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Roleplay Silliness


First of all, you'll have to excuse the stumbling. I've really only ease-dropped like a creeper on the forum here before, and I wasn't even sure if this was the right place to put this. Anywho, you can call me Krepta. *waggles fingers* And I've crawled out from my lurker hole because a friend of mine provoked a rather interesting and silly roleplay idea in me that I've been interested to try. Unfortunately, said friend is only starting to get into Elfquest as of a few days ago.

So I've come here to propose a crack-roleplay of epic proportions! I apologize in advance for any crazy-silliness that may follow. The link below is the subject of said silliness. She is not an Elfquest character. In fact, she's pretty far from it. She is, however, a world-hopper, if purely by accident. I have every intention of throwing this poor lass into a metaphorical nest of hornets.

Anywho, if anyone happens to be interested, plots can be figured out depending on individual tastes. Any additional information that may be needed should be able to be found on the site, though if it's not, I'm happy to supply it.

Ahem. Yes, well, anyhow, if you're interested in any way, shape or for, please PM me. That is all.

*goes back to her lurker hole to lurk*


Hi Krepta, I would love to know more about this game, I have been without gaming for to long, and miss it. Please send me more info, thank you.