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Active Holts


"Fanart and Fanfiction" includes a thread entitled "What Holts/clubs are active now?" This may be a good time to update the list of holts.

Edit: A list of holts appears at http://www.elfquest.com/fan/FanLinks.html#holts


Three Lakes is very active, with a coming 2 years time jump (which won't come for a while longer but I am already collecting plot requests from players). In the next few days I'll do my best to create a thread with all the stuff about it (open slots, adoptable characters, tribe info and so on - too bad not to have made a back up of the stuff I had put online on the old scroll, but I'm sure I can arrange something from the post I made on the EQ community on Livejournal. Just give me some time ^^)


cool i can't wait. i like reading about everyone else's Holts.


Surprised BOO-YA!!! I found a backup of my Three Lakes thread on this board that I didn't even remember I had made! *runs to make a new thread*

Happy happy, joy joy!!


that's GREAT! i'm so glad for you *hugs* if i remember right, your Holt thread was HUGE. *grins*


Hehe yes I had put lots of stuff on it ^_^ Glad I can retrieve most of it! :D


though i never did manage to read through it all, I remember. hehe now i'll have a chance to read what you put up *grins*


Ok thread restored! Yay! :D I have some minor tweakings to do (images and stuff) but it's mostly finished! *dances a happy dance*


wow now yours Hotl Thread should be stickied as an example of How To Do a WONDERFUL Description of a Holt. lol mine seems so bare rocks now Surprised *falls over laughing*


Aww thanks! :D And to say I thought I had put too much stuff in mine ^_^


perhaps for some. i've never really understood those who hate to read and/or write, but join RP places. (I have one over on RT)

personally i LOVE all the info, makes me want to join. lol cuz now i feel like i "know" everyone there, much like the EQ comics. my hang up though is i don't understand how one plays by email. I'm more the forum RPer type lol.


Wow, thanks! I did my best to flesh out Three Lakes and make the characters come to live - so I'm pleased to hear that you feel like you know them already. I must have done a good job then ^^

As for playing by email versus forum playing, the funny thing is that I started as a forum-player and now am more comfortable with e-mail rpgs :P Though, I mostly post from the web, so I'm not sure if that really counts as e-mail playing Grin It's one of the nice things about web-based groups such as YahooGroups - it allows you to choose whether to receive the posts on your mailbox, or answer from the web (not much different from forum posting).

Edit: I'm on a Three Lakes bent, what can I say ^_^ added some more stuff about the island of Rivercrest, where the game takes place!


lol you're welcome. you've done a wonderful job explaining.

I've done a coule of Yahoo Groups, and to me it was unorganized and confusing. lol but then I visited forums first and grew quit comfortable on them. also most forum types i know how to tinker in the Admin stuffs.

okay now i'm gonna have to run and see what else you've put up *grins*


*laughs* You know, all this play-by-forum talks brought back the memories of my very first EQ holt - it was a WaveDancer holt named Nine Swimmers and I ran it on Ezboard! I still miss it to date... lol might as well decide to bring it back one day ;)


The Shadow Grove Holt, is one I started where elves and furries live in peace and harmony, ruled by the merciless warchief Gaunt Deathaxe :twisted: Grin


Right now i am trying to decide if i want to atart another holt. But i notice that no one really really wants to join them or play...

But if i do i am making a catrider thingy going on. Where there are 2 tribes. who ride longtooths... :D


[quote:1e31ce478f="Willowspring"]Right now i am trying to decide if i want to atart another holt. But i notice that no one really really wants to join them or play...

But if i do i am making a catrider thingy going on. Where there are 2 tribes. who ride longtooths... :D[/quote:1e31ce478f]
[color=darkred:1e31ce478f]I'd join, just need links...[/color:1e31ce478f]


Woebringer, do you have a link to it?


The world of Danen is active. Just waiting for more people to join. Wink


River Twine Holt is very much active, with adoptables available. :) See our thread.



I shall have to look at this more, but I think River Twine looks pretty good if only I could find a character I liked.


[color=indigo:d5ffab3758]Thunderwater Holt is active too. *see link in siggy*[/color:d5ffab3758]


Shadow Wood Holt is active as well:


Sorry for the big ol' banner! :oops:


ShadowPw Pride Is up and Running, just waiting for people to join :D

*points to banner* it goes directly to the site if you are all interested. AND! i am still trying to get all the animals and plant life, and the drawings up


Mist Valley Holt is active, but does not require participation on a daily basis (don't want to put too much pressure on people who don't have time to post every day).

Currently, we're looking for new members who are willing to create their own characters for plots in the near-future :)

http://www.losteuphoria.com/mistvalley or, directly to the forum, http://www.frozenleaves.com/mistvalley .


Westering Holt is also active, with lots of opportunities and choices. :) We're still young and we don't have any adoptable characters - but that's okay, since there's plenty of room for folks to create characters. :)




Danen is Active but the info page they have here is all wrong. Please be patient as I fix that. Until then here is the correct link to the site.



What holts ARE active right now? I've found maybe 5 that seem half-way decent. It seems to me that EQ fandom is on a decline, and I've only (relatively) begun to play!

If you have a holt that's active, please post a link. I'd love to come visit! Smile


Roll-call time? Yeah, looks like it's been a year since the last one...

River Twine Holt is active -- link is in the first post in our thread here.

One thing I wonder is... are holts not active, or are they just not active HERE? To be honest, I wouldn't count a holt out, even if someone doesn't reply in this thread for a while. The EQ.com and SoC redesign caused a lot of folks to become less active here than they used to be; I fear that is certainly true of me.

Unfortunately that means the only way to really tell is to follow links and see if a site is active. Which I agree isn't necessarily the most efficient way to do it.


Danen is looking for more people.


The Shadowpaw Pride banner above takes me to a page that says "Forum not Found."


Oops, I was in the wrong thread! Excuse me. Tongue