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Embala - not really elfin


hopefully there will be a decent character info somewhen ... For a start:

Humanoid starspip captain (and more) from the Startrek Universe ... stranded with the High Ones on Abode ... has VERY minor shapeshifting abilities ... not aging ... going on Abode for 20.000 years by many names ... meeting and living with all the tribes.
Natural leader, diplomate and warrior - just as needed, beautiful, wise and strong - in short: a Mary-Sue (forgive me ... I was eleven/twelf when I basically created her). Given a visible face for the first time by Nightsea Smile

She can count as a beauty both in human and elfin eyes: Tall like a High One (or slightly shorter), graceful human proportions and features, still a "FiveFinger", but has grown elf ears - because I can. Wink Teenage looking - oval face, fair skin, blue eyes and light-blue silvery hair, about hiplong, very straight with bangs (Vulcan style). She prefers darker greens, blues and silver clothings. Recently got a liking for turquoise and blues when it comes to more elegant or playful outfits.

There's a "merform" of her now with slightly variant look - wavy hair and a mertail ^^

She always wears a large gemstone, normally as a bracelet on her left arm. It can appear in all kind of jewelry, tho - necklace, ring, diadem, brooch and what else you can imagine. The stone looks greenish/blue mostly, but is shimmering in all rainbow colors.

Strapped to her left leg (normally) she is carrying an ornate dagger, a gift from her friend TrollHammer: (quoting TrollHammer - made a screenshot from his post - don't want to lose it) Happy

- - -

Snippet about Embala getting her dagger - first part by TrollHammer

(never managed to answer him on the thread he posted this - but now)

Embala looks at the familiar, finally grinning, green face with the friendly eyes.

"My eyes see with joy, my friend!"

Her view wanders to the delicate, strong blade that looks tiny in the big, artful hands of her trusted Troll friend. She takes the unique dagger and richly adorned sheath with both hands and leads it to her forehead - as formal as possible, answering in the traditional way.

"It will serve me well, Master of the Forge" She smiles "I will treasure your precious gift, my dear friend. It will remind me of your kindness and care when our ways will part until we will meet again."

- - -

On her journeys Embala met the lonely Preserver Dragonfly. This bug decided to accompany her (most of the time) and to take care of her gemstones - thus changed its name into Gemkeeper. Many thanks to Jeedai who gave the bug a face!


click right to show full size

There never was a written story about her. Be thankful for this Wink ... aahhh - weeeelll ...


In fact ... there IS a story about Embala now Wink


FIRE. ... her world was on fire ... HOT. ... consuming her body ... GLARING. ... burning her mind ... YELLING. She turned to flee the torture ... into the darkness ahead, luring ... no more pain, promising ... no more struggle. No return. NO! There was another way, a small whirl of cool blue, a memory of freedom and joy ...

... she whirled around in high-spirited circles, enjoying the weightlessness in the light-flooded waters. The sunbeams made her sparkle in greens, blues and turquoise. She had explored other oceans but never before had she been a part of it, tasting it, breathing it. Another strike of her strong green tail led her amidst a shoal, causing the silvery fish to shoot apart like fireworks.

Back at the bank her lovemate was watching the carefree dance with lenience and pleasure. These new shape and abilities were his temporary gift. She reached out at him with an inviting gesture. Just when their eyes met she felt a kick in her belly, delicate but clear. She gasped in surprise ...

FIRE. Her lungs were burning, pleading for mercy. She forced air into them just to live on for another moment. Her whole body cramped in hot pain ...

... floating relaxed in his embrace her light blue strands mixed with his dark tresses. Leaning her head back on his shoulder, blue eyes locked with soft grey while their hands met on her belly, feeling the little one kick again. This was his other, precious gift. She wasn't able to receive a clear sending but she could feel his love engulfing her with warmth. And the mind-picture of a large, bridge-like structure reaching far into the sea together with his longing.

He had asked her aloud many times before. **Come with me to my home. Live with me and my tribe.** There had always been a reason not to answer - to stay here for another dance of the moon - to discover the sea beyond the next reef. Her thoughts wandered ...

Whenever she had joined a tribe, found friends and mates, there was a farewell - and it had become harder every time. It was easier to stay alone, enjoy short-time company and leave before the bonds grew too tight. But with the baby and her honest love ... it was time for another change.

Suddenly his hands grabbed hard for support. The warmth was gone. His eyes proved that his mind was far away ...

