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Lehrigen, the Still one


I didn't find a thread about him, and I'm not really sure, if this one is in the right category. So please feel free to move

No, I'm no fan of him.

But I'd like to know, why everybody is so upset, because he killed Kahvi. She was a fight-seeking elf and dying in a fight would be considered as proper by herself.

Doesn't Lehrigen, at the beginning of the second volume of Wild Hunt, present some moth-fabrics to Angrif Djun (and mention something like "elves are everywhere and I fought them everywhere".

To kill a warrior, ok, that's the risk of their "job", but to kill a sunfolk maiden?


Well I'm more upset about Kahvi having died than I am about Lehrigen having killed her. She was a pretty big character and left her mark on the story... but is she really dead? Did we see her body? Wink


When I must to decide whether like him or not - LIKE him.

1. He's a bountyhunter, that's right - but less a hired hand than one acting out of strong convictions.

2. He has a code of honor he follows even when this could turn out bad for himself

3. He is able to learn and change his convictions when he's proved to be wrong

and about the moth fabric:
- is it moth fabric? ... not sure about this
- if yes - why should it be a helpless sunvillager maiden? How should she come to Djunsland?
- would he really kill a weaponless girl? Think of the Pool incident ...
And considering he actually killed without making differences between warriors and peasants ...
... he thought of elves as a kind of general evil which must be erased in his early days
... he is not proud of his past deeds nowerdays, regrets them to some degree

btw: Shouldn't this thread been moved to KEEPING IN CHARACTER ?



Well I'm more upset about Kahvi having died than I am about Lehrigen having killed her. She was a pretty big character and left her mark on the story... but is she really dead? Did we see her body? Wink

Kahvi isn't dead. Says I.
We saw no body, and that's always been one of the things bout her. Don't count her out until you see the proof for yourself....



course, Elfmom did pretty much say that Kahvi was dead and that her story would be told, and that it was a hell of a last ride....

....course I didn't see a body so I still don't believe it.

Kahvi will live forever...


(and honesly, I do feel kinda annoyed that Ember, Mender, & Yun co. could tackle Lehgrin when Kahvi couldn't.....) Kinda makes me feel like the Junior Varsity team winning the big game...


...unless Kahvi was on some sort of self-destruction course, which I wouldn't put beyond her.

When did Wendy say Kahvi was dead?


You know....it might have gone the way of the delete posts...I"m too lazy to check right now. But it was a few month span when Elfmom came on the forums and was accepting questions: it's how we found out who Kimo's dad was officially...

and someone asked if Kahvi was alive...and she pretty much came out and said she was dead. She said other stuff too, but I don't know what it was. I blocked it out of my mind so I can pretend it never happend.



I'm not as lazy as I think.



Can there be any doubt that he killed her? They passed that braid around and took a whiff, and they all smelled her on the braid. Especially given Tier's memories.

How else could Lehrigan (sp?) have come accross it? Say what you want about him, but he has a great sense of honor, he's not a liar. Especially since he's giving a mia culpa. The only way she could be alive is if Lehrigan scalped her and left her for dead, but he's pretty sure of his business.


Tou can be deadly wounded, but nevertheless survive. Especially elves seems to be pretty good at it.

I thought, that Lehrigen went all over the world and not only to Djunsland (and "ice-mountain-warrior-goddess" makes a lot more sense in the Frozen Mountains)

If that stuff is moth-fabric, I think it's likely that the elf was one of the non-Jackwolfriders. The Jackwolfrider were always shown in lether(-like) clothes.


You know, as they say about such matters :
"While you don't see the body, nothing is certain...
  ..and even then, you might STILL be mistaken !"

Kahvi's death IS a BIG matter because she represents a lot, in Elfquest, and she has repeatedly proved to be a GREAT fighter, a STRONG character, and she has evolved... ( Laura, my love, is CRAZY about her !).

Lehrigen, on the other hand, is the clever human tracker, a clearly DANGEROUS hunter of elves, and he has even learned their tongue !
( enough to curse with it !... )

I think it's HIGHLY significant ( AND suspicious ) that ALL Elfquest series stopped at some time in their progression, with a LOT of unanswered questions pending !

I'm both delighted that WaRP have still a HUGE amount of surprises up the sleeve for Elfquest...
  ...and terribly afraid that what will follow will be even GRIMMER than before ! ( the "Final Quest" announced years ago, especially... )

Now, Kahvi's death would be a story in itself that I would LOVE reading !
Such STRONG characters !
Such a CLASH !...


I also don't think that Kahvi is dead, and especially a mere mention (and no proof) seems a little..., I mean, a important character (and now she has also a new, big connection to the Wolfriders).
Perhaps she will really show up, when noone expects it, and -ooh- surprise, surprise


I don't know, but it's kind of hard to belive he tricked her to then cut off her braid...Though hard to believe he killed her to...We should be able to go in the palace and call for her spirit^^

maybe she'd be to stubborn to show up..


Hello All!!!!
Just remember guys..Lehrigen is dying of lung cancer (or somesuch nasty disease) and as a warrior a slow demeaning death like that is something MUCH worse than the dying itself. Lehrigen might be trying to get the more..uh "sensitive" elves to kill him in a bit of a rage. Ember has forbidden the rest of the elves to kill him, but if he keeps hitting "hot buttons" she's going to get Krim to snap and kill him. Out in a blaze of glory, what else would an honorable warrior desire more? Wink


Yeah but the way they are, he'll probably smile and whisper "thank you" and she'll run to get mender to fix him before he dies. :)


Lehrigen when he was first introduced ... and about 40 years later:


Spoiler alert:

The thread with the town under siege is starting to fall into context, but I wish some of FQ1 weren't a repeat of existing material.




And so passes a brave man. The only one - that I can think of at least - who went the entire way, from enemy of the elves to ally of the elves.


Does Lehrigen have more than one character thread?


@Trollbabe Do you look for this one?