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Hello EQ fans and more!


I love that this place still exists. I tried to come back a year or so ago but could not remember my password. I'm not sure how I just remembered it today but it has been fun going through my posts from 2006 and earlier! I sure was an excited high school and college student that did not like to proofread my posts. I still don't like to proofread my posts. ;)

I hope everyone is well! I love having new EQ to read every other month. I cheat and only buy the digital copies for now. I feel like there's a big gap where I've missed a few stories, but I'm not sure how. Maybe that gap is just in my memory. I've spent the day rereading old comics and eating cereal. Who needs football to have fun on a Sunday?

Oooh and the EQ emoticons are seriously my favorite thing ever about these new boards.

PS, I hope no one hates me for finding super old threads and commenting in them. Because it just may be happening. ;)


Welcome back, ElfEmber! :)

I'm always VERY happy when old members find their way back. Great to see familiar faces again.
According to super old threads revived ... GO.FOR.IT.!

In case you detect the "gap" ... don't hesitate to ask. Maybe someone can help.

P.S.: I'm not very successful proofreading my posts. ^^