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The Shadow Wolf Holt


here's my holt , where I play Brighteyes ...

it's a holt of wolfriders, and Plainrunners (indian elves)
for now, there's no adoptables plainrunners: the site isn't tottally finished yet

the story of this holt:

(fictinnal, of course)

Two-Spear and an elf called Moonsilver had a cub outside recognition, and soon after that, Moonsilver leftwith a band of elves who wanted to leave Two-Spears. Moonsilver became the chief of this group of elves and when she deceased , killed during a hunt, her son Sharptongue became chief.

Sharptongue never knew his father and he was happy with that. He became chief after his mother's death and he led his tribe to a new land where they flourish for centuries. He recognized his lovemate Leafwhisper and she gave birth to a son, named Farstalker.

Farstalker was an enjoyable elf who was certainly a better dreamberry eater and a flirt than a chief. Anyway, when his father passed away, bitten by a snake, he had to take his place and the tribe kept on flourishing as hopefully, no danger was around while Farstalker was the leader. He recognized one of his lovemates, named Rainshadow and they had a son : Wolfheart. The rumors says that Farstalker had a lot of other childs out of recognition after that...

When Wolfheart became chief, after Farstalker died of old age, some new dangers appeared. A group of humans had decided to settle not far from the holt and soon, elves were killed. Wolfheart recognized the treeshaper of the holt, named Willowbranch, but they weren't in love and were a lot too much different to become lifemates. So, they stayed in good terms but nothing more after the birth of their twins : Talltracker and Quickthrust. A sort of war came after that and Wolfheart was killed. Talltracker, the elder of the twins became chief, even if some elves whispered that Quickthrust would have been a better chief...

Talltracker was a fierce elfe but too much of blood. He recognized Eyesbright, the most beautiful elfess of the holt and they had a daughter : Songstar. Talltracker was really proud of her and he taught her all he was able to, about hunting and fighting. Later, he recognized Eyesbright for the second time and they had Pinkeyes, who would be later called Snow. But the cub was different from others and Talltracker instentanely hated him.
When the humans attacked the holt, killing most of the elves, Talltracker wanted to follow the humans and kill them all, but Quickthrust didn't agree and he challenged his brother. But the humans attacked again and each of teh brothers left with his survivors followers...

Quickthrust was a wise and gentle elf. He took Pinkeyes under his wing when he understood that his parents would never love him. So he was the one who raised him, with the help of some others, protecting him againt Talltracker's rages.
He became the cheif of his own band of wolfriders after his challenge against his own brother and the attack of the humans. Alas, he died short afterwards and he gave the chieflock to Snow after leading his people to a new place to live : the Shadow Wolf Holt.

Songstar was the first child of EyesBright and Talltracker, and she was even the only one in their eyes. She loved her father and spent a lot of time with him, she never was close to her mother who was only preocupied by herself. As her parents, she hated her brother Pinkeyes at first sight, he was definitely too much strange for her.

Pinkeyes was born of Talltracker and Eyesbright's recognition but his differences made him hated by his own parents and sister, as well as a lot of elves of the tribe. His uncle Quickthrust "adopted" him and raised him, to make him the chief Snow we now know.

there, you know all about the shadow wolf holt ...

The "main" duties :

Chief : Snow
Chief in second : Spike, who is chief right now as Snow is away.
Hunt Leader : Fernglade
Hunt Leader in second : Wintersong
Scout Leader : Hawk
Tanner : Flamedancer and Suncheek
Midwife : Silence
Healer : Sunrise (magical), Flamedancer and Willowdream ( both herbalists ).
Treeshaper : Leaf and Willowdream
Rockshaper : None
Metalshaper : Madhowl
Trade leader with the trolls : Darkeyes
[color=red:9487909353][b]Carver :[/color:9487909353] Daggersharp and Shareheart
Explorer : Mistwalker, Hawk, Darkeyes, Wintersong
Main Fisher : Searock and Moth


there' ll be other new adoptables characters, for now, those are the one who are not taken :

