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groweing as a young child in cleveland hghts, I remember watching the football contests broadcast. my family was at house 928 roanoke road and I was used asking father, "if I should pray for interceptions, it will happen?" (sure);, so we watched this way with our gimmicks and shortcomings, and a trifle of harsh resentments when the play call form the referee watchers did not bode for OUR team.

I remember eric metcalf #21, bernard "bernie"kosar #19 and the rook kevin mack . the eighties, and trhe second franchise for play in clevbeland stadium. coach marty s. the one who coaches the "chiefs" and the "chargers". in addition. but how the second cleveland moved int baltimore

being there in the house, watching the contests in '87 & '88 with broncos mr. Johnathan Elway #7 arrive in town and Jeremia make brilliant saves, in the AFC champion man was that so incredible I remember most if not the whole city populace was making things seem appering as a curse.. the "cures of cleveland" was the term I think.

there were mascots: the "dawg" pound on one end like dogs with waving "growl towels", the fans waved them in circling form. but an "brownie the elf" who tucked thee gamepiece in his arm and smiled as a frog may appear smiling.

I remember those eighties, ands I stood in the stands they last game it was when phildelphia eagls came and scored 28 points and the browns none.



In the "Holts" section? Whatever you try to tell us, Yanclae - it seems rather displaced.