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Suggestions for categories


Several of the features on the new Scroll allow for categories. For example, when you create a new Photo Album or Group you have the option put it into this or that category.

Right now, I've added a couple of category labels to the Photos section but the Groups section still needs them (plus any other sections I'm not aware of at the moment).

I'm opening this thread for your suggestions as to what category names to give for Photos and Groups (and others). Keep in mind that each category can have sub-categories as well. For example, a "Fan Art" category in Photos could have "Elfquest-related" and "non-EQ" underneath it.

I'd like to end up with maybe 4-6 categories to start (each category can have a few sub-categories). Let your imaginations go; I'll make selections when I think we've got enough to choose from. Thanks!


As it's been a while, I figured I'd chime in and mention that some catagories and subs have already been added to 'Groups', and they are running smoother now. I had a list I was going to submit and didn't know where, now I know, and I'll be back when I find them.

THe current ones work pretty well, I might add, though it will be a while before some more groups appear and we can see how they are needing catagorization. This would probibly be the 'better' route to determine catagories for the future.

I would like to mention, however, that 'tags' are all messed up! It's almost like there needs to be a pop-up 'how to' window or wizard like there is for adding links or photos to add tags. Some have submitted a string of " blah blah blah blah blah blah.... blah" as their tags, unseperated by commas, which not only adds a new tag, but takes up lines and lines of space in the tag window for one tag. Then, in some cases, they want to catagorize something else as the same thing, but they misspell something or change the order, and a whole new multi-line tag is generated, defeating the purpose and cluttering things up. Not only that, but with who-knows-how-many tags already in the pool, there is only the first 50 or so shown, listed by alphabetical order, and I've not seen a button for viewing all tags to see anything that isn't under a number or 'A'.

Also, a wizard might help people keep from adding multiple tags that say or mean the same thing over and over again. Not to pick on anyone, but using one example that is visible on the list, tagging both "$5" and "$5 commissions" is redundant. I mean, it's great that you want your whatever-it-is to be seen, but so does everyone else, and squeezing out viewable tag spaces for one specific, one-shot deals is a bit.. unresponsible? Anyway, I don't know how things are done on other sites, but something needs to be done to restructure this, or perhaps a newsletter letting people know how the system is intended to work. Just a thought.

I added that in because 'Tags' are similar in organizational systems as 'catagories'. I'll come back with my catagory suggestions soon.