Player name : Adoptable - AWAY

Character name : Madhowl

Previous name : Madhowl

Cub name : Madhowl

Soul name : Hain

Gender : Male

Age : 234

Friends : Everyone

Family : Kreylar ( father ) , Wolfwhisper ( mother -deceased ), BrightEyes ( daughter )

Lovemate(s) : Sunflower, willing to share

Lifemate : Sunflower

Recognized mate : Sunflower

Skills/Hobbies : metal shaping/ making jewelry

Weapons/Tools : none

Tribal Duty : metalshaper

Hunting Party : no

Magic : sending, metalshaping and wolf bonding


Likes/Dislikes : making jewelry, his daughter, girls / trolls, he hates them with a passion

Fears : losing a loved one

Strong Points : Very stubborn when dealing with the trolls, never has had time to show more


Hair/color : shoulder length with one braid from behing his head that hangs over his left shoulder/ golden blonde

Eyes/color : narrow/ grey-green

Clothes/colors : loin cloth/ brown

jewelrey/decorations :l oin cloth/ brown

Special Items: none


Madhowl was the product of a recognized pair, it is believed his mother was a wandering wolfrider from an unseen tribe. He wants his freedom greatly and would have left if his father wasn't so weak to travel. He is a very stubborn elf who shows this all the time to his troll captors. Given the chance he could prove himself a great elf. He longs to meet other elves because he has never seen anymore than his mother and father. Though he hopes it will be under better circumstances. He seems to have find a new home in Shadowwolf, and he just recognize Sunflower, something totaly unexpected for him. Now that he discovered what joining means, he becomes a flirt, something not at Sunflower's taste. Since his daughter BrightEyes was born, Madhowl spends most of his time with her.


Name : Fastrunner

Age : 15

Gender : Male

Appearance : Dark grey wolf, with strong paws. One of the bigger of the pack.

Personality : He is a strong minded wolf, really fond of food. No doubt that Madhowl will have to be patient with that one, who seems afraid of nothing.

Rank in the pack : high

the shadow wolf holt

there's more I'll post soon



Player name : Adoptable

Character name: Chip

Previous name : Chip

Cub name: Chip

Soul name: Eki

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Friends: Everyone

Family : Daggersharp ( father ), Snowbear ( mother ), Silence and Flamedancer ( aunts ), Arrowmoss and Tallgrasses ( cousins ).

Lovemate(s): none

Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

Skills/Hobbies: fishing, playing, climbing trees

Weapons/Tools: favourite fishing stick

Tribal Duty: fisher and hunter

Hunting Party : yes

Magic: sending and wolf bonding ( is supposed to be later a rock shaper )


Very outgoing, mischivious and friendly, he can be quite a pest when he gets hyper.

Likes/Dislikes: family, other elves, being cuddled / Loud noises

Fears: usual fears

Strong Points: Very happy , not irritable nor fretful

Hair/color: Strawberry blonde curls

Eyes/color: Amber

Clothes : Loose-fitting clothing which he can get out of quickly to go swimming or fishing.

jewelrey/decorations: a bear claw and tooth necklace

Special Items: none


Born to recognized couple of Daggersharp and Snowbear. Chip grows up with love but like the other people of the holt, was traumatizided by the attack of the plainrunners. The support of his family helped him to overcome this. Now a fisher in training, he enjoys to have fun and to climb the trees.



Player name : Adoptable

Character name: Darkeyes

Previous name : Darkeyes

Cub name: Darkeyes

Soul name:

Gender: Male

Age: 117

Friends: Snow, Daggersharp, Snowbear -- tries to be friendly with everyone, too

Family : Longtooth (father-deceased), Softtouch (mother-deceased)

Lovemate(s): Autumnberry ( deceased )

Lifemate: none

Recognized mate:

Soulbrother : Daggersharp

Skills/Hobbies: Carver, flint knapper / making musical instruments, hunting, tracking

Weapons/Tools: Wooden spear named Sweetshot because his sister, Sweetflute straightened
the haft for him. It has a flint spearhead. He carved animal figures on it./ round stones of different textures, stone adzes, picks, axes, boles, chunks, and lengths of wood for carving.