Back into the FIRE. To her surprise she could actually take one more breath. The heat was biting the flesh from her tail, causing more cramps. High Ones, no ... not the little one ...

The call. A call of pain and anxiety. They had followed this strange sensation for days before it suddenly vanished. But now it was back and she knew that his healer's heart would not rest before he has found the caller.

The search lead them to the other side of the island, to a rocky beach. Whoever was in need for help was somewhere there. She stayed back on a rock near the shore while her lovemate approached the source of the cry. An elf maiden curled behind one of the bigger rocks ... his sending gave her a vague impression of pale, delicate limbs and a long black mane. The alien elf turned towards him ... those eyes ... radient with insanity and hatred!

**RUN, beloved, run!** The hatred was like a magical black fog that reached out and enclosed the healer. And at the same moment it hit her on the distant rock. In shock and pain she fled into the sea ... heading for the depth ... to learn in new shock that this magic had done harm. She could hardly breathe and her finned tail felt lame and aching. Struggling her way back to the surface she managed to reach low waters before her world exploded ...

Too hot, too glary, too exhausted to move ... but at least she could breathe again without falling in agony. Despite the piercing headache her mind and senses started to work again. She was lying on a shore in the sun ... so tired ... sleeping ... NO! There was danger, she just had to remember why ... the search for the call ... the alien elf. The elf maiden. She was the danger! Her magic has ... she didn't want to see again what this magic had done.

It had effected her, too. The changes - the gift of her lovemate - were gone. She could breathe, so her lungs were restored, but the tail ...? Taking all her will she managed to turn on the back and sit up, resting on her arms. The effort made her world turn around once more and she closed the eyes. At once visions of her beloved came to mind - feeding the fears what she might see on herself. A sigh of relief slipped her chapped lips when she found a pair of perfectly shaped legs ... and learned that she could move them. And there showed no blood, so it was a good chance that her child was alive and well.

She reached out for a piece of driftwood, long enough to serve as a walking stick, and struggled on her feet. She had to go away from here as fast and far as possible. The last view, the last mind picture had convinced her that nothing could be done at the moment for her beloved healer. His shape was turned into something beyond elfin and his mind twisted. And she was not in the condition to fight anyway.

There was his heritage, little Bluedepth, she had to take care for. At this very moment she felt another move inside. Not the kick of a tiny heel - more like a lash. Something was terribly wrong ...


just to remember (possible sequels - VERY faint possibility):

Shadows - Grab Bag May 2011 ?

Light - Grab Bag June 2011 ?

Circles - Grab bag July 2011 ?


My first try of a micro Embala (in her human like appearance) - heavily based on Nightsea's Starfleet Embala - with just a nice background and in katcomb's EDA T-Shirt.

first tries to make her actually fit in the EQ universe

Embala on various dollmakers - just for fun ;)

click right mouse key to show the following pictures full size

playing with katcomb's Embala and Vojira's Beyond:


Embala's beginings ... and her original family

Embala was created some 40 decades ago when I was a preteen - as a captain from the StarTrek universe (no, she's not Starfleet). The first dollz are as close to her first design as the maker allows - it gives a good impression. The other three are new - it's her possible look when she left the Palace after the crash and early Abodean years ...

Meet Embala's family - the female part. Her mother Atlantis - a human looking alien of mysterious origin and her two triplet sisters, Granada and Grinda.

I've never really envisioned Atlantis besides the long white hair, so these are two possible variations. And the name ... ah well, it was hers 40 years ago.

Her "older" sister Granada is a diplomat, ambassador, emissary. She's more controlled than Embala, more formal and sticking to rules. She uses to pin her hair up some way or the other - or braid it orderly. Her colors are purples and violets with black or silver.
Both dollz do not look "really" right but they give an impression of her style at least. I guess Granada has a well filled wardrobe with uniforms, gala robes and casual wear, including some traditional clothing of her particular job site planet.

The "younger" sister Grinda is on the opposite end of the bandwidth. Less controlled and more adventurous than her sisters she seeks trouble at times. Can be lots of fun, too. ^^ Grinda is a scout and prospector who roams the frontiers of the known universe and explores "white spots" in nebula. Her hairdo is mostly on the "wild and casual" side.
I'm actually very content with her style and color scheme - browns, tans and olive with grey and silvery metal.

