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HoltQuest- A Google Hangouts Elfquest Table Top Game!


I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in doing a Google Hangouts game with ( usingFate Core as the RPG System- yeah narritive goodness!)
( Also Fate Core as A system is Pay What you Want, so its FREE even, but its seriously worth the money).

Basically I figure perhaps instead of running an online Holt, via a forum (great for somethings), but sometimes you just wanna come together like gobacks around a fire, and like wolfriders- tell some good stories in locksend.

What Better way to do it?

Google Hangouts!

So I am here to see if anyone's interested , if so here's a list of the things you'll need:

1) Microphone-Headset- (Or just a computer Mic)- For Communication .
2) Google+ / Gmail: Google
3) A Few Hours of your Time, Probably on a Saturday or a Sunday- afternoon, but once I get group consensus we can decicde.
4) Fate Core & Fate Core Toolkit : Acquirable here

5) Read Fate Core - So its an RPG Book, it gives rules, but the great thing about Fate Core is that The Rules are Guidelines not absolutes.

6) If you're this has your attention or you're plain interested:

Gmail Address, & Time Zone, The things you'd like to see in a game? ( What Tribes analouges, bond animals, what kind of Stories do you want to tell?)

The Best thing is that all the players have some level of Narravtive Control.

I have a plan for a few start-up Sessions so we can enjoy getting to know each other, and I can make notes, and we can run through the setting creation.

If anyone is Familiar with Tabletop Games here are some the things that Fate Core does differently:

No 'stats', but there are ASPECTS.

To use an example from Elfquest:

Cutter's 'High Aspect' (i.e concept) could be easily some up as" WolfRider-Blood of Ten Chiefs" and another is "Kinseeker"
Leetah: " SunFolk Healer", "Light in the Darkness"

The List of things that are aspects can go on and on, even Bond animals could.

Places can have Aspects:

Go Back Lodge: "Protection from the Cold & Trolls" , "Home to the Snow Elves", "Blazing Fire Pit"

Situations can have aspects:
The Wolfrider's Following Vol & cutter, and ending up in the Mountains near the palace: " Snow Storm", "Unfamiliar Territory" "SURPISE ATTACK"-- All those aspects, and can be changed out.

Characters can grow and change, and frankly I figured perhaps having a 'rotating' cast of character, might be interesting. A little bit faster paced than a Forum game, but it might give us all something to consider.

So anyone up for it? Feel Free to drop me a PM, if you're interested, but don't want information public.


I'm interested but have never done anything like this before.


Its ok if you have never done anything like this before. It's why I said I'd have several sessions, so we could all get used to things. Hey its my first time running something. So We'll all learn together!


Count me in- my schedule is a little wonky right now because I have a looming publication deadline, and I'm running a Fate game m'self, but I'll do what I can :)


Well once I get more people, which could help us pick a time and day.


Great idea. Tell me if there's anything we can do with the forums or at EQ.com to help promote it.


At this point, I am just looking for people who are interested in playing...


Still looking for Players!


On a related note, we are seriously toying with the idea of developing a new ElfQuest RPG once we have the EQ card game launched (which should be VERY soon).

Since RPGs cater to such a specific audience, we would like to find some way to gauge the interest among EQ fans before we devote too much effort to it.

In the mean time, I think the FATE system makes a nice adaptation for a pick-up EQ game. I will be keeping tabs on what you all come up with.


StarShine said: Still looking for Players!

How many do we need?


Not many it's my first time actually running a game, so if I only get 1 I could live, and it'll be a one on one game.

But 2-3 would be 'ok' too..

But a new Elfquest RPG in the 'vein' of Fate core would actually be wonderful ( the 'old Chaosium game -- doesn't FEEL like Elfquest.. its all.. numbery and... in elegant-- I mean you can FAIL to Send- its one thing to be out of range, or under duress... and 'fail', but its another to just roll the die and 'fail'. (unless you're like a Go Back and don't send often or something.


Still hunting for Players!