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I am looking for the 5 EQ-novels


Hello, I live in the Netherlands and i am looking for the Novels of Elfquest.

The Blood of Ten Chiefs

Wolfsong - The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 2

Winds of Change - The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 3

Against the Wind - The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 4

Dark Hours - The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 5

If you know a place where it is published online or maybe as an e-book? I would be grateful!


Ebay's your best bet. They haven't been published online or as e-books (at least not legally)...perhaps something to contact Dark Horse about?


Thank you, i searched ebay, only the shipping costs are too high for me.... :((
But, some day i will have them, lol.


Try abebooks.com.


Thank you!


Hi Eyeshigh,
I'm from the Netherlands, too, and recently bought my set of novels by Amazon.com (as a birthday gift, as the shipping costs are indeed very high). However, I truly can recommend you to buy the novels when you ever can and/or will afford it. They give a whole new perspective to things as Recognition and the early years of the Wolfriders on WoTM.
IF you ever buy by Amazon from someone foreign, please note: At receiving the package you have to pay €15 extra tax. That is, for things valued above €22 (see http://www.postnl.nl/ontvangen/pakket-ontvangen/pakket-uit-het-buitenland/bijkomende-kosten-bij-het-importeren-van-goederen-uit-het-buitenland/). Amazon doesn't mention this clearly, and it's not fun to discover this by suprise. It made me pay alltogether more to shipping and taxes than for the books themselves :/ The alternative was not to accept the package, and that's no alternative :)
Good luck!


Thx for they advice!
I am trying to see if my comic-store can help me. Maybe even save some of the costs, since they told me they sometimes buy used books or even new ones.

Do you have new or used copies?

I hope i will get them some day.....soon, lol.


I've got used copies, prints from 1986/1987. As far as I know, there are no 'new' reprints, only 2nd hand.


I have used ones ... was MUCH to late in the fandom to get them fresh from the press.

For many years I didn't even know whether there will be a sequal each time my most recent copy of the Original Quest (German translation) - less that there is MUCH more!


Does any one have experience with the site euro-boek? I see a lott of used novels there, but i am hesitating to order it.... I have no credit card or pay-pal or other things like that...


I live in the Netherlands as well. What I often do is order via Amazon.de, the german version of Amazon. They deliver english books to the Netherlands for free! Other geman retailers listed at Amazon.de are asking shipping costs, but they are less than from the US.

You can pay via PayPal, as every banking account in the Netherlands is connected to Maestro. Every Meastro account can be registrated at PayPal. They will first check your account by deducing 1 cent directly from it. (automatisch incasso)

Also, Ebay.de offers a lot of options.

Good luck!

If you have questions, you can ask for assistance through a personal message. I'm glad to help you.


I think I have the first one somewhere...


Thx! Maybe I can give myself a christmasgift, ;)


You never guess what I got from my neighbour this morning!!
All five novels!!!!

@Sherna, had send them to me! I am so blessed to have met you. We had send some pm's back and forth and she said she'd send me one.... this is really the best x-mas-gift in years!!
Thank you so much!!!


Awesome gift! Awesome packmate! Merry Christmas!


Great! Enjoy the reading! (especially with this kind of weather..)


how great! enjoy


Thank you!! I will!