Tribal Duty: Carver and guard

Hunting Party : yes but not all of the times

Magic: sending and wolf bonding


Likes/Dislikes: Surprising loved ones with hand-made gifts, spending time with his family/-HUMANS!

Fears: finding out that his sisters, Sweetflute, and Flamedancer really are dead, and losing the family he has now.

Strong Points: Has much patience, rarely loses his temper, and is persistent.


Hair/color: Silky, wavy red hair worn loose to waist length.s

Eyes/color: Are large, long brown lashes around deep hazel green eyes

Clothes : As few as possible. He tends to wear vests, loin cloths (breechclouts- sp), and soft leather boots. He likes green, and mustard-yellows. His favorite piece of clothing, though not worn often is a tunic of very soft leather dyed an ochre-yellow, trimmed with ravvit fur by his sister, Flamedancer.

jewelrey/decorations: The great bear tooth with large bear claws on either side strung on a simple leather cord.

Special Items: none


Daggersharp came from a close family, he was particularly fond of his younger sisters, Sweetflute and Flamedancer. His youngest sister, Sweetflute was probably his favorite sibling. He had felt a distance growing between himself and Flamedancer as she had taken up learning tanning, and herbal healing. Her hours seemed so full, he wondered if she was over doing it.He'd gone on a short journey to a nearby clearing of hard wood trees to harvest wood for special projects. When he arrived back at the Holt, he met a beautiful female with white-blonde hair and violet eyes. When he looked into those eyes, he heard Fila echo through his soul. He could only stare at her, struck dumb by her beauty. He knew she was the only one he could ever love. He was fortunate, for Snowbear grew to love him, and later life mated with him. Snowbear was due to give birth in only a moon when the humans attacked the Holt. He and Snowbear had escaped, their wolfbonds died defending them.
They met up with stragglers who met up with Talltracker.Though Daggersharp and his immediate family were together, he couldn't bear the constant teetering between the hope his sisters lived, and the despair they had perished. He had to find out, one way or the other. Snowbear, decided her place was with her lifemate, no matter what danger, or hardship they might find.

Name: Shadowly

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark gray, black eyes, long tail and ears.

Personality : Shadowly is a shy wolf, who speaks only with her elf-bond, littermates, and to her
bond's cubbling.

Rank in the pack : Low



Player name : Adoptable - SENT AWAY

Character name : Leaf

Previous name : Leaf

Cub name : Branch

Soul name : Tryn

Gender : Female

Age : 87

Friends : Willowdream, Searock...

Family : Shareheart ( half sister), Brightwave (daughter)

Lovemate(s) : Searock

Lifemate : Searock

Recognized mate :

Skills/Hobbies : Tree magic,hunter,warrior

Weapons/Tools : Small dagger and bow

Tribal Dut y : tree shaper and huntress

Hunting Party : yes

Magic : tree shaping, sending and wolf bonding


Likes/Dislikes : Solitude,trees,silence/trolls,human,and being left out.

Fears : Dying without a fight.

Strong Points : Can get you to tell her anything.


Hair/color : Red-auburn

Eyes/color : green

Clothes : somewhat like what Nightfall from the comics Elfquest wears

jewelrey/decorations: one earring, bracelet

Special Items: none


Leaf was one of the original members of the Shadow Wolf Holt. Her father had plant-shaping powers before her, and she just recently found these powers. Leaf has a shady past and no one knows what happend to her parents except herself. Everyone is wise enough to not ask. She became Searock's lovemate soon after her arrival at the Holt. Later they recognized and had a cub named Brightwave. Leaf isn’t really close to her half sister Shareheart, because somehow she’s jealous or her for an unknown reason. Anyway, the two are friends even if it doesn’t get far but who knows how things could evolve ?


Name : Moss

Age : 19

Gender : Female

Appearance : Jet black

Personality : Playful, yet likes dozing away on a sleepy day in the moss.

