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Share Info Re: EQ Board, Card, Computer or RPG Games HERE!


Let me encourage you to share any info or reflections about any Elfquest Board, Card, Computer or Role-Playing games in this thread!

I wish I'd caught the board? or role-playing games I saw advertised in comics and in my local RPG store when I had the chance. I'd love to hear people's reflections on these or other EQ games or suggestions where any EQ games can now be found (fan or official.)

I also think that more games should be generated for EQ - it's a singularly rich and deep "franchise" (ugggh - trollish word!) which has already done a lot of the hard work for creators in terms of world creation and seeds of exciting inspiration for directions and side-stories to explore - not to mention having a massive database of gorgeous art and characters to draw upon. I just invented some Dune games on a Facebook thread, and provided anything fans generate has the sanction of the Pinis and does not violate copyright or detract from EQ stuff sales in any way, encourage the generation of GOOD fan games!

In particular it would be FANTASTIC to see a computer game rendition of EQ...it'd have to have at least some role-playing elements, tho', to accurately reflect the original ethos and subtletly of the characters and their interactions - a sheer hack'n'slash game would neither be faithful - and not being a troll, this would lose its appeal after a while.

I suggest the game be implemented along the lines of say Baldur's Gate 2 or Planescape : Torment, an award-winning and critically-acclaimed bunch of computer role-playing games (still regarded as perhaps the best ever made in this genre)...in a similar way, the team that lucked out in making BOTH these games won the rights to Dungeons & Dragons-franchise development, and drew upon the extensive existing D & D rules, and more significantly, the rich tapestry of resources depicting the D & D storyworld of "Faerun" AKA The Forgotten Realms. These games, their shared underlying "Infinity Engine", and their fan-made extensions would fit well with EQ because they featured expansive epic storylines with numerous individual characters with subtle and complex psychologies to meet, greet, adventure with and get to know in numerous related subquests; plus characters would spontaneously pipe up for reasons of their own or in reaction to your decisions in hearty agreement, criticism or outright opposition, and even slowly evolving romances...and there was a wealth of choices for character growth and interdevelopment.

Another thing that would make an Infinity Engine-style game appropriate for the world we love is that, like the original EQ series, an IE game tends to centre on one heroic individual exploring new relationships and an unknown world, but you end up having to adventure with, protect and look after the needs of an entire party of up to 6 or 8? people with sometimes quite divergent views and desires...just like Cutter and Skywise, the Wolfriders etc. or subset thereof etc. are tracked throughout the saga!



Thanks for that - it appears there are game resources posted all over!
Your reply was helpful as it put me on the scent,
and I've just finished chasing up all the different tracks...hmmm...
pity the comp / rpg projects have all been abandoned;
these footprints are old and cold.


in all honesty i am a very addicted world of warcraft player, if there could be someting along the lines of that in an EQ version, im sold.



in all honesty i am a very addicted world of warcraft player, if there could be someting along the lines of that in an EQ version, im sold.

not addicted WoW player, but totally agree!