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Red Jacket



There is a familiar Native Tribesman among upstate new Yamsterdamers, who goes by the name of Red Jacket, of the SeNeKa (WOLF) Tribe. This man was an ambassador of publick relations between settlers and his Tribe at the time of Imperial (Amerikan) revoltion. He is known as Red Jacket, for wearing the Jacket of the British, which was an obvious Sign to people of where his Allegience stands with regards to the Revolutionary War.

But there is another Picture about the British "Revolution" in the Colonies, which emerged for I long after my "education". It is the Idea that the events leading to independence of the United Confederate States was inevitable.

That England secretly had allowed people of Amerika to establish itself as the Nation of America. And this unfamiliar picture is needfully rued and hidden from the common man's conception of History.

With that Picture in mind, then this Nationship of America seems more like the Mitosis of Society, splitting into two unique cells that still contain all the encoding of the original. And the Choice made by this Tribesman, Red Jacket, becomes more intriguing. Obviously, for Red Jacket's the Light-Skinned Kin, whom he so obviously STOOD ACAINST, Red Jacket's Choice made him the enemy to the Pilgrim, at least as Pilgrim was then understood.

Red Jacket was of the Geneseo River Valley, and his SeNeCa (WOLF) Tribe had a Creation-Story that placed Adam "the First Man" as spawning from a Great Gorge, to the South and West of "Crooked" Keuka Lake (A Finger Lake). Before America was established as an Independent Democratic Republican Nation, Red Jacket had honored via Recognition only ONE PERSON outside of his Wolf Tribe: the Publick Wniversal Friend.

The Publick Universal Friend, therefore, is an overlooked figure of Amerikan History. She is a woman who was born into the Quaker Society of Friends, in Cumberland, Rhode "Island". 29 November, either 1752 or 1758... The story of her Calling was in 1776, when a Typhoid endemic swept through "new England", Jemima Wilkinson caught the fever. Accounts of the Great Tree of History branch into two theories: She either went into an extreme Trance, or She in fact went cold.

By all TrustedAccounts, the Person of Jemima Wilkinson rose from the Casket at Her Eulogy, and this was the Personality of the (Publick) Universal Friend thereafter. She said to the like of, "if anyone is going to give a Eulogy for this woman, it will be me." She as the Universal Friend did not ever respond to her Birth-Name ever Thereafter, and had a powerful career as a Preacheress (extremely rare for the Time), Pioneer, Prophet, and Universal Public Friend. She colonised and developed the Land of Watkin's Glen. Because of the Legal Status of Women and the Greed of Men in that Age, She was robbed of Her and Her Society's Holdings by General Clinton, who was then Governor of new Amsterdam.

She also colonised Penn Yan, which She calls "Jerusalem", which means "Flame-of-Salah". Peace. In the college-system established in the Finger-Lakes region, you can find many dining halls named Red Jacket, to honor the SeNeCa Tribesman.

I believe that the Personality who inhabited Jemima Wilkinson is the Prophet of Amerika. I say Amerika to refer to the Land, and America to refer to the Society of United ConFederal Districts. There is obviously a reality of Amerika inside of Nature, which SHOULD (even if not "Recognised") remain vestal from its contemplation.

The Story of Red Jacket, unfortunately, may have given the Light-Skins a chance to expose the colour of their NastyBad Character. EVEN THOUGH THE SENECA TRIBE ALIGNED WITH THE BRITISH OF ENGLAND VIA THE CHOICE OF RED JACKET, their neighbour Iroquois Tribe, scituated in oWEgO, along the SushKeHanock River, were genocided women, children and all by Red Generals Clinton and Sullivan. After the Village of Owego had been established, there was a second devastating fire which occurred to Light-Skinned humans.

I am thinking about this History, and I am confident that there is a way to fit the History of the Wolf Tribe into the Source of Inspiration, only theoretic, which may speak to some Reality of Her Work. The fact is, the Native Tradition dictates to a young man to leave the Circle and find your True Name. I found my Soul Name when walking on my Pilgrimage: "Yanclae" was spoken unto me from the Voice of Intuition (the Title I call "our Father"). This Native Amerikan Tradition correlates strongly with "Soul Name" theory, wherein a Wife may Recognise the True Name of her Husband.

I also wonder, if the name of Cutter's tribe, the Wolfriders, is a secret hint. I know the Artistry of Life; there are certain things that the Artist will Paint that is left for the Interpreter to see. In my perception, therefore, I see the Wolfriders, as not riding on Wolves necessarily, but as riding on the Tradition bestowed unto us from the Natives of this Land. This is correlated with Yan's book of Revelations in the Old New Testament, where Jesus is seen riding on a White Horse, which is purely and spiritually symbolic of the "White House", whose front facade looks upon LaFayette Park in Columbia District.

The 3-fingered-ones can also be another clue. The 5 Nations Iroquois Tribes, who gave to Us the foundation of the U.S. Consitution, consider themselves to be "the Third Adam". The Hopi Considers their tribe to be of a more primordial Nature than the people of European-Descent who walk the Land which possesses Us to be the "Fourth Adam".

The Native Tribes could all Prophecy and honoured this Tradition. They knew of the 4th Man's Coming. They know that the Coming of the 5th Man is here now. The 3 fingered ones is secret language for Yanclae, which connects I in the Story of elfquest (I would capitalise the E but it wouldn't be the same as that PHunky 'e' you guys use) to the naivity of the 3rd Man.

I believe in my Journey, I needed to "go back" to the 3rd Man in order to become the 5th. I can claim German or Irish or English heritage, but I agree with Skywise that my heritage is received unto my inner-lodestone. I was born as the 4th Adam, and I became Native, the 3rd before Ascending to the 5th. 435.

The Reconition that Red Jacket had, to side with the British, then, tells me how the fighting of the "American Revolution" was a farce. The Natives incurred a greater toll than either the English Island or Colonies. Furthermore, I believe that the Prophet of Amerika is and was and should be considered a Woman! The old lusts for a New Jerusalem, which possessed the old Kings to launch Crusades were all fulfilled through Her Life.

I felt the need to share this, I know it's not very well written, after reading Shards 10 (8), and I saw "THE DJUN'S MAN, WRATHFUL AS HIS MASTER WOULD BE" declare <"TOO FAR!" THOSE SHIVERING SWINE?!> <NO! SOMEONE'S LEADING THEM!> <AND HOW HE SHALL PAY WHEN WE CATCH HIM!> And that <HIM!> is Shuna, page 12 (eight and two), who rides a Rowan Steed. The male-figure, who convinced his fellows to join the rebellion, wears a Green Shawl and Long Hair, with a Chin-Beard. He might therefore be considered a Woman by the DJUN'S MAN's logic.

I love you: Richard and Wendy, this is exactly the kind of message I needed to read in order to feel Confident in Proclaiming my INNER MOTHER! I AM YOUR MOTHER TIM! Haha, that feels good to write. But seriously, Martin Luther

King Junior told me that I shoud try to Recognise based on the Colour of a Man's character. I looked and saw that the colour of MY Character was that of a Wombman, so there! I also have a dear brother to me named Alex who is most certainly BLACK even though he has light tone skin.

If you have read all the way to the bottom of this message, Thanks for Listening! I hope you have learned something.

By the way, Keuka Lake is the only finger lake to be shaped like a 'y' and it kind of resembles the criss-crossed fingers that Shuna Signed for the Rebellion. She (the Universal Public Friend) really is the Prophet of Amerika; I assure you. Further, She has awakened as the Planetary Mother on 1 July '11.