Rank in the pack :



Character name : Silence

Previous name : Sweetflute

Cub name : Softsmile

Soul name : Leya

Gender :

Age : 73

Friends : she doesn't let people approach her easely now.

Family : LittleFeet ( mother-deceased ) , Shadowstalkers (father -deceased ), Daggersharp (brother), FlameDancer ( sister ), Chip ( nephew ), Arrowmoss ( daughter ), Tallgrasses (nephew)

Lovemate(s) : Starwise ( deceased) , HiddenEye ( deceased )

Lifemate : Starwise ( deceased) , HiddenEye ( deceased )

Recognized mate : Starwise ( they exchanged freely their soulnames - deceased), maybe HiddenEye (deceased)

Skills/Hobbies : playing the flute, taking care of the cubs, listening to her sister's tales .

Weapons/Tools : Dagger

Tribal Duty : midwife and musician

Hunting Party : no

Magic : sending and wolf bonding (seems she lost her tree-shaping powers)


Likes/Dislikes : being with her daughter/ people trying to know what happened between her and HiddenEye, talking.

Fears :
being with her daughter/ people trying to know what happened between her and HiddenEye, talking.

Strong Points : Was really sweet and patient, understanding, a really good musician and dancer. She's maybe not the best midwife, and she never really get the chance to pratice, but she's one of the most caring. Now, she is really silent and does her tasks without pleasure but because she has to do them, except when it concerns her daughter.


Hair/color : Wavy till the middle back/soft light brown-auburn

Eyes/color : Almost round/blue

Clothes/colors : Short dress/brown

jewelrey/decorations : A gold bracelet on her left arm .

Special Items : none


Sweetflute always had a happy life with her family. Her brother Daggersharp made her a flute and she shared her passion of music with her sister Flamedancer. When the humans came and killed her parents, Sweetflute was lost but she was saved by Spike. He helped her and brought her away from the holt, despite her sadness and whish to find her brother and sister. Finally, Spike and Sweetflute joined Snow and his little tribe and Sweetflute was really happy when she found that her sister was still alive. Now, they both hope that Daggersharp and his mate are still alive too.

Sweetflute became Starwise's lovemate. But the arrival of the newcomer Hiddeneye complicated things for her. She felt attracted by him even if her heart was to Starwise and Hiddeneye thought he loved Sweetflute. They finaly became lovemates and made a three mating with Starwise, with who Sweetflute exchange freely her soulname. But this one was too soon after that killed by trolls and his death put Sweetflute in a deep coma. When she woke up, Sweetflute felt lost, she lost a part of her soul with Starwise's death and she discovered that she lost her treeshaping powers too. And more, she "quarreled " with HiddenEye , who seemed to have changed after that and they didn't share anymore a den together. How will thing would evolve for them ?

After leaving with HiddenEye and her family, Sweetflute decided to stay with her lovemate after her brother, lifemate and cub went back to the holt. She came back a few years later, without HiddenEye but with her daughter. No-one knows who the father is, Starwise or HiddenEye. Sweetflute seemed afraid of everything and claimed that she came back to protect her daughter but she said nothing more. She changed her name in Silence as she would speak only if it was necessary. She had nightmares and sometimes she had hallucinations but she didn't talk about them to anyone. Making her talking wasn't easy and she smiled only when she was alone with her daughter, the only one she let really approach her.

After the death of HiddenEye, whom she had to share with Tishil, Silence began to be a bit more outgoing but she still is overprotective over her daughter Arrowmoss, always fearing that something bad could happen to her. She still didn't tell to anyone who the father of the girl really is.


Name : Littlechaser

Age : 27

Gender : Female

Appearance : grey

Personality : A sweet wolf, she's usually not a good hunter but she's totaly devoted to Sweetflute and to cubs.

Rank in the pack : low


You have my attention.... are you wanting to adopt or accepting new CIS???


well, I think we could accept new characters when the adopteble 'll be adopted ...

there's the site, if you want to see (there's the mail address of the Two "chiefs" if you want to ask )


there'll be maybe a new adoptable char :
sunflower, Brighteyes's (my char :D) mother and Madhowl's lifemate ^^


Welcome to Tynami !
she adopted Sunflower !


