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The Cave Dwellers


Deep, deep down in the heart of a mountain a tribe of pure-blooded elves is living. They have a tangled relationship with the tribe of trolls living close by, having once escaped their clutches and now keeping a slightly uneasy peace with them. Under their fourth chieftess, Smoke, they live in an environment not without its dangers ...

The Cave Dwellers just opened! The first few characters have been established but there are still plenty of adoptables and open spots left. For more information feel free to drop by at http://cavedwellers.phpbb8.de/forum.php or to send me a PM :D .


An update on this: In the meantime we changed forums for one with better design and posting options - I changed the link above so you should be okay, though Wink.

The first game has started, welcoming back our Keepers of the Tunnels after a long trip.

There are still characters available! No new characters can be created currently but maybe someone would be interested in Pitchblack, sullen weaver and guard and constant critic of our chieftess or Ramble, restless gatherer and not-so-great-at-motherhood mother of Snakebite and Coal?


Hi! The link has an extra http// so it doesn't work, except with copy paste. I'll take a look at your Holt, it looks nice. Since my first Holt is a bit quiet, I think I might have energy for another character in another world too! Smile


Oops Surprised. Thanks for the heads up. Fixed now Happy.

And yay, we'd be happy if you'd like to join. Feel free to look around the forum and contact me any time if you have some questions Grin.