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Goodbye Mr. Spock


Leonard Nimoy passed away at his home today. Mr. Nimoy played the iconic character Mr. Spock from the first unaired pilot for the series Star Trek, Next Generation, and the movie franchise, included the rebooted Star Trek film by JJ Abrams. Although many would think he was type-casted as a character, he actually was very busy testing the waters in different genres of acting. From Broadway to directing, and believe it or not an actual album. So as Mr. Spock would say "Live long and Prosper," it should now probably be you "Lived long and Prospered." Or better yet we'll catch your star somewhere in the galaxy.
Mr. Nimoy will be greatly missed as well as Mr. Spock.


You found wonderful words in remembrance of a great man. Live long and prosper, Mr. Spock. Safe journey, Leonard Nimoy.

"He's not really dead as long as we remember him." -- Bones


RIP Leonard Nimoy! You were iconic. May the undiscovered country welcome you!


To me he was my first idol. I had been a follower of Star Trek since its first broadcast in Germany when I was 9 years old. I could relate to him - I was socially awkward, loved science and reading and did not understand how the 'human mind' worked.

I still remember vividly replaying Star Trek episodes with my youngest cousin, who is barely one year older than I. As we both were fans of Spock, there was always a competition about who was the more convincing one.
We used to wear light blue pullovers and cut out pointy shapes from cardboard and sticking those behind our ears to show our Vulcan heritage...
We kept losing the 'ears' when running around the gardens and woods, but that did not stop us from feeling very alien.

I only missed two episodes when I was on holiday with my parents and we had no access to TV for two weeks. I hated that holiday!

If only RIP would mean 'return if possible'...