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"Friends" - really necessary?


I just feel that if I make some people my friends, it's like the rest of the people are not my friends... but I've always seen "everyone" on the forum as my friends, even though I talk to some more than others.

I think this feature would be nice to have on other sites/ forums, but is it really useful on Scroll of Colors? Might it turn into a "who's more popular" contest? Because the forum has always been about everyone being "equal" in my opinion.

Any thoughts, folks?

Edit: I see now that the purpose of this feature is that you can share some information with your "Network" or "Friends" -- in that case it can be handy, as you maybe only want to share your birthday/age with some people (for example.) Then the question is - will it show, for each friend, what kind of "friend network" they are in?


Yes, since the new social schtuffs allow so much sharing of personal information/thoughts du jour, "friends" provides a good filter. (Only I don't plan on running another blog or gallery here.) I dare say it's the same for almost everyone.

I'm not sure who "Network" is. Is that every registered user? Or friends of friends? Or what?

And why do I have only 2 posts?


(sorry, couldn't resist)


The way you've put it is exactly how I feel, Arfurido. I can see the use for it on much larger sites, and sites where more of our personal information is hanging out there. But I just don't see how it serves that much of a purpose here, and I think it kind of puts up walls between users here ("are they my 'friend', or not?").

Although, that said...

* it was great that the Admin was able to turn off the thing that made us only able to send a message to one of our 'friends'. So that's not the impediment it was.

* if who you have friended equals who you can chat with... I guess I can see a reason to filter that, for ease of use if nothing else.

But for the other reasons you state, I still don't like the feature.


Tavie, LOL Grin


Well... I don't really mind! I'm just gonna say yes to everyone requesting me anyway (I could go out and just request everyone... but... you know what? I'm too lazy...)



Well... I don't really mind! I'm just gonna say yes to everyone requesting me anyway (I could go out and just request everyone... but... you know what? I'm too lazy...)

I agree with you. and I'm trying to find everyone that is on my FB and on Sorrow's End at FB.


I don't think it is really needed on such friendly forum, I'll add people and reply yes to friend requests as I find the time.


I don't really view it as a list of 'just friends' or anything, as was mentioned earlier it could be used as a filter if you wish (I think that it's a little of a moot point here as this is a fantasy site and there's not much personal info around, as we all are here to kind of get away from the real world), but I'm thinking it's kind of like the 'favorites' thing, a list of those you most often interact with. Not that anyone is less of a 'friend' or whatever, we are all friends here, but I'd hate to have to scan through lists of hundreds or thousands of profiles trying to find that one particular person I wanted to PM or invite to a group or whatever. That, and where a lot of these names here are very imaginative, trying to remember how they are spelled can be an issue at times. Anyway, I look at it as a convienience of sorts.
Keep in mind that a lot of the constructs here are probibly generic features that would be used on any site. I mean, it's just a guess here, but if the Pini's can change the 'forum' to 'Scroll of Colors' and back on that button, it seems to me that 'Friends' features can be called anything they want them to be, and that's not been messed with yet. Perhaps a better way of looking at it would be a "Quick List", and perhaps it may be called that some day.
This isn't the typical social network site. It used to be just a forum that had morphed into one, and has since been outfitted with features for this specific purpose, but it is still not typical of other sites. The atmosphere is way different, there is little to no personal information out there that can be gleaned by spammers and social engineers, and it is highly multi-national, something that I feel is a major accomplishment! As such, it is very difficult for the usual 'black snakes' on the 'net to do more than just annoy us with a few PMs. They are easily spotted and quickly delt with, which is not so with other sites.
This is the exact reason that walls don't get made between members even if there is a 'friends' list. We all get along, except for the spammers. I will say this: it would seem to me that there has been no change between the old site and new site with those that usually bump into each other because of mutual interest. You have a few people that bridge between circles, but a lot of those you see in a 'friends list' have similar friends lists to the others in their lists, if that makes sense. In a sense, this is what 'groups' would be good for, but they are awkward as they have no ties to the forum. (The TnL crew is a good example of all the things I mentioned above, and it is an active group) Perhaps we will see a change in this Freinds, or Quick List or what-have-you into something more fitting, something new and wonderful, that will acutally pull the community closer together as it helps others find others that have similar interests!


Actually I don't have much use for that, either. I wouldn't turn anyone down who asked, but who should I (the noob) ask? And why? What for? Collecting "friends"? And what to do if your "friends" turn out to be the same nasty buggers that you've run from several times before?

Better to collect stamps or barbed wire... Nuh_uh


I'll add anyone who sends me a request, but won't send requests myself. This is my policy on most websites that have a friends function. (not facebook, but it used to be there too...) I hope no one is offended by my lack of activity in this area. I have a lot of friends on this forum still, I hope... but usernames change and I'm not sure who is active and who isn't.