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Recent site wipe/other bug (pictures)


I already sent a PM about posts and activity getting wiped/reset from the last day or two, but I also just noticed another issue.

I just tried to upload an image to an existing album. The image will not show. There is a "red X" placeholder, but no image at any resolution. I tried twice in two different formats (png and jpg, both converted from a .bmp, as usual) and neither one will display. I don't know if it is related or not.

Just for kicks, I just checked on what the most recent image was that was uploaded (as far as I can see). Both personal and other's public: march 1. Somewhere around March 3 to March 6 (midnight?) is the period missing for posts. It appears as though it was a reset, because I got old notifications of posts I'd already replied to or read (though the replies were wiped)

Just more FYI.


Just got this:

My message for Richard:

Hello Richard,

we noticed that the site has lost two days between yesterday evening and the late night. Posts, chat and everything was back at March 4, 2012 2:00 am more or less. Like the site was "eating itself".

Do we have to worry that this will happen again?

Besides this- the "never log out" glitch is back for about a week (?) now. Gets irritating in the chat and seems to slow down it.

Richard's answer:
Hello - over the last few days I have moved the EQ site (and Masque too) to a new server. So nothing is wrong, it has just been subject to outages for a couple of days. I still don't know about the "never log out" problem but I will keep looking at it.

I've sent Richard an information about the picture upload problem in a second pm.

The uploading problem in the gallery is one of the "hickups" - Richard hopes it will be solved soon.


I got a similar PM, which makes a little more sense now. I will say this: for all the site's ups and downs, Richard is actually taking really good care of us. Changing servers, hosting our zany posts and diverse fan art and stories, providing gigabytes of free comics online... And all this without a single advertizement or cost to us.

Seems like we should organize a "site admin appriciation day" and all PM RP (or otherwise post our appriciation) for his hard work.




Wow. the site seems a lot faster now!


I think some of the bugs got fixed too! I used to have to hit refresh on my phone to get a post or shoutout to redisplay right, but it does it correctly now! Great job elfpop!


I don't realize signifant differencies. But it's great that it's running smoother for you - and possibly other people who rely on phone!