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Roll Call!


I was inspired by a feed post from a friend. I know we're not the only ones who have created elf personae for ourselves. If you've created a whole tribe (you know who you are!) please, list your tribe's members. But please, pick your favorite or most-used personae to tell a little more about!

I think I'll start.

It's been years since I first created my elfin selves. They've grown, multiplied, died out, and run away since then. And some of them have even left the world of two moons. My ident name is one such. She's nothing more than Elfquest in appearance now. And don't ask me about her. I can't talk about it because she's a chara in my own book. Sorry.

But of the handful I have left, there are two:

Salaan, the Wavedancer

She's a cautious and somewhat sad personality. She loves children and dolphins, and is a born caregiver. She posesses no real magical talent, though she does have a knack for coral carving- carving, not shaping. She's not a fighter and possesses almost no killer instinct.


Sweetbreeze, a Wolfrider

Born Snowmelt for the pale color of her hair and eyes, she briefly took the tribe name Silence after a throat injury left her without a voice. When she discovered an interesting talent to make currents do what she wanted (heretofore unknown among Wolfriders)- in air or water, anything with a flow- her father gave her the name Sweetbreeze. Her wolf-friend is a submissive female named Blueruff, named for the blue-gray band of fur around her neck and ears.