All three sisters qualify for starship captain, share the color blue and CAN look identical ^^


The greatest gift of all - Nightsea trying to give Embala a face for the very first time Happy

Thanks so much for the effort you have put into it!

- little cuties ... Embala on vacation?

- This one I love from the very first moment.

Me playing with Nightsea's dollz - color and background edits


Gifts by Nightsea - Thank you for the pretties!

Valentine Gift Happy

click right mouse key to show the following pictures full size


Gifts by katcombs - Thank you for the pretties!

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- tried to edit the "missing" bangs


Gifts by Moonmoss - Thank you for the pretties! Happy

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Hypnotize She's marvellous ... thousand thanks!

click "Embunny" for a SURPRISE!

awesome surprise - Baublemaker Flything!

base: menewsha and silindor and others


Gifts by Icemoon - Thank you for the pretties! Miss you, young friend ...

I Heart this drawing!

So glad I found this little treasure again!

Sadly I cannot find the original size of the first drawing anymore. The respectless edit is mine ;) Just click on the picture for full size.


Gifts by Jeedai - Thank you for the pretties!

- too cute! Luvlove

click right to show full size

This is my wallpaper - LOVE IT! :)


Gifts by Beryl - Thank you for the pretties! Hug


Gifts by cometduster - Thank you for the pretties!

Sweet young Birthday Embala Happy

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These drawings are awesome! Luvlove


Gifts by FireStar - Thank you for the pretties!

click right mouse key to show the following pictures full size

Vampire Embala for Halloween and Fastnacht Embala are FUN!


Gifts by Delhya - Thank you for the pretties!

click right mouse key to show the following pictures full size

Gifts by marinayurk - Thank you for the for the wonderful surprise!

I love my Preserver towel - meet Sweetroot, Cloudwing and Lilacflush :)

I have a bondwolfie now ;) Isnt's Bow a cute little gentledog and dreamer?

click right ouse key to show full size


Gifts by Others - Thank you for the pretties!

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by Cleopatra

Thank you so much for the wonderful drawing! (click right to show full size)

by Crucent

by elfeneyes

by MrsGrizzley *hugs*

by Sailor Silvanesti

- bathing in a rainbow Smile

by Startear

by Tenderfoot

by WolfMoonSky


- just a flashdoll who's look caught my eyes and interest

She has some family background now and a second doll - guess she is officially alive:

Spiritmaker is the child of Recognition of Winnowill and Strongbow, conceived when he was caged in at Blue Mountain. Strongbow does neither remember the Recognition (ask Winnowill how she made him forget) nor knows about his child.

Being afraid that she would be abused and broken as well, Two-Edge has stolen the infant and dropped her at the Go-Back Lodge. Urda nursed and raised this baby coming out of nowhere, calling her Snowfawn. During her childhood and youth Spiritmaker was secretly visited and supplied by her big brother who loves her tenderly. You can imagine that with this parents, Go-Back upbringing and Two-Edge's influence she is not really of nice and trusting nature.

Spiritmaker has a "mental shield" that enables her to hide from magic users like Sunstream and keeps her out of reach of Mommy Dearest's black sending. Disadvantage: healing will not work either (as long as she doesn't REALLY trust the healer).

After Urda's death she became a wanderer on the WoTMs, holding contact with Two-Edge only. Will eventually run into Embala.


click right to show full size


Gifts by others

by Beryl

Thanks so much - she's wonderful Heart

by Chama

Thanks so much for the great surprise.

by Startear

Thanks so much for the cutie Happy

by katcombs

- It's amazing!


Nuriah, the Lightshaper

Nuriah is an ancestor and the resident elder of Beryl's Desert Elves.

click right to show full size


Gifts by others (click right to show full size)

by Beryl

- She's so pretty!

by katcombs

- So precious!

by Moonmoss

- Thanks so much!

by Nightsea

- Awesome surprise!


The amount of what-if children popping up everywhere and a newly found interest in Embala led to another character almost inevitably.

Abyss aka Bluedepth is a son of Embala with Reef, conceived before he was "cursed" by Winnowill. He has submerged healer abilities. When they'll show up one day he might restore himself - growing legs instead of the tentacle-like tail.

- tailed ... - with legs ... and grown


Gifts by others

by Startear (DJIH)

- Thank you so much Heart he's fantastic!

by Nightsea

- Thank you for the wonderful surprise!

by katcombs/Tynami

- Those sprites are amazing!


