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New thoughts/suggestions...


There have been a few things on my mind lately that I thought might help help me.

First, it would be nice if there was an notifications box we could personalize to include specific items. For example, a spam thread such as the Tree and Lobster, or group threads.

Also it would b nice to have an easier way to get to groups. Its three page loadings to get to the list of threads in a group from the dashboard.

A button for subscribed threads on the dashboard. I finally found the one on the forums but it would save time.

A cookie that will disable the mobile side. I cant even guess at the number of lost posts, misplaced threads, and whatnot that I have been frustrated with because something on the mobile side times out and returns to that notifications list with all the 'so and so joined the community'. it seems to be random on thr timeout too. I dont need that page anyway, if it could he permanently bypassed as a user setting it would be great.

The ability for a group admin to send a notification/PM/new thread notification to group members. The groups are so slow at times a member or admin can add a thread and it wont be seen for weeks or months.

Perhaps an app for smart phones. Im considering doing one myself to learn how to program in android, but I havent ever used a social network app before, so others woupd have to chime in on what they want to see in such an app (features).

Complaints: the comic viewer can not be used via a phone (at least a captivate running froyo 2.2). As this was one of the reasons I got a smart phone (to view DEQ), its been disappointing.


(Speaking of phones I just got mixed up on the previous post and have to repost)

Last complaints: many of the pop up boxes do not work through a phone. The ones for the text entry fields on the torum (add link, add photo) work sometimes, but the pop ups for adding a friend completely fail. The pop up window is not a real window, and it appears off to the side, off screen sometimes, and has unusable links in it instead of whatever options are supposed to be there.

Also, from a phone, most of the tabbed fields (group invite friends list for example, and some dashboard options) do not do anything.

It may be my phone, but I hav to refresh my screen everytime I post anything, and then sometimes it wont completely post. I have totten used to fopying an entry before posting simply because I figure there will be trouble.

In a way it would be nice if the update list was a little easier to use. I have hit 'hide' many time while trying to view. Also, it would be great if 'view' actually went to the new entry, instead of the beginning of the thread. This seems to be a common problem. There are a couple times it works right but most often not.