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August Monthly Theme 2006: Dog Days of Summer


Everyone take note: We have now had one year's worth of Monthly Theme threads!

So this one starts a new year! :D

Anywyay, the theme most voted for, for this month, is: "Dog Days of Summer." This would be the days in the summer that are the hottest, most humid, etc.

So, draw the elves cooling off from the heat. Or draw a moment in the desert, on their way to Sorrow's End. Or something else.

I know the elves are less affected by temperature than we humans, but write a story where extreme heat affects the plot in some way. Maybe tempers get short?

Or we could help Leanan out with the EQ forum movie, and write a scene about us-as-actors trying to do a scene when it's too hot to move, let alone act. . .

Let's see what we come up with!


[color=indigo:a861a980e9]**claps hands** yeah..i think my muse is working over time! cuz i got two ideas swirling in my head now :twisted: [/color:a861a980e9]


Well then Im screwed, cos aside freom several birthdays, August is to me cold dark dreary,rainy,stormy and of course windy!
But soon it will be spring, and in the heat of December, it will be christmas!
For now, happy invisible christmas to us all.


[color=violet:6726f34a1a]Alright, this was Supposed to be about krim adjusting to a new life in the Summer. But it ended up being about Krim adjusting to a new life, just not the way I originally intended. I hope you like![/color:6726f34a1a]

[color=Indigo:6726f34a1a][size=24:6726f34a1a]The Spring[/size:6726f34a1a]

Krim rolled over in her furs. Feeling for her leathers she tried to put them on. “Dung,” she said. “what is with this weather,” she cursed at Skot who was rubbing sleep from his eyes.

Skot yawned. “whasa matter,” he questioned. “are you still such a fawn that you cant handle the heat,” he asked teasingly.

Krim threw her leathers at him. “Fine, you wear them. Still lined with fur while the sun is beating down. How is it possible to live in this cursed heat,” she fumed as she grabbed at him, pinning him down. “and if I remember correctly, you were just complaining last morning about the heat too,” she said reaching for her leathers and pulling them on. Quickly she crawled out of their new den and the scent of the forest filled her. It was a new experience for her. Growing up in the frozen mountains, all year long was White Cold. To experience another season, boggled her. Not to mention the ways of the Wolfriders, who seem to thrive in this heat.

Seating herself on a log, she waited for Skot to appear by sharpening her life. “’lo, Pike, how are you this evening,” she asked when the elf approached.

Pike sat himself next to her and smiled. “Fine,” he exclaimed. “After seven years in the desert, I’ve been loving it here..”

“Seven, in a desert, and that would be..?”

Pike giggled. “well, its like the land of white cold. Except, no water, no trees, no nothing, and instead of cold, HEAT. The sun shone all the time, and nearly melted us,” he explained.

“Heat, huh? You mean like this,” she asked as sweat beaded on her forehead.

Pike’s mouth dropped open. “you call this heat? this is nothing. Ive felt worse in Goodtress rest. Don’t you Gobacks, know what this season is for?”

Krim rolled her eyes. “Well, its always been war and hunts, when did we have time to play,” she asked, getting defensive.

Pike held his hands up in submission, “no, I meant nothing about it, but let me show you what I like to do on days that are the hottest,” he said grabbing Krim by her hand. Calling for his wolffriend he dragged her on to him. “Come on Tiptail,” he said. “Go,” then the Wolf ran.

Krim let out a gasp at how quickly the wolf carried them both. But what made her feel better was the wind that the run created. Cooling off her overheated body, the ride was over to quick for her. Looking around, she noticed a field of berries. “and this would be,” the Goback asked the Wolfrider.

“C’mon Krim, you’ve been denning with us for how long and you’ve never stumbled upon the dreamberry patch,” he questioned. Which earned him an icy stare. “Well, this is where I get my berries for the howls. Oooooooor,” he said, reaching into his pouch. “Whatever occasion,” poping a berry into his mouth. He flew into the patch head first, reaching for any ripe berry he could find. “come krim,” he said.

“I’ll think I’ll pass wolfrider, its too hot for me to go moving around in a patch.”

Pike peeked his head thur the shrubs and frowned. “are you sure, they are all so yummy,” he asked, but upon looking at her, he knew the answer would be no. “Well, fine, I know what we can do,” he said snapping his fingers. Pulling Krim on the wolf once more, they were off. Pike pushed the wolf fast. And within no time, they were at a mountain spring.

