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Age of Man: an AU ElfQuest rpg



600 years after the reappearance of the Palace..

The elves, trolls, and preservers have nowhere else to go. They've reached the end of Abode, finding nothing. They are tired and disparaged; not knowing what else to do, they ask that the Preservers put them in wrapstuff then go into hiding to save themselves. Doing as they are told, the Preservers leave them there, none of them knowing what sort of fate awaits them.

Many many years later...

While they lay sleeping, the world has changed many times over, getting larger and more dangerous as it goes. Humans have become civilized, thier language becoming more intricate and harder to understand. Tall things made of metal called 'buildings' shoot towards the sky, higher than the Palace had ever been. Fast-moving boxes made of this same metal called 'cars' pollute what used to be clean air and make all sorts of uninviting noises. The waters and trees themselves have not escaped the humans' wrath, either. Fewer and fewer fish swim in the streams, lakes, and rivers, taking away one of the elves' main sources of food. Even though forests stretch across the land from one end to the other, there is little to be had still.

This new world, a place the humans call 'Canada', is strange and vast yet interesting to them as they explore everything there is to see. Technology, civilized humans, transportation, artwork, structures beyond thier imagination -- the elves, trolls, and preservers alike will have to band together somehow to survive in this new world. Else, they truly will become a myth, figments of humans' imaginations - extinct. Instead of the world they knew and had to leave behind, they've awoken to a new world.. a world that is seeped in the [url=http://z8.invisionfree.com/elfquest/index.php]Age of Man.[/url]

[[I'm aware that a few of you have tried this, but care to give it a shot anyhow? Currently accepting all elves, trolls, preservers, etc.]]


There we are.. sorry about that.. I wasn't aware it was so hard to read. ^^ Thanks for letting me know.


I always wondered how the elves would be in modern times...