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Better search results


Search engines have finally started indexing the new forums, so I've switched the search box to fetch Google results. They're already much better than the crummy built-in search system offers.

With the caveat that the indexing is far from done, give it a whirl! Results should improve quickly in the coming days and weeks, as Google updates its records.


P.S. it'll soon be integrated better into the forums too, instead of jumping to Google itself.




Hmm... I don't get it how Google seach will bring better search results. I've tried to get some experiance with it. Simple task to myself: Find a certain character thread.

First - I get very few links - and the one I look for is not included most of the time . I figure that's what will improve after Google updates its records, @Rob. So I got

- a perfect result for Bowki ...few links with the wished one on top

- next to nothing for Savah ... should be flattered to find my own collages thread XD
Keeps a secret to me how far the linked PAGE is connected to Savah, tho

- puzzling result for Moonshade ... seemingly 10 pages of links ... and when I click at page 2 search changes and pretends to find only one page - and not the link in question

Even when Google will fill in all the links sooner or LATER ... doesn't this mean there will be a truckload of results? Every single post. And there is some "priority" in the Google search - those "best results" mean "most recent" or "most looked for", do they? In worst case personalized and customized to my OWN previous searches.
The point is - usually I don't need to google what happened the day before yesterday or what's the hot topic for the last months or threads where I am around anyway.

Usually it's a certain thread in a certain category I try to find ... or certain thread / thread post of an author/member.
Often it's about something old enough that I don't remember the WHERE and WHEN neither the accurate title. The old specialized search "within categories" and for "threads only" or for "author" was the only successful way I can remeber.

I'd be overhappy for any helpful input to adept to the new ways.

btw: I've used the character threads for test because 1. I've reason to look them up in nearest future and 2. because it was the easiest way to controll my results.


The results are already much better than the completely useless results given by the built-in search. Hopefully they'll get better soon, too. Google returns the truckload, but it's good at figuring out which ones to put at the top.

That said, there are always certain results that "should" happen, which simply aren't appearing at all.

For example, search for Savah, it should show Savah's bio and character thread, no question, right at the top.

My feeling is that no matter how good Google-powered search is (or how good the forum's own terrible search could be made), we'll want to always make sure that character bios, stories, etc., all show up first, no matter what.


I'll cross fingers and try. :)


Just in the last few hours, the results got much better. For example, the two crummy results for "savah" it offered yesterday now number in the hundreds, with some good-looking threads and the official bio at the top.


*toitoitoi* for more progress :D