My brother's been driving me right up the pole
If he won't stop, this madness will all take it's toll
And someone will soon be in very much pain
Unless somebody would just stop this rain!


[color=red:3836efa04e][i:3836efa04e]The rain I can't stop
But here's an umbrella!
This way the raindrops won't fall on your head
Here, too, the weather
has been kinda crazy
I thought it was summer
then it said
Rain and crazy winds at least since Monday
The weekend as well if I remember corectly
Went out with too little clothing
Now I'm paying the price
My throath is all rusty
And I keep on coughing
Well... At least no more school
Though exams are a killer
Six hours I sat for the Danish assignment
When it was finally over my mind was all dazed
Now, I just have until Monday
Ere my math skills will be put to the test
Geh, how on Earth am I supposed to survive
An entire hour without any help?
Memorizing the formels really isn't the problem
After all, being autistic does have some assets
It's adding up the numbers I can't seem to do
I guess I'll just have
To count on my fingers
I kinda don't hope
They'll be chopping them off
Would make it difficult
To hold on to the pencil
Not to mention
I don't think it is legal...
This really has got to be
One of the longest contributions here ever
I know there's no rhyming
Coz I'm doing freelines
After all
Why even bother
To try to keep something ordered
Which just don't can be
With that I'll swiftly
Pass on the torch
And go my own ways
'Till I see ya again![/i:3836efa04e][/color:3836efa04e]


You should take it easy; you should get a grip!
You're overreacting from your caffeine trip!
The rain will cease; the sun shines another day.
With tests complete, you're stronger for it, I say!
When life sucks, remember this little meter:
Live the tough times; the good are all the sweeter!


I am not on a kaffeine trip
Just had two cups today
Gives no one a trip
And... yeah... I guess
I'm overreacting
I'll get what I get
And that'll just be it
However I'd like to see
Just how you would fare
For six hours of Danish
Woooosh... :arrow:
I'm out[/color:6fbfe28281][/i:6fbfe28281]


[color=red:f60d2b91ba][i:f60d2b91ba]I was out
and, it seems
so was everyone else.
What's this?
Several months
of nothing at all...
Come on
wake up
start the poetry
or else this thread
will disappear off
into the backpages[/i:f60d2b91ba][/color:f60d2b91ba]


Continuing on from:
When life sucks, remember this little meter:
Live the tough times; the good are all the sweeter!

Though some may find and think me a cheater,
on the abyss this poem shall no longer teeter.
For like one fled from death's dirty tricks,
this poem now leaps from deletion's foul clicks.
As smiles and love from friends warms one so well,
let us again join together to save this poem from hell.


True true
my dear friend!
You're having a point
it became quite the rambling
of nonsense and such
how could anyone
poets or not
possibly continue on from the mis-mas I wrote?
Now this poor poem
will be left no more
all of you write
'till your fingers get sore
(and... weee... did you notice?
That actually rhymed! :D )


You say this poem might be left for dead?
Now there is nought to fear.
For I will keep this soon to be epic well fed.
As a newcomer to ElfQuest I must say,
How friendly and enchanting the world is-I wish I could stay!
But parents yell, and holler and whimper,
So sooner or later I'm off for the day!
However, have no fear if I am gone-
For I return, renewed and strong!


My friend
is indeed wondrous news
Let the poetry flow!


To see the dark and shining night,
Surrounded by celestial lights;
Up above the Moons and Sun,
Briefly meet as day is done.
Quickly, Quietly, Gaze around,
Hear the woods, the night, the sounds,
Feel it in your soul and know,
That all elves true,
Can feel this magic,
The same as you! ^^

My Randomness! ^^


Oooh, I feel the magic
I defiantly do!
They think I am crazy
I know it is true


Love the poem Redhead Ember!!Wink

Life is not easy
So I know
I still have
A long way to go
But if we stay together
And you hold my hand
I know
I can make it
Till the end.


The end?
You gotta be nuts.
There won't be an end
I'm telling you now,
this continues on
forever and ever


Raindrops begins to fall,
Hail comes out the sky.
A few seconds later,
Lightning maybe let us die.

Lightning and thunder,
Maybe let us die.
That is almost the beginning...
The beginning of an angry sky!


If it is the beginning of the end
would this be the end you fear
Could you let go if love demands
no matter how much it is dear?

I'm sorry if I sound morbid
That's just my mood today
Perhaps my thunder has cheer
knowning him, it's a poor may

I have some thunder in bed as well
And that's a wonderful thing
Tomorrow they share their smiles
and lift our hearts a-playing


Smiles must be shared
through every day.
Coz a smile brings joy around


Thunder, Lightning, Crushing sound
Echoes off the woods surround,
Wolves whimper in the night,
Tails between legs, taking flight.

Hushing words, all softly spoken,
Terror now is swiftly broken,
A gentle touch, elven eyes smile,
making the bond, worth the while...

->I really don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this...<-


Awake with new light
to the birds chirpping bright
With a wonder to where
the fear went from last night.

No thunder, lightning, or crushing sounds
just the sounds of New Life all around.
The light is here, the fear is gone,
time to get up and move along.

(ok something new to try hope it ok Smile )


(Of course it is ToniaSmile )

The torrential rain drops,
falling ever faster.

They sing the symphony of the skies.

and you may just learn a little something.

(I know, its shortTongue )


You may learn of the wonders
in this wide world.
From dusk,
until dawn,
new lessons to learn.
Perhaps you also
teach someone else.
Life is a circle
an endless,
constant circle
of learning and teaching.


life is a circle
as well as a mystery
sometimes there's a miracle
that can change history
so learn from it
and don't walk away
'cause every little bit
is a part of the way


life is where ever we stand for it
life is just a simple journey
life is what we make it
life is no nothing if we silent about it
life is crush if we turn the wrong path
life is very serious if we choose wrongly
life will not come if not in search
life is easy if we know which kind I overcome
real life is very simple
it all matters very happy we just need to understand the problem of the future
real life is very exciting
life is SWEET but very hard.


life is hard
that I know
the tears I cry
ain't no lie
but I also smile
for what I have
which are my friends
they make me laugh
and the dark light that shines in me
turns a little brighter for everyone to see


Everytime you smile,
Evertime you cry,
Know that I will always
Be by your side.

[Short and sweet]


The moon is gone,
the stars are bright.
Wish I could have
been walkin, talkin and
chillin with you tonight.


Far above in that sky,
Is a small star of mine,
Star where life exists,
That star shines brighter then light.

Little night star, little dead star,
Twinkling all the night,
Moving ever closer
Toward the doom of light.


Heartbeat, Heartbeat,
Rhythmic Dance.
Creaking footsteps,
One last chance...


Chances come
and chances go.
When one is passed by
thousand take its place


Wand'ring down, now
To the Sea
Watch the Waves Call
Call to Me...


They call to me from rippling creeks
From the shores of the lakes they fill
From rivers that empty their mountain peaks
And even the run-off from the old hill


and from the old hill I hear a great sound

at first a soft fluttering and then shaking the ground

not knowing if I was to fight or to fear

I drew an arrow from my quiver and put a hand to my ear

for the sound had again fallen to a soft slight mumble

I turned my head here and there searching for the rumble


It came from somewhere


I knew I should it find,

I walked

and walked

and walked some more

'till I the source soon found


I wait for the holiday crowd to clear the beach

before stepping onto the first wave.

Soon I am walking across the Atlantic

thinking about Spain,

checking for whales, waterspouts.

I feel the water holding up my shifting weight.

Tonight I will sleep on its rocking surface.

But for now I try to imagine what

this must look like to the fish below,

the bottoms of my feet appearing, disappearing.