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Mirrors' Lake Holt



Intrigues! Adventures! Romance! And snarky elves... That is some of what we've been planning to have in this Holt and we'd love for you to join us!

Though we have some requirements:
1. You need to be at least 16 years of age. There may be some adult themes now and then and we'd like to avoid censure.

2. Some previous experience with role-playing or writing is required. This is not a spell test - we'd just love to have some players who want their characters involved in plots, big or small, and know how to act out and develop such things; not to mention, enjoy doing so.

3. And last but not least - please never feel like you can't tell me or Sofia (who is the co-creator) off if we are being too bossy or if you have a better idea than we do. Constructive criticism makes the world a... well more constructive place. So to speak Smile.

So, now Sofia gets to explain the rest! Hope some of you at least got curious...


So, some basics about the Holt! There'll be a website up soon-ish with much more details (and pictures!) Until then this will have to do.

Where is Mirrors' Lake Holt?
On the World of Nine Moons. Yes, well, basically this is not a “Worldpool” Holt, but it also doesn't take place on Cutter and co's planet. Cutter will not show up in this Holt, nor will any of his relatives. No, the elves on this world descend from their own High Ones, who also landed in a “Palace”. But why did they land? And why did they also take the shape of elves? Well...that's where the plot comes in! :D

Are there any decided elves yet?
Yes, we have a few. We were planning a bit of a mixed Holt, with many available kinds of elves for new players. Our world does have some limits (otherwise there'd be elves popping up behind every bush and every tribe would only have one elf), but we've tried to keep it as fluid as possible, despite having a lot of plots going on.
We have some decided tribes, with set leaders and “bloods” (i.e. wolfriders, sea-elves, etc). You can also create your own tribe and bloods that aren't yet represented, but please do so while talking to us, so we can weave your story into the plot and clarify the “limits” of the world.

And still, are there any decided elves yet?!
Mirrors' Lake Holt originally consisted of only four elves. Two are survivors of a tribe of dragon-bloods determined to keep their old Holt alive. One is a jumpy and lost pureblood, who's starting to regret ever leaving his birth home. And then there's Lynx...

In addition to them, there are two new elves - Dawnsong and Reko - who quite recently arrived and are doing their best to make themselves at home.

Where will we be playing?
We will start off in Mirrors' Lake, but the plan is for the plot to take our elves all over the map. How and when remains to be seen.
As for the surroundings, the Holt is located inside and on top of a mountain called Dragon's Den. Outside we have a rainforest on the one side of the mountain, on the other the lake the Holt is named after. Not far away is a human town, called Orinth and yet further...There'll be a map on the website, don't worry.

So, there are dragons?
Uhm, yes. As we said, we came up with this a long time ago and decided to stick with the original idea-outlines, to see if we could make them work. And we're rather fond of them; both the ideas and the dragons. In our defense, the dragons aren't magical. Just big, flying, fire-breathing lizards. Yes, yes, very normal...

What is the plot?
We don't want to spoil the fun by giving too much away. We can say that this game is planned to be “quest-based”, as well as full of “everyday moments”. Our elves will find mysteries and get into a lot of trouble and dangers, but they'll also find the time to do develop relationships, stupid crushes and bother each other Wink
And yes, of course there'll be Recognitions. We'll try to keep them as interesting for the game as possible and not have too many of them at once! They're much more fun when they're rare.

How do we play?
There'll always be an active “Main Plot”-game, in our forum. We also have “Sub-Plot”-games, that can take place parallel or before the Main-Plot-events and anyone'll be free to start those.

And when will these bloody questions-and-answers end?!
Now. Promise.


I just sent my character application, there's a lot of fun to be had. :D I noticed that in my e-mail I asked a couple of questions that were actually answered here in this thread, but oh well. Can't wait to get to RP!


I am interested. And would like to start a bit of a conversation!


Hope you're having as much fun as I am over at the RPG Teehar!


I am interested. And would like to start a bit of a conversation!
We're always happy to welcome new members! Do you have any certain questions about the Holt you'd like to discuss? What kind of a conversation do you have in mind?

Oh, and I've completely forgotten to post these links here!

Forum for the RPG
Our website


Just register and jump right in, StarShine! The more the merrier!

So far I've quite liked it at Mirrors' Lake, everyone I've played with thus far has been a good story teller. After I get my character moved in, I can start planning some small games in the Sub-Plot room. Smile

I guess the forum's move caused a couple of messages to go into a mess in this thread. Maybe melodytime can edit the one a bit, and also add the links to the website into the first message?

StarShine, are you more interested in creating a character or adopting an existing character? I have been making adoptables for the Snow Blood tribe, where my character is from. Here are some of Reko's old tribesmates:




Their background stories are going to be added to the website in not too long, so you can see more details. Of course you're welcome to create your own elf too, but just a bit of advertisement for the newly-created adoptables! Wink


Interesting characters! Great art - very individual elfes. I love Vaala's look!


Thanks, Embala! I'm glad you like them. I noticed I quite like designing adoptable elves... They are running through my head all day! I already sketched two more. (Oh dear!)


I just posted a bit of information about the adoptable Snow Blood elves on the forums! It's a small Holt so far, but we welcome all new members. Smile


The website has been updated (finally).

And the rpg will soon reach a point where bringing in new characters would be easy, so new members are especially welcome right now!

PS. Should you want to adopt a character, all the adoptables have some connection to an elf in Mirrors' Lake Holt, so there's plenty of basis for interesting plots with them!


And now the website's server is down. Don't know why as I'm just borrowing space for it off of a friend's server, but I'll look in to it.

If worst comes to worst I'll move the site to a new server within a week or so.


Website back up again! Smile


Nice to have the site back up and also this thread updated. Now, new members, sign up and join the fun! Wink


Just thought I'd point out that we're up and running again. melodytime is on hiatus, but we're still three active members, so come join the fun!


We're getting back into action again! New members always welcome!


Our website is temporarily offline, due to server trouble. I sadly have no idea of when it will be up again.


Website is back up, at a new address!

Go here:


Small website update.


With two members on hiatus, and only four members in total, the RPG is currently a little slow.

New members are always welcome, though! There are adoptables available (see our website or this thread for more info) and you can also make your own elf.


I've recently joined this Holt with Wolfdancer, a wolf-kin with Teir's skill. I have a great deal of energy, so feel free to make use of it.