I guess your web site is down?well I like your characters...I am hopeing all is well with you?Miss u around here,hope your summer is being good to you. huggles


I missed you too !!!
but I'm back now, and I'(m happy to see you again !

yeah, we have a new one, now, butthere's always some Pbs ...


we've new adoptables chars !


Player name : Adoptable

Character name : Sunrise

Previous name : Sunrise

Cub name : Sunrise

Soul name : Trell

Gender : Male

Age : 24

Friends : his parents, Fleetfoot and anyone who wish to be his friend.

Family : Fernglade ( mother) , Mistwalker ( father, Brightmoon ( adoptive brother)

Lovemate(s) : Moth

Lifemate :

Recognized mate : none

Skills/Hobbies : Making the others happy, playing in the snow and being with his friends.

Weapons/Tools : A short bow and a spear made by his father

Tribal Duty : magic healer

Party : no

Magic : sending, healing and wolf bonding


Sunrise is a quiet, friendly and smiling cub. He can be mischevious and stubborn like his mother but he's really kind too. He's really close to his parents and family.

Likes/Dislikes : Smiling, listen to his father playing the flute, learning how to hunt with his mother and some friends, playing with the wolves.../ to see others sad.

Fears : to lose his family, trolls.

Strong Points :
he is really calm


Hair/color :
bright golden hair, wavy.

: clear grey eyes

Clothes/colors : depends on the season/ green, white and grey.

jewelrey/decorations : none

Special Items : the spear his father made him.


Sunrise always lived an happy life despite the hard life the elves can know . He never liked trolls but when he learned that they killed his mother's last wolf long before Sunrise's birth, he really hates them. He made a new friend with Fleetfoot and was happy when his parents decided to follow him.

He discovered recently his healing powers and he has a new adoptive brother, Brightmoon. Sunrise has a soft spot for the sweet Moth but he doesn't want to admit it. His duty as the healer is really important to him and he wants to be worth for his tribe. Now, Moth and Sunrise are lovemates.



Player name :

Character name : Hawk

Previous name : Hawk

Cub name :

Soul name : Quay

Gender : Male

Age : 124

Friends : Everyone

Family : Whitebrow ( father -deceased), Flamemist ( mother -deceased),
Shareheart ( cousin )

Lovemate(s) : as many as he can get

Lifemate : none

Recognized mate : none

Skills/Hobbies : good hunter, scout/ being in the woods with his hawk and wolf bond, flirting.

Weapons/Tools : sword, bow/ none

Tribal Duty : hunter and scout leader

Hunting Party :

Magic : sending, wolf bonding and animal (hawk) bonding


Hawk is still a cub at heart, fancies himself the ladies man and does his duties for the tribe without arguing. He uses his hawk bonding abilities to communicate mentally with his hawk. He has since become a scout , using his hawk as the pair have a telepathic bond.

Likes/Dislikes :
Hawks, female elves, his bond, dreamberries/ humans, war

Fears : Short supply of females and dreamberries

Strong Points : When not acting like a playful cub, he is very sincere and fulfills his tribal duties.


Hair/color : shoulder length/ dark brown

Eyes/color : averge slant/ brown

Clothes/colors : tunic, pants, loin cloth and boots/ brown, green, grey

A black leather thong necklace witha silver hawk talon charm

Special Items: none


Hawk was the only child of a recognized elfin pair. They named him screech due to the fact that as a cub that is all he did. At his birth a pair of hawks flew in and made a nest in the father tree. Screech would mimic the babies & screech back at them even at so young an age. He was always active and usually scampering high in the trees.
The tribe was amazed when his hawk bonding abilities emerged. Using his abilities to help the tribe in any way he can is a joy. And any excuse to fly Skyfeather, or run with Frosthowl is perfect for a great day.
He recently had a secret crush for Reed, that is a bit slowed because of her feeling and relationship with Spike. Finally he told her, only to be gently told that she's not ready. So Hawk is once more making the most of other female's compaionship as he sorts out the fledging emotions about Reed. Thankfully there's no jealously with Spike, who also has taken to her.

