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Not a test, an experiment :), please post random comments if you wish...


Purpose is to see what happens in post history if you edit after a period of time.



just testing posting images

Updated-new avatar!



Random enough!

It's working nicely... though... dunno what it is... looks like some sorta rocks...


As far as I know - simply a note about the "last editing date" is added to the post.


New test!!!!! oh, and a random post as well, since I feel a little random right now!

Yes, Rehdaed Ebmre, Taht's plnety radnom, but peharps yuo can see that minixg the letetrs up ins't scuh a gerat iade adn tkaes too lnog.

as far as the above, I'm not editing it anymore, for now, maybe, maybe not. My origioinal thing I was going to do was figure out if editing bumped things aroudn, as I was going to try to do a better 'digger hunt' hiding stuff in old posts. Someone else did that once, and people didn't really get the hang of it. that, and my attemot at games flopped big time.

Instead, I'm now goign to be testing GIFs and how they display, as I've had issues with the gallery so far. I'm planning on using GIFs for my stop motion video format, but this site reformats stuff, so I have to figure out if I have to share it from Photobucket or here, or what.

Today, I'm goign to be playing with a well known GIF, known as 'Leetah Dancing'. I will 'post' it from three locations, here, photobucket, and from the origional listing on the EQ site. I am not trying to circumvent any copyrights or anything, just don't have any other gifs around to try.

Here we go!...

Using the method above, adapted for the gif of Leetah Dancing...


Using the 'Add a Photo' option from the toolbar, still of the origional like above...

Uploading an unmodified copy to the EQ gallery, then sharing it that way (doesn't look promising...)

Then again, I guess it made it to the album, we'll see how it displays...

From Photobucket...

Lets see how it works!


Well, it all seems to have come though ok, just suprising. the only difference I can see is that the top one is centered, as it's a HTML coded image instead of the kind of code used for the posting tools.

I tried to put up an avatar at one point (think it's still there) and it messed up the blacks and whites, reducing them all to 'clear background' which then made it all messed up, as though someone just traced all the white areas and all the black areas, and left the centers blank. Of course, this was mostly on the resized images I tried to use for an avatar. If I remember right, there was a larger version of the logo that would view ok if you used the zoom viewer, but not the thumbnail view.

This is all good to know, as I will soon be bringing to everyone my very first test animations for claymation, and as I don't know if there's a way to post videos, GIFs seemed the best way to go.

Hope this helps others! It appears that the Gallery only messes with the image for thumbnails, and either messes with 'transparancy' or cuts off all but the first frame of the animation, but still stores the intended image that can be accessed.

In other words, yes, it will blend!



Wow! It looks like a beautiful, shining, slow moving, tornado just touching down on the ground. Stunning!


OMG Startear!!! that's just beautifull!!!! I can't even find the words for it!! so beautifull!!!! OMG!!


Awesome polar light!


Oh wow! That's a great pic of the northern lights.


Wow you really have to watch it to see it move. Very beautiful


There is a thread that people were posting favorite photos:photography thread your favorite artistic photos

I also created a group to share non-EQ art: The Art Studio


Thanks everyone Smile I was just wondering how to post a pic, and used that as a default picture.