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Twin Peaks Holt


Re-opening the thread :)

Twin Peaks Holt is a fairly new holt with enthusiastic players, and centers around a group of pureblooded elves who have formed a comfy establishment/bond with snow leopards. They live high up a twin peaked mountain (hence the name) with long winters and short, cool summers.

Visit Twin Peaks Holt at http://www.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks

The RP is currently in it's first day, but lots has happened already!

[b:bcf56e8071]Blueberry[/b:bcf56e8071]'s gone missing and though chieftess [b:bcf56e8071]Wildgrace[/b:bcf56e8071], [b:bcf56e8071]Laststar [/b:bcf56e8071]and [b:bcf56e8071]Swiftfoot [/b:bcf56e8071]managed to track her and have had some sending contact with her, it doesn't look good -- Blueberry's half frozen.

Meanwhile, back at the holt, [b:bcf56e8071]Ironteeth [/b:bcf56e8071]tries to cope with the recent loss of his lifemate, resulting in him taking distance from his fourteen-turns-old cub [b:bcf56e8071]Summerset[/b:bcf56e8071]. [b:bcf56e8071]Jewel [/b:bcf56e8071]and [b:bcf56e8071]Flintstriker [/b:bcf56e8071]take up a friendly competition, while [b:bcf56e8071]Rainshy [/b:bcf56e8071]worries for her sister Blueberry.

We don't accept new characters as of yet, but we still have a few elves who need a home!

[color=blue:bcf56e8071][b:bcf56e8071]Backspin[/b:bcf56e8071][/color:bcf56e8071] - [i:bcf56e8071]Male, 109 turns old, Healer. Son of Gentlepace, tailoring doll of Newshine.[/i:bcf56e8071] Cheerful and a bit arrogant. Backspin enjoys life, but this has given him a tendency to forget and/or ignore what he dislikes. He can spend hours doing something he likes, while he’s known to walk away moments after starting some task he disagrees with. Healer. [i:bcf56e8071](CIS has possibilities of extending).[/i:bcf56e8071]

[color=blue:bcf56e8071][b:bcf56e8071]Flintstriker[/b:bcf56e8071][/color:bcf56e8071] - [i:bcf56e8071]Male, 790 turns old. Lifemate of Jewel, father of Melody.[/i:bcf56e8071] Proud but has a soft spot for his family. He is very disciplinated and loves the hunt and his lifemate. Though sometimes he feels a bit troubled by her habit to share herself so freely if he isn't around. Rather traditional. [i:bcf56e8071](CIS still has to be created)[/i:bcf56e8071]

Visit [url]http://www.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=105&start=0[/url] for pictures!

Next to the elfin RP, we also have a human tribe nearby. The humans worship the elves, though there are a few who aren't so fond of their neighbours. Currently, CIS's are being written up but there's plenty of room for new characters.

If you're interested, just subscribe to the forum! :) Or, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here or drop me a PM :)


Here there be pictures :D !







(pics drawn by Wildgrace)


Thanks, Flower! :D


Oaktale's adopted! Only three males left :)