Meet Ainoa Snowflame

Ainoa is a loner who wanders the Frozen Mountains and white waste. She is OLD, the Trolls and Snow Elves tell of her as long as stories go back. There's rumor she's a daughter or close direct descendant of Timmorn, though she's obviously immortal.

She can turn herself into a white wolfess (not to the degree to breed with wolves). The tribes call her "Spirit of the White Waste" ... especially refering to her her wolf self ... or "Snowflame". She can be white or get red marks to fit the name. I guess her shapeshifting magic works better with fur, so some variant markings can be expected. ^^

... with wolf ears and tail XD

The recipe for Ainoa is rather simple:

+ take pale skin, purple eyes, red-blonde hair - preferably as a braid of some sort

+ put her in several layers of winter duds in hues of white and and/or light gray/blue

+ add some fur or fur trims

+ for perfection: fade hair to a lighter hue at the bottom and give her small fangs

= VoilĂ ! ;)


Gifts by others

by katcombs

- So cute *hugs*

by Nightsea

- Very lovable!

by Moonmoss

- A very elegant take on her! - Fantastic Queen of Diamonds <3




Random characters

by Jeedai

Sea-Tide - microdolled after one of my "real dolls"

- Thank you for the beauty! Happy






Embala of all Tribes - call it a What-If or Might-Be ... how would she look ...

as a starship captain (3x) - among the Coneheads - High One - Firstcomer

Glider (early BM, Chosen, later BM) - Forest Dweller - Rootless one - early Sunfolk

Sunfolk (hunter, festival, Ahnshen's dream) - "the Others" (early pureblooded WR)

Wolfrider (the Hunt (2x), different periods and seasons)

Go-Back (2x) - Wavedancer (4x) ... one of them as Merbala

Human maiden and Wanderer - Troll maiden and miner - Preserver ^^

Please keep in mind:

With right mouse click on the miniature you can make the full sized doll show.


More personal gifts - thank you so much, my friends Hug

by ShadowStep - You have a lovely imagination of myself Heart

by cometduster - My Guardien Angel is so huggable Luvlove

by DroppingDew - You elfyfiied me so pretty! Yay

More gifts from this very young friend:

by Nightsea - Thank you!


I've updated my picture posts - there were many gifts to add! Thank you so much, friends. Happy


A gift for you dear friend Hug

Spiritmaker didnt turn out how i whanted but im happy with Embala


Looked in today - and again my eyes see with joy! I've already told you privately how much I appreciate this wonderful gift, Beryl.

You have chosen perfect colors for Embala - exactly what she - and meWink -) likes. I love the asymetric top design - very carefully worked, too. The hair has a fitting color and the typical straight look. And she has her armband ... all the details together make a great Embala!

Spiritmaker turned out awesome! The strong red and blue of her outfit - well designed and lively shaded. The spider - scary enough - connecting the parts of her outfit with the legs as narrow straps. And the skeptical, reserved pose is so her! Just perfect.

Well ... her hair is too well combed - it's supposed to be a bit messy all the time Wink

Thank you so much for this new, awesome present! I love my two girls Luvlove and their kind, talented maker Heart


I finally managed to update my character thread ...so many gift dollz - funny, cute, beautiful - and awesome art! Thank you so much, dear friends for your help to keep Embala alive. I love Heart all your gifts and the fun they bring on both sides.

Beryl's beautiful handmade dollz of Embala and Spiritmaker. I love especially the "friends couple" - it was such a touching surprise.

Cleopatra's charming Merbala, the mermaid appearance of Embala, captures her delicate look well.

cometduster's great drawing of Embala is a much appreciated treasure. Seeing the sketch was wonderful - but Hypnotize the colored version is awesome!

Rediscovered some older gift dolls and added them as well. The cute tektek angel will be very occupied again this year Wink

FireStar's varient dollz are fun - especially the Halloween and Fastnacht versions. I like her imagination!

Icemoon's beautiful portrait is finally added - still love it to pieces. *is missing you*

Jeedai gave me a whole batch of new micros - showing perfectly different facets of Embala.

And he did more - he's working on Embala's Preserver companion Gemkeeper. The former appearance, before the bug met Embala, is ready. Bow_down Looks fantastic!

katcombs gifted me with a cute little Embala Dragon avatar - thanks for granting this request!

ShadowStep's doll was a double surprise - not my character but how he imagines myself. I love his choice of colors and forms for "me" Luvlove And I would have never expected to get a doll from him. Thank you, young friend!

