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How do you make a banner?


How do you make a banner?

.. thanks!


What do you mean with 'how do you make a banner?' ?

Do you mean what is best suited for such a picture?

or How do you implement a banner into the signature


Up there, on the right: "Profile" : "Edit Profile", in the "Forum Signature:" frame, type:

<img src="
followed with the url address of a picture, from here or from an outer source; maximum size: 500x100 pixels

Have a look here for more effects (see my banner and click on it and you'll get what I mean..)


Thanks for explaining how to include a banner into the signature, PC Smile You were faster than me and more exact, it seems.

Do you know whether it must be this kind of coding? Or does the "normal" IMG-address of the pictures works as well?

Just in case you've actually meant "How to MAKE a banner":

In case you don't have a picture editing program of some sort - hunt a fitting photo, resize it as well as possible. Load it up on a picture sharing site (The EQ.com Gallery seems to be the most unpractical choice for this purpose :/).

In case you have some sort of picture editing program, you can recombine different pictures and add items.

Here's something to test the banner sig for you Wink


Wow! Thanks Embala! Did you make that just now? It's great!

An PC, thanks for answering my question! That was spot on.
Yes, Watershaper. I did mean how to incorporate it into the sig- not how to make it.

(I am sooo so liking the banner Embala made! It wasn't my initial intention, but I may use it. It's gorgeous!)


It's just a little finger practice, lunakat. Smile Glad you like it.