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Twin Peaks Holt


Doing this for a friend:

Hello together.

Let me tell you about a holt I founded 2008 together with Linda who you might also know under the name Queststar. Twin Peaks Holt is a Elf Quest inspired Roleplay holt on Forum base. It’s a enclosed tribe (so no wanders) and we also run little Art Trades (which are not obligated) and share alltogther Art and stories. The main Focus of course is on the role-play itself.

Check out the Forum here: www.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks/index.php]clickie!

Admins are : Windschatten, Flowerstar (Beth)
Founders: Linda, Windschatten

The Setting:
Twine Peaks Holt takes place in a more harsh surrounding. The Twin Peaks Mountains: where it barely get’s warm over the summer and in the winter the elves hide closed in in their cave to survive the hard winters that otherwise would kill them.
Down in the Valley a little human tribe has their village. The deep dark wood separates the elves from the human village. Ate’s tribe worships the elves as the spirits of the mountain.

More Information http://www.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=78

The Tribe:

The Elves

The elves of Twin Peaks are immortal, but they have a strong bound to the local snow leopards. Unlike Wolfriders through they can’t sent to them or do ride them. They are independent hunting companions.
Wildgrace is the inherited leader of the tribe, since a few centuries, who has on her side her trustworthy chosen advisor Snowbird.
The elves of Twin Peaks have a friendly relationship toward Ate’s tribe which worships them as the Spirits of the mountains. Twice a year, usually before and after the elves close themselves in Wildgrace and Snowbird go to exchange goods with the humans.

The tribe lives in a huge cave system and mainly lives from the hunt and what the mountains offer. Yet without the offerings of Ate’s Tribe they probably wouldn’t live as comfortable as they do.

Ate’s Tribe

Ate’s tribe lives in the vally of Twin Peak’s mountain. They are a peaceful tribe which farms, hunts and herds. They worship the Spirit’s of the Mountains or Snow cats. Their chief, Ate is supported by their muscle: Mato, the Huntleader and Iktomi the shaman.

For more Informations gowww.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=78

The Story:

The live in the mountains had been peaceful, until in the last winter a group of other humans arrived. The new humans turned the live of Ate’s tribe upside down. The others under the lead of their Monarch Adrian soon overrun the little village with their own believes and, ideas.
The life for Ate’s People now are shaken by fear and intimidated by the mere force of Adrian’s men.

Wildgrace who always had a soft spot for Ate’s tribe would love to help, but the safety of her own tribe comes first. Through, currently The Others pose more and more of a threat for the live of the elves as well.

Adrian wants to dig through the mountains for the metal and minerals. It’s only a matter of time, until they will find the elves. Not only is their image as spirits in danger but The Others are a brute force and their kid leader cold as ice.

By and by the elves prepare for a big clash and that the live as they know it will change.


If you are interested to get to know these elves and their world, please visit the forum and contact either Windschatten or Flowerstar!


Well it was drop out time again :/

SO we have a few elves who are looking for a home again.

[/url] Blueberry- Age: 429 Position: Brewer, gatherer Sister to Rainshy Adopted Mother: Snowbird -

Outgoing, flirtatious, hates the cold. Secretly realous of Snowbird who has a lifemate who adores her, but who sometimes doesn't seem to notice so. She would love to have a relationship like that one, but as of yet hasn't shown any interest in the available males. Loves to have an occasional furmate and is willing to bribe those with drinks. Loves pretty things, accessoires and jewelry.
She is almost obsessed by her work. She'd do anything to get to new fruits and berries, in order to experiment making new wines. Blueberry is very proud of her abilities and knows that she is good in what she does, but would never brag about it. She knows she's not the only brewer, and she also knows that Melody is equally good.
She has a mischievous streak that sometimes comes out, when she wants to try and uncover secrets. Her method? Feed them wine until they talk!
For more see:www.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=216

[/url]Flintstiker Age:790 Position:Hunter, tracker - lifemate to Jewel, father to Melody and an yet unborn baby of Newshine -
Flintstriker’s name is apt; he strikes sparks wherever he goes. Proud, traditional in outlook, and hot-tempered, Flintstriker is unafraid to speak his mind about anything. While he can be tactful with friends and family (and that’s not always a sure thing), when angered Flintstriker will say whatever he thinks, no matter how harsh or unkind. A good thing for him that he hates to be in the wrong, or his tribemates might never get an apology out of him.

Flintstriker loves the hunt, and he’s justly proud of his skills; he’s a disciplined hunter, and he holds himself and his hunt-mates to a high standard. As a tribemate, he’s responsible and hard-working; as a friend, loyal yet forthright. In his free time, Flintstriker prefers the company of his lifemate, Jewel, their daughter Melody, and a few close friends; he also plays the flute, and enjoys hearing Melody sing.

Flintstriker is hopelessly, passionately devoted to Jewel; while he’s shared furs with her and Moth on occasion (to the point where Jewel has wondered if Softfur, Moth’s daughter, is also Flintstriker’s child), he has little interest in joining elsewhere. Jewel’s furmates bother him a little, but he knows it’s not personal—he keeps reminding himself that his lifemate’s drive is a little stronger than his. He’s a doting father to Melody--he loves her cooking and her singing, if not her habit of rising early.

Good with children and youngsters, Flintstriker has no patience with adults who act like children. Nor does he suffer fools at all. He’s notorious for finding new ways to insult his enemies, his creative command of elfin profanity, and his hatred of purple clothing. Nor is he the forgiving sort; Flintstriker will cheerfully hold a grudge until it dies of old age.

Currently he has a straing relationship to his lifemate and Newshine. He wants to be a part of his unborn's cun life badly but there has been a lot that lead up to this cub.

More about him is to find here: http://www.frozenleaves.com/twinpeaks/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=191


Things like clothes, hairdo and minor things can be adjusted to the players comfort level ^^
If you are interested contact me please Smile