Startear's Princess Embala is sweet - so carefree and playful.

Last not least there is the dagger TrollHammer has chosen for Embala. It has made it in her character description and should become a trademark like her hairdo and gemstone Thumbs_up

Uhm ... well, I've added a story about Embala, too, with two canon charaters involved. Read on your own risk Tongue - I'm anything but a writer!


This a nice compliment to me and I am sure to all of the others. That you took the time to put this together and add the links showing all of the gifts....You are awesome and very thoughtful person and deserve all of the love everyone brings you....*BIG HUGS*


*blushes* Thank you for the compliment, comet *HUG*


It is well deserved my friend....Smile


It is coming for you.


It is coming.




Wow startear! awesome doll O_O!


WOW Hypnotize ... is this Abyss? He turned out gorgeous! Thank you so much for this unexpectet, wonderful surprise, Startear! *hugs*

It must be Abyss ... it's totally his look ... just the file name that makes me ask ...


Lol, yeah, it is Abyss. Originally I was making a how I doll tutorial with a Marin Kani doll, but after the third, I forgot to save the steps. I found the ones I hadn't used, and decided to take 'em, and make something.

He was fun to make. Grin


Oooooo Startear I like the doll she looks really cool.....Smile


Thanks Comet. He was fun to make :D


What program do you use to have made the detail?


I always use Paint only, unless I'm adding some grass, in which I use photoshop. If I'm not doing grass then I use Paint and then make it transparent in Corel PaintShop. The wand tool in Photoshop tends to destroy my lines.



Don't mind me. *fiddles with codes.


Sorry,aintworking for me either.


I tried too, couldn't see it.


I guess DropDew wanted to post my elfified self Happy I like the flowing fit and color of the gown and the playful hair adornements. It's nice how she combined my hair color with Embala's hair-do.

Jeedai made an awesome Micro variation of Baublemaker Embala - with a sexy bikini shot as a bonus Wink I love the hairdo - perfect in cut, color and shading - and the sparkling effect of her mantle.

The little walking cutie is simply adorable. Luvlove So incredibly detailed - and her hair is flowing when she turns!

Thank you so much for all this, Jeedai - your gifts are highly appreciated, as is your kindness.

Your gifts make me breathless, Moonmoss! First Embala, the magic worker - she's wearing one of your sparkling, delicate moth-fabric gowns. Very different to her usual outfits yet so her! I love that she's creating my festive avatar Heart

Followed by Embunny, busy with making many, many tiny eggs into a Great Egg! Where? ... clicky, clicky Wink She got cute, charming bunny ears and another characteristic dress for this special task. Very fitting - especially with the arm and leg warmers striped in Easterly pastels!

The ideas, these gorgeous dolls ... that's a magical gift! Thank you so much, Moonmoss Bow_down

Excellent choice for the Gemstone Egg - with rainbow moonstone you actually hit one of my favorites! And it suits "Embunny's" colors nicely.

I'd like to use this as an avatar for possibly coming EggQuests.

Thank you for posting the big version of Embala, katcombs - it's always a treat to look at her in this turquoise lacey dress. You got her hair perfectly!

Another Embala Angel for me - thank you very much, Sailor Happy Interesting choice of dark violet instead of black/grey - together with the golden shaded wings it looks warmer. And you gave her armbands with her "special" gemstones ... Well done!

I've added my own Easterly Embala - simply dollmaker with some extra cut'n'paste. She served me well as avatar for the first EggQuest - and was FUN to make.

Last but not least Startear's (DJIH) unexpected take on Abyss - the very first since his design was defined. She captured every characteristic detail - his webbed crown and ears, the spiny golden "mowhawk cut", the luminiscent dots ... and beautiful glowing golden eyes. He turned out gorgeous!


New gifts for you:

bases = http://midorea.com/mad/





WOW! More love for Abyss Yay Thank you so much, Nightsea Luvlove

I see Bluedepth has grown his legs Wink He looks fantastic on the Midorean base - all his characteristics are showing! The webbed headfins, the blueish skin pattern with the luminiscent yellow scales, the sharp teeth and the "bloody" red fingers ... that's so him! You even gave him a fitting necklace - and he likes the trident.

The tektek version is a cutie - making himself looking dangerous with the single fang and pink fingers *pets carefully* I love the golden Mowhawk fin and the glowing scales!

Such a great surprise, Nightsea ... *catches my boy and carries him to his place* ... thank you for the wonderful gifts.