Krim gasped in wonder. “what is this place,:” she asked as she dismounted the wolf.

Pike smiled happily as he pleased the Goback. “its my waterspring, none of the other wolfriders know of it.” he said. “feel the water,” he commanded as he placed his own hand in the water.

Krim shurged and did as she was told, letting out a yelp in surprise. “Its cold! Oh it reminds me of the rivers back in the Frozen Mountains! I wish I could go dipping in it

Pike Grinned from ear to ear. “Well, we could,” he said as Krim looked at him, not believeing. “im serious, the spring is small here, but it gathers and makes a pool just a few paces from here.” He took off running.

Krim, with no other choice, took off after him and was rewarded with a splash of water directly at her. “Thank the High Ones,” she cried as she peeled her leathers off and jumped in. Within heartbeats she was cooled off and half laying on a rock, sunning herself. She turned to Pike who was laying next to her. “Why,” she questioned.

Pike sat up, confused. “Why what?”

“Why share this with me?”

Instatly the wolfrider blushed. “Well, I, you see, um, I , well,” he stammered.

Krim understood all to well. “Ah, my rosey cheek one, I think I understand,” she said as she grabbed at him and nuzzled his neck. Instanly she felt Pike melt into her as she melted in to him.

Some time later, she found herself on the way back to the holt, with Pike. As he stopped at her den, she felt, beads of sweat, develop again. “Pike, shall we show Skot your spring?” she asked

Instantly, the Wolfrider blushed again.


AWWWW. i loved that... it was so cute


OMG, that is sooooo adorable! I can really imagine that happening though!

*falls in love with story*


[color=#00bfbf:edfdc13aac]AH! SO CUTE! :love: I bet you that's how it actually happened too! :P [/color:edfdc13aac]


Aww, Kitt, that is so sweet! Good use of theme!


uh Kitt? ??? it was me! lol..

But thanks anyway Kmom! *hugs*


Aaagh! I did it again! And to the same person as last time! (beats self over head)

So sorry, Crescent-- I get confused because you and Kitt both post in colors and big fonts-- I should have looked closer. . . :oops:


LOL! its alright Wink Just member, Crescent is always in INDIGO! lol..

But still, im glad you enjoyed it!


Lovely story, Crescent! :D


Aww, that was adorable!! :D :love:


awwwwwww thankies you guys!

But where is everyone else entries?


I'd be typing one uop but I'm having mental blank issues. :(


Heh. In the children's novel I'm writing, the kids have just been captured by ogres and are trying to figure out how to avoid being eaten. I'm just not able to work on that and EQ fanfic at the same time.


its cool! lol.. RL can get in the way..

Oh and the way to get rid of Ogres Kmom. Candy. Everyone knows Ogres LOVE candy and befren you if you give em some Grin Wink


[color=blue:c7b9ac9c11]apparently, my muse is in overtime, so ive sent this to Leanan to edit, but here is my contribution to the movie, ruff draft so to speak!

Hope you like!![/color:c7b9ac9c11]

[color=indigo:c7b9ac9c11]Crescent1325 sat in her living room, dripping sweat on a hawiian print Sofa as she flipped through the morning paper. Scanning the weather section, she saw it. Hawaii was going to have a record heat wave. 91 degrees clear across the board. Groaning out loud, she peeled herself off the couch and walked into the kitchen. Opening the refridgerator, she stood there to cool herself. She knew if anyone in her family saw this, she was sure to be yelled at, but she didn’t care. It was just too hot. Looking in she found a cold soda and stuck in to her neck and closed the door, when the phone rang.

“Yah,” she said when she answered it.

“Hey, Cres, this is CrescentElf. Did you look in the paper yet?”

“Uh, Cres, you know, its kinda hard, when I probally don’t have the same paper as you,” Crescent1325 informed.

“Oh, duh,” she said. “Well did you hear about the movie?”

“Nope,” she she said popping open the drink and swigging it down.

“Cresssssssssssss,” Crescentelf sighed. “The ELFQUEST Forum movie is what im talking about.”

“uh huh,” Crescent agreed.

“You don’t care,” Crescentelf asked.

“I do, but not much we can do, with our fav elf either already cast, or not in the script,” she commented leaning against the wall.

“Shes already cast,” Crescentelf informed.

“Okay,” Crescent1325 said. “So, I know you wouldn’t be calling me long distance if you didn’t have a plan.”

