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Comics for sale or trade


In acquiring my elfquest collection, I managed to pick up a few extras. I thought that I would post them here in hopes that they would help some other soul flesh out their collection.
I am willing to trade or sell whichever you might prefer. I will not charge for shipping. I am selling them for $2.50 each but an appropriate sob story may lower my prices.
I do not claim more then a passing knowledge of official comic grading so I will not attempt to grade them. However all the comics are in excellent condition with no tears, pages missing, wrinkledge, or huge ugly stains(or even small discrete ones for that matter). They are all bagged and boarded.

[u:da5ec68dd1]Comics available[/u:da5ec68dd1]
Hidden Years: 4, 5 (x2), 6, 8, 9 1/2 (holiday special), 10, 15,
Blood of Ten Chiefs: 2, 7, 8
New Blood 2

Wolfrider: reader's collection
This one was prior library book and has library stickers; it is still in good condition. Because of the library stickers I will only charge $15.

For those interested in other Warp Graphics comics I also have Hawk and Windblade: All the Lonely Places part 1. This is part of the elflord comic series (I felt sorry for it and rescued it from a comics bin)
Comics I will trade for or purchase outright for a reasonable price:[/u:da5ec68dd1]
(I will trade all of the above for any one of these plus some cash if the value exceeds that of the comics)
Elfquest v2 33
The Discovery TP
Kings of the Broken Wheel (a color edition: soft or hard cover)
Cry from Beyond (a color edition: soft or hard cover)
Seeker and the Sword TP
Bedtime Stories TP
Kahvi (Reader Collection)

If you have any questions just let me know!


I have 4 extra books. Since I'm not sure what they're worth, I'm putting them here for their original price
-ElfQuest [u:7dac4f0b51]New Blood[/u:7dac4f0b51] (Father Tree Press) $19.95
-ElfQuest [u:7dac4f0b51]Bedtime Stories[/u:7dac4f0b51] (Father Tree Press) $19.95
-ElfQuest [u:7dac4f0b51]Archives Vol.1[/u:7dac4f0b51] (DC) $49.95
-ElfQuest [u:7dac4f0b51]Archives Vol.3[/u:7dac4f0b51] (DC) $49.99
They are all hardback.
The two first ones are in very good condition apart from the corners which start to show their age. The Archives volumes are in pristine condition (but unwrapped)
If someone is interested, please PM me