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Newsletters and notifications


OK, this is really starting to irk, annoy, gall, nettle and otherwise try my patience - and I'm certain it's having a similar effect on you.

In the old Scroll, there was a function available to the admin called "mass email" which would send special notices to all members via the email address they used to register. In the new Scroll, the equivalent function is "create newsletter." I tried a couple of tests; no one seems to have received "test #1" but most if not all of you received "test #2" (this was some days ago).

Yesterday I sent out another news letter about blogs and how to use them, this time trying the "send via PM" versus the "send via email" option. From what I have heard back so far, there still was an email sent, containing a link to the newsletter, but I'm not sure how or whether it worked for everyone.

Please, if you will, respond here with a note about whether or not you got the actual newsletter in your message inbox, and whether or not the email link worked, and any other issues specifically relating to the newsletter experience. I feel like Two-Edge at this point, and intend to hammer this problem out!


I got the following email:

"Hello faeriegirl,

You have received a newsletter from ElfQuest.

To view this newsletter follow the link below:

Shade and sweet water,
Richard Pini - ElfQuest forum admin"

Link worked just fine, shows as a mail!


Una newsletter sui blog? L'ho ricevuta, sì Smile

A newsletter about blogs? Yes, I did receive it Smile


I got a link in my e-mail. But as my e-mail doesn't support html I got a code with <a href ... and so on. It was still clickable though, and directed me to the right page.


Got the link in my email.
Link worked fine, took me to your message in my Scroll inbox.


Got a message in my inbox here when I logged on but nothing in my email.


All I got this morning was a mail from Elfquest about blogs.
it did make me wonder a bit but any mail is good mail lol


Got a mail "Blogs - how to use" in my message inbox here at Elfquest.com yesterday

Got no email (in case there should be one) at my email adress


I'm getting a lot of messages kicked back to my email account that appear to be notifications from the forum to various members. They look like the sort of thing that you'd get when someone replies to thread that you've subscribed to.

It may be that everyone is still getting their notices, perhaps in their mailboxes here on the Scroll. I don't know; the forum mail function is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Could folks reply to this thread and let me know if things are working as before - and more importantly, if things are working the way you expect them to? I'm particularly interested in the notices sent out when someone comments on a photo or artwork that you have in your albums.


I'm still receiving topic reply emails, though there could be some missing...


As far as I remember ...
Never got any messages about comments on my album - neither in the notifications on my dashboard nor as email.
Last could be due to my privacy settings - I got sick of having my mailbox clustered with mails I'm not interested in. All I left on YES is the newsletter (of course!)and "Comments for Approval" (because I don't know what it's for).

Not getting notifications on the dashboard about album comments (and new postings in the groups I'm member, neither) is hard to understand. THIS would be something useful! I only realize this ones when they are still shown in the "Updates" section of the dashboard ... or when I dig for them.


I can't recall any messages or e-mails about status updates, the latest message I received was the announcement about San Fransisco at March 9.