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Calling All Bay Area ElfQuest Fans:


The poor economy has taken its toll. Last month I lost my job, so in an effort to make ends meet, I've decided to bite the bullet and attempt to get some $$$ for my collection. I suppose I could try spending countless hours selling individual items online, but that time would probably be better spent submitting job applications. Instead, I'm letting my local comic shop handle the transactions and I'll settle for a cut.

I'm in the process of selling 30 long boxes worth of comics, one of which contained nothing but ElfQuest issues. The collection will be up for sale beginning Friday, April 15th (yup, tax day). The sale runs through Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Money isn't my only incentive to sell. My collection was, to put it mildly, getting out of hand. (The 30 boxes I'm parting with represents only half of it!)

The half I'm selling is going to Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, CA.
The owner, Ryan, plans to blow out much of it at 50¢ an issue (or 50 comics for $20). Some of the items in the collection are being bundled as complete sets and sold for well below cover price. A few of the rarer books may end up on his wall and will be priced accordingly. I haven't received confirmation as to what books will wind up where, but I suspect the majority of the EQ books will either be sold as sets (e.g. the mini-series), and the rest will be sold in the 50¢ bins.

Of course ElfQuest titles aren't the only comics being offered. My collection is an eclectic mix of Mavel/epic, DC/Vertigo and and oodles of indie titles. There are some amazing deals to be had. Autographed books, oddities, and titles that rarely grace back issue bins are all represented.

I retained issues 2 and 3 of EQ Shards, only because I own original artwork from those issues. Also retained was my copy of Fantasy Quarterly #1 (sorry, but I couldn't part with it - too much sentimental value), and that Wave Riders mini-series that couldn't be reprinted due to legal red tape. Oh, and I kept the EQ Starblaze trades, but other than those issues, my EQ collection is now essentially what's available online.

I don't expect to get much for the books, but my reclaimed closet space is invaluable. How well the books sell will determine how much of a cut of the proceeds I'll receive, so please help me sell my books by coming out to Comics Conspiracy's 18th Anniversary Sale. Your patronage is appreciated.

Fade2Black <Trevor>

The shop's official press release:

Comics Conspiracy’s 18th Anniversary Sale!
Posted by Comics Conspiracy on April 4th, 2011 | 0 comments

Eighteen years! Comics Conspiracy is celebrating its 18th year in business by having a gigantic sale for all of our customers! We’re simply overflowing with new back issues and discounted comics from recent collections, come get them at the best price around. You have three days to save: Friday-Sunday, April 15th-17th.

- Thousands of comics for 50-cents each! Buy 50 for $20! This includes a BRAND NEW COLLECTION of books, most have never been available at this price!
- All Back Issues under $10 are just $1.00! All Back Issues $10 or higher are 50% off, including all Comic Sets!
- All Wall Books are 20% off, including all our recent Silver Age collections!
- All Toys are 50% off! All Statues are 20% off!
- All Graphic Novels are 25% off, including all Used Trade Paperbacks!
- All Current Comics are 25% off!* (does not include new comics or books on hold/subscriptions/special orders)

Don’t miss our biggest sale of the year!

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Sunnyvale, CA 94087

(408) 245-6275
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