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Goodbye Robin Williams


Comedic great Robin Williams was found dead in his home earlier today. The actor-comedian was a young 63. News reports state his wife found him unresponsive and called 911. It has also been noted he was having issues with depression of late.

Robin Williams is one the best comedians and an absolute genius with comedy. He will greatly missed.


And according to my news sources; the preliminary investigation shows suicide, however, this can change as yes, he was suffering from depression and money troubles of late, but nothing to drive him this extreme.

A sad day for the world. May he rest in peace


I'm absolutely devastated by this. Depression, and addiction, the great liars, have claimed another victim.
A genius actor, with a very wide range and an immense body of work. I'm old enough to have enjoyed him in Mork and Mindy...


Heartbroken. Took the time to post a lot about depression and addiction on Facebook yesterday, and remind people that so many, including myself, suffer from mental illness. But yeah, just devastated.

Working on a drawing of him. Might share it here when I'm done.


I... I don't have great words. He must have been very sad and desperate. :((

Rest in peace, Robin Williams.


People often recognize him for his comedy, but he was a genius in many other aspects as well. He was just a truly good person all around and it is so sad everything he has went through :(

Literally the day before he died, one of his movies was on TV and I was half paying attention to it while working.

I was watching Good Morning Vietnam today and very soon into the movie one of the lines said to Adrian was similar to "might as well commit suicide", and then later Robin Williams says "hang me with a rope". It was awful :(( And then, of course, at the end of the movie he is flying into the sky =((


robin_williams drawing

My tribute to Robin Williams. Colored to make it look like he's coming out of your Tumblr feed. I have mixed feelings about it, but I'm glad I did it.


I love your tribute, Tam. I'm glad you shared it.


Thank you <3


Wonderful tribute. I like it.


Thanks <3