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Storm's Rise Holt



My friend Multi-Facets and I have created a new holt via Livejournal (so this would be a post based role-playing experience, but not quite a forum). We're very excited to be getting started, and are inviting any players interested and willing to put in the time to participate. The storyline posted from the link is below, along with the link itself. We have no pre-made characters, though we advise you to read the storyline and it's implied requirements carefully. If you're unsure, ask! Obviously there is more to the storyline than below, but we've given you the bones of experience right now. If you're interested in applying, please follow the instructions in the profile, and private message 'bluecapybara' or 'multi_facets' via Livejournal if you have any questions. You will need a free Livejournal account to participate. There are no fees associated with our holt.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Storm's Rise Holt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ages ago, Two-Spear brought his tribe of Wolfriders and pureblooded

elves to an ancient elfin resting place, made of caves in the

flatlands next to the desert. It would later become the place of a

sharply divided fate. During a stretch of safety and prosperity,

Two-Spear killed "his" daughter, and nearly all was lost: The dormant

magic of the caverns was corrupted by the emotions of the challenge

and the elf-girl’s death, causing a violent earthquake that claimed

many lives, animal and elf.

In the aftermath, a rockshaper named Lightstone, Recognized of the

hunter Heartstorm, quietly encouraged a rebellion while the rubble was

cleared, and asked his lifemate to take up her spears and become a

chief to lead them away from Two-Spear’s madness. At first, many were

reluctant to follow the untried leader with the madness of grief in

her dark eyes, but in the end, it was decided that leaving with

Heartstorm was a safer choice, and Two-Spear was abandoned but for the

very few still loyal to him.

Now the new tribe travels northward, looking for a place where they

can find peace and healing beyond Two-Spear’s bloodlust and insanity.


Here's the link: http://community.livejournal.com/stormsriseholt/

There is nothing really there now...Check the profile!


I see you found a name! Good luck!


Thank you!


Cool! :D I've asked to join the ooc and normal group, under the name Raanatani. I rarely - RARELY - use LJ, maybe I'll get back into doing anything with it ( I think the last time I posted in it was well over a year ago, with similar gaps between... ).