I'm here!


I've finally managed to update Embala's thread - and add posts for my other OCs to the first page.

All the permalinks don't work anymore ... guess I'll delete them on some boring rainy day. The picture links work! Depending on the period it was posted you can either double click on the small thumb nails (previous Scroll) or click with the right mouse key on the small picture (current Scroll) to show the graphic full size.

It was quite some work to gather all my dollz and put them here orderly ... I was BAD behind. But - it was PURE JOY to do it with all the gifts dollz! I loved to take a look at them again, rejoice at the love for my girls and remember old and new dolling friends.



what maker (aside from azaleas in general) was: elfquest.com/social/file/pic/photo/2011/11/Embala-embala-gaga.png?t=4ec422976a3ff
and on the next row of your posted dolls of Embala-what is the one between the centaur and the dino? I want to use those makers but can't find them...can u?
pretty please?-- NS
PS: love the work on this thread.


Thank you, Nightsea. *happy smile*

The makers you've asked for are
Lady Gaga Make-up: http://www.azaleasdolls.com/gaga.html
Velvet Fashion: http://www.azaleasdolls.com/velvet.html
Have fun with them!

Once I had a great Nightsea on the Velet Maker ... then the comp froze before I could save it ... :((

btw: You can resize the newer thumbnails when you click the right mouse key and "open graphic".


Great thanks! The right click option does not actually work on all of them and in every browser/mac/pc ...issues happen, but don't sweat it.



@Nightsea Many thanks for fancy Nuriah! It was a wonderful surprise to find her here. :) I love how you've incorporated the green, Nightsea. The peacock feathers are a pretty addition. Spiffy shoes ^^

It's tricky with the thumbnails, Nightsea. Due to all the forum changes there are two different ways to resize them - depending whether it was added before or after the last switch:

The old thumbnails work simple: go with the curser on the thumbnail - click left mouse key - big picture will open automatically (hosted in the old, hidden EQ.com gallery).

The new thumbnails are coded differently. Go with the cursor on the thumbnail - click right mouse key - a small window will open - look for something like "show photo/graphic" and click it - big picture will open (hosted on photobucket).

I don't know whether therre are browser/mac/pc whatever that will not support those functions ... please give it a try when you want to see the full picture.


Now I know the character behind your name! :D Awesome characters! I love Spiritmaker's parentage... it would be interesting seeing that recognition ;D


@WolfCandy I*m glad you like my Embala ... she accompanies me for more than four decades now, going by many names. She kinda "returned from the spirit pool" for EQ. Thank you for the loving comment, Wolf.

A Recognition between Winnowill and Strongbow would be ... frightening!
There was (still is somewhere) a thread "Weirdest Recognition" ... guess something from there gave me the idea. ;)


That sounds like a fun thread :D


brrrrr Winnowill and Strongbow, must have missed that somehow because I didn't seem to read that part but it send shivers down my spine already ~:(


It's Reef! I love how the story ties in with how he became the Broken One :D hhehe... I would be Reef's lovemate if he offered :> Wonderful story! You should really write more :P


@Night_Tanem Terrifying thought if this would have really happened in EQ ... good to know it's just a random fan creation from a crazy night. *laughs* I like my girl. ^^

@WolfCandy You are right! :) This solution didn't occur to most of the few readers.
I wanted a canon character, not too well known, not much developed. It should be possible to explain some twists, like a mertail and Abyss' weird look. Last not least a reason why they didn't stay together and the relationship stayed unknown ... Reef, the healer and explorer, was a perfect choice.

Considering his probably more important role in the Final Quest he does not fit so well anymore ... let's assume he forgot the time with Embala as an aftermath of Winnowill's body and mind tearing magic. ^^

I'm very happy you liked the story. I think it was a lucky meeting of idea, opportunity and ... a muse flying by. Will not happen again so easily. :)


Embala said: Considering his probably more important role in the Final Quest he does not fit so well anymore ... let's assume he forgot the time with Embala as an aftermath of Winnowill's body and mind tearing magic. ^^

That would make sense... now you need to write a story about him getting dreams about a strange woman, and then the adventure to finding out who she is :D

Embala said: I'm very happy you liked the story. I think it was a lucky meeting of idea, oppotunity and ... a muse flying by. Will not happen again so easily

And this is unfortunate :(


The broken picture links are fixed *once again* and the collections are updated.