He was quite surprised and happy when his cousin Shareheart arrived to the holt with some other survivors of the old tribe and he doesn't intend to let her go anywhere this time as she is her only "family".


Hawk Bond (basic red-tail hawk)

Name: Skyfeather


Name : Frosthowl

Age : 23

Gender :

Appearance : A white coated with a silver tint running down her back and sides

Personality : She was the apha female before she lost a challenge against Holtsong. Saddened by Moonsheen's death, who was her lifemate, the brave she-wolf didn't really had the will to fight. She is very motherly. Often mothering cubs, wolfen and elfin.

Rank in the pack :


more soon !


Oh, finally an updated homepage.


I can't believe I missed this, love the page :)


hehe ?...
the udpates aren't finished yet, I think (there's not the art page, on the new site ... I think it's to come soon !)


Character name : Moth

Previous name : Moth

Cub name : Moth

Soul name : Fla

Gender : Female

Age : 21

Friends : everyone

Family : Moonstorm (mother, Blackstone (father-deceased), Foxtear (aunt), Treelook (brother-deceased), Fastwolf (twin brother)

Lovemate(s) : Sunrise

Lifemate : none

Recognized mate : none

Skills/Hobbies : playing, making others smile/searching for flowers

Weapons/Tools : none

Tribal Duty :
cub sitter with the youngest cubs

Hunting Party : no

Magic : sending and wolf bonding


Friendly and shy, Moth is too really sensitive and cries easely, especially when ehr mother gets in anger.

Likes/Dislikes : playing , making friends, flowers, cubs / humans

Fears : to lost also her mother and brother

Strong Points :
sensitive and gentle, she is patient and understanding.


Hair/color :
long and straight, silver.

Eyes/color :
deep green

Clothes/colors : a short green dress

jewelrey/decorations :
two golden earrings

Special Items :
her two golden earrings given to her by Riverheart


She's born by recognition with a twin brother, Fastwolf. Raised by her mother and her father, she was born thanks to a peaceful troll but she knows others are evil. Later her parents recognized again and both Moth and Fastwolf helped them with the newborn. She followed her mother at the human camp and when she returned she found all burned and her father and little brother dead.

She found later with her mother and brother the part of the tribe leaded by Talltracker. But he became mad and her family and herself left this tribe to find the other one, leaded by Quickthrust. She hopes that she would find a true home there, and to make new friends. She thinks that she found them in Sunrise and Brightmoon.
Sometimes she's called "Gypsymoth" by her mother. Growing up, Sunrise and Moth realized they were in love and are now lovemates.


Name : Cuddles

Age : 15

Gender : Female

Appearance : reddish brown little wolf with bright yellow eyes

Personality : One of the smallest of her litter, Cuddles is playfull and loves to be caressed, that's where her name comes from. Would do almost anything to have Moth taking care of her.

Rank in the pack : Low


Character name: Fastwolf

Previous name :

Cub name: Fastwolf

Soul name: Lier

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Friends: Sunrise, Moth, Chip, Owl...

Family : Moonstorm ( mother ), Blackstone ( father-deceased ), Treelook ( brother-deceased ),
Moth ( twin sister ), Foxtear ( aunt )

Lovemate(s): none

Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

hunting, tracking

Weapons/Tools: sword

Tribal Duty: hunter

Hunting Party : yes

Magic: sending and wolf bonding


Friendly and silent. Fastwolf is a serious boy who acts more grown up that he actually is. He wants to be consired as an adult and tries very hard to not do anything childish.

Likes/Dislikes : playing, hunting / humans

Fears : to lost also her mother and sister

Strong Points : calm and serious. Feels responsibility and wants to protect his family.


Hair/color : thich but silky black, reaches little over his shoulder.

