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Intriguing Ingen


No thread on this character that I have been able to find, and so many questions! What happened to him? He is introduced, along with his lifemate Jarrah, as Rayek's parents in Hidden Years #9
Before and after that, as far as I have been able to tell, they are never seen or spoken about again. Rayek does not say goodbye to them when leaving Sorrow's end, gives them no thought during the events of Kings of the Broken wheel, does not mention them when recounting his life story in the last issue of Rogue's Curse. It is as if as far as he is concerned, they do not exist. Oddly enough, he seems extremely happy to accept Ekuar as as replacement father. He seems quite desperate for a family, in fact.

So, is Ingen still in Sorrow's end quietly tending his gardens with Jarrah, or did they both die early on in some kind of traumatic way? Did I miss anything? Any thoughts?


Good questions, Elwing and not so far from my own thoughts about him. Smile

In fact I've opened a thread for Ingen two years ago (for practical necessities, I confess) ... which never got any response. You seem to be REALLY interested in this guy so it seems fair to delete my thread. You don't mind when I bring my first post here, do you?

Ingen - only a "dirt digger"?

Ingen, the father of Rayek, is a common Sun Village peasant - focussed on his garden and content with what he harvested.


Father and son seem to share not only their color scheme but a certain temper and attitude as well. I wonder whether Ingen could have become a hunter, when there would have been need while he was young and flexible enough to learn new ways.

Easter EggQuest 2013 found


Oh sorry Embala! I searched but I did not find your thread...But yeah, it's a bit odd. When you get a character as extreme and problematic as Rayek, you have to ask the question of what happened to him to make him that way. I mean, I love the guy, but he has a few issues! He seems extremely possessive, desperate for a worthy mate, and he blows up like a volcano when denied the chance of fatherhood.
One option is that he considered his non-magical parents below him, there was some kind of falling out, and he decided never to speak to them again. As proud as Rayek is, I don't think he is that cold.
The other option is that they died, in a way so horrible that he does not even want to think about it. That would probably explain him a bit more...


Wow, good observation about the shared color scheme for their clothing. Sometimes you miss the most obvious things and it takes someone to point it out! ;-)


I fancy that they died of an illness, just so that Rayek's interest in Leetah can become just that little bit darker.