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On a personal quest to find Rogue's Curse Hardcover Import Book


If anyone has this book in Hardcover format, I am will to pay top dollar as well as shipping for the item. Please get a hold of me a.s.a.p.


I'm afraid I can't help you Cunnowill, but if there's any place where you can find it, this is it. Good luck!


There was a hard cover of Rogue's Curse?
I only remember a HC of Rogue's Challenge. Which is basically the HY parts that deal with Rayek's youth and the brawl with for Cutter.


Yes, Rogue's Challenge was only ever published in hardcover. Rogue's Curse was only ever published in softcover. @Cunnowill, have you tried the Wolfrider Shop? Otherwise eBay is or Amazon is probably your best bet.

Here's more info--with links to purchase--these books that I shared in another thread:

Thornbrake said: There are two different books dealing with Rayek. They use the same cover art and have similar titles, so there is often confusion.

Rogue's Challenge is a graphic novel that collects issues #6 through #9.5 of the Hidden Years series with bridging art between the individual comic issues. It tells Rayek's backstory and the events immediately after Kings of the Broken Wheel. It was published in hardcover and is out of print. The story and bridging art was published in volume 14 of the DC manga editions.
Rogues Challenge Cover

Rogue's Curse is a graphic novel that collects the serialized story of the same name from the EQ Vol. 2 anthology series. It was published in softcover as part of the EQ Reader's Collection. It tells the story of Rayek as the jailkeeper to Winnowill's spirit after Shards. It is also out of print but is available in the EQ digital comics section.
Rogues Curse Cover


It's really very confusing...


It is an import with a few color pages in it. I guess I will never find it.


Cunnowill said: It is an import with a few color pages in it. I guess I will never find it.

Where do you live? Imported from where? The two books above are what was published by Warp and Richard here in the U.S. Rogue's Challenge is in full color and Rogue's Challenge is in black and white. It's possible that a foreign publisher presented these in a different format.


It's on eBay....



You can find the full color hardback on Amazon as well, but I've never heard of an edition with only partial color.