Eyes/color :

Clothes : Brown leather with black decorations and boots, green headband.

jewelrey/decorations: none

Special Items:


He's born with his twin sister Moth. His parents recognized again and they had another son. After this, Fastwolf followed his mother at the human camp and when he returned, he saw his father and youngest brother killed. He hates the humans and wants revenge. He's a playful cub and he's always bickering with his sister, calling her Beetle indeed than Moth. Since he arrived in Shadow Wolf Holt, he feels at least at home. He made new friends and wants to become the best hunter this tribe ever saw.

Fastwolf has enjoyed years his family has stayed in the holt. He has made many friends and learned to hunt, which makes him very proud. He still wants to learn more and become the greatest hunter ever. He was surprised when his aunt, who was supposed to be dead, appeared in the holt. Fastwolf has been amused with Foxtear's behavior and Moonstorm's reaction to her. More surprised followed when Reed returned to the holt with her lifemate, Lonewolf. Moonstorm revealed that he is the brother of Blackstone, the twin's father. At first, Fastwolf was excited. He memorizes his father as a great hunter and a kind father and he hoped that this new uncle would be a great friend and advisor. But as things soon turned out, Lonewolf was changed a lot and Moonstorm ordered her cubs to stay away from their uncle. But Lonewolf and Reed left the holt years ago no never come back, so Fastwolf doesn’t have to worry about this anymore. He’s now training hard with Fernglade and Mistwalker to become a great hunter.


Name: Snowhide

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: avarage build wolf with strong legs. SnowHides fur is snow white and her eyes are crystall blue.

Personality : Playfull and fearles. Likes to suprise everyone (specially other cubs, elves and wolves) by hiding on the snow and then then suddenly jumpping on them. No longer a cub, SnowHide has calmed greatly. She shares Fastwolf's interest to hunt and the two of them like to wander in the woods, practicing tracking and hunting small game. In winter, they still enjoy to play hide-and-seek sometimes.

Rank in the pack : middle


thease elves are realy cute, love how leaf reminds you of nightfall. hehehee, so how manny are members and ummm im thinking about joining?what do you think?


I think it'ld be SUPER !!!!!!

a lot of members aren't playing a lot .... some has reasons but not everybody...

then ? do you have a char in mind ?

just wanted to warn: leaf and madhowl are sent away: can't be adopt for the moment


Thats it, i found her...silence...I found one that I can relate too and I know I could play well,i do see alot of myself in this elf. shes the one!!Must have her!!!!lol.I cant waite to be a member! 8) thank you icemoon 8)


U're welcome my dear !
and welcome to the holt !!!


well, like we had some problems with the site (like all had constated) Natacha decided to make a blog, and not a site ...

okay, it's then not as pratice than before but there it is



the lovely silence by Icemoon 8)

thank you hun she is lovely. 8)


Ohhh ... pure prettiness!



She's yours, Joyleaf !
you just have to send back to Nat ...

and by the way, Hawk, Sunrise and Chip are adopted !
welcome to Sabine, Laura and Jeff !

the one who still are adoptables are:



Tallgrasses and Silcence are adopted !
welcome to collen :hug: and Eva ! :D

only to available adoptables:
Fastwolf and Moth !


:( hey there, sorry I have not been on yet, things have been busy with sera getting ready for the 7th grade, she has orentation on friday and school on monday...I will be in there asap. Wink


Ok I is done for the first one,hopefully that fits well? :D


Am I doing okay so far?


both of you play very well !! :D
I'm happy to have you here ^^


Hey yall, I started looking in on this game and it looks at least like its still alive, any sun-folk colored, elves running about yet? I am not sure how out of date the Wordpress blog is.. or up todate..


well, we don't have any sun-folf in adoption ....

and yeah, this holt is alive
The master of the blog was absent during a few days , then it could be normal the site isn't udpated very well ...

But if you want to join, You are welcome !
the two last adoptables are Moth(girl) and Fastwolf(boy)


Moth's almost adopted !!!

we've now only a last adoptable: fastwolf !


as we didn't hear news about Joyleaf, the masters of the holt decided to put Sience back to adoption ...

So, Two adoptables: Silence and fastwolf