“Well, I do,” she said. “I have this Friend. Woebringer, he said he can help us out, if the price is right.”


Crescentelf sighed. “Do you want in Sissy or what,” she asked irritated.

“I guess, as long as it gets me out of this blasted heat.”

“Alright, heres what you do, Pack your things and to go to Delta Terminal, there
is a ticket waiting for you. Ill be waiting for you in California.”

“Alright, now, do I get to know this devious plan?”

“Not on the Phone,” Crescentelf said, and hungup.

Crescent1325 stared at the phone and shrugged. “why not,” she questioned aloud as she hung up the Phone. “Ma,” she yelled, “Im going out of town. See you later!”

One week Later”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦..

Crescentelf and Crescent1325 looked at eachother, Primping each others hair. Making sure that the humidity wouldn’t make the stick straight brown hair poof up uncontrollably. “Sis,” Crescent1325 said, “do you think this is gonna work?”

“Woebringer said that theses papers are 100% authentic. It wil get us on set.”

“It better.”

“Well,” Crescentelf said, “We look exactly alike. Cant tell a diffence.”

“Fine, lets get this over with, the sooner we are on set the better.”

Two Hours later”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦

“Ahem,” Crescent1325 said, walking up to the movie set, where a critical scene of Cutter/Goldnight was being shot.

“Yes, can I help you,” Skyfall said.

Crescent1325 gave him her Letter of her being casted as Crescent.

“Im sorry, your wasting your time,” he said politely. “We already have”¦” he said as his voice trailed off as he caught site of yet another Crescent look alike. “Um, and how may I help you,” he said, voice shaking, knowing where this may lead.

“Im finally made it,” Crescentelf huffed. “Here you go,” she said handing over a casting letter. “Im sorry Im so late, my agent is just not cutting it,” she informed him. “I had to fire him when I saw that he didn’t give me this letter! I cant believe it! Me, in the Elfquest Forum movie!”

Skyfall had suddenly turned pale. “Uh, would you to mind waiting here,” he asked. Not waiting for a answer, he ran to the Directors, and began to inform them what was going on.

“Alright, Sis, it seems to be working, keep it up,” Crescent1325 said. “but don’t lay it on to thick,” she said.

Crescentelf rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry about it. It’ll work,” she said as Skyfall made his way back, visibally shaken. “Um, well you see, we have a problem. Apperently we have a Crescent here already.”

“Well, you tell her to leave,” Crescentelf exclaimed. “Its my part!”

“No its not, it’s mine,” Crescent1325 yelled, hysterically. “I have the Casting letter!”

Mr. Pini came walked over, along with Crescent/Eleina. “Ladies, I don’t know what to say,” he started, “but”¦Oh Highones,” he exclaimed. “They are identical!”

“I know,” Skyfall said. I don’t know who is telling the truth.”

“I am,” the three Crescents said in unison.

“Puckernuts,” Richard cursed. “Follow me,” he commanded, as he walked back to the set. All eyes were on the three Crescents. “What kind of messed up accident is it now,” he was heard mumbling. “of all the times, now, it has to be while the sun is beating down on us”¦” he continued. “Cutter/Goldnight and the rest of you, get down here. We are stopping for a moment!”

Scracthing his chin, Richard twirled on them. “Show me your casting letter.”

One after the other, each Crescent showed him. “I just cant believe this!”

Wendy finally came over, looking at the casting letters and the Crescents. “Everythings identical. Down to the placement of their hair,” she said Bugged eyed. “What the Hell is going on here? SKYFALL?”

Skyfall ran oversheepishly. “I don’t know, I didn’t do it,” he exclaimed.

“Well we better figure it out. You three,” Wendy said. “Wait in the green room, we will figure this out.”

Two more hours later”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦

Richard, Wendy and Skyfall walk into the Greenroom, “So, do any of you have anything to say?”

“Nope,” the all said in unison.

“Fine,” Wendy sighed. “I guess we will just leave you three as one character. Here,” she said, tossing Trailer keys to Crescent1325 and Crescentelf. “You two get the Spare trailor out back.”

“Oh, thankyou,” Crescentelf said.

“Yes, maam, thankyou,” Crescent1325 agreed.

Crescent/Eleina burst into tears and ran out. “Whats wrong with the imposter,” Crescentelf asked.

“are you sure that’s the imposter,” Skyfall and Richard asked eyeing her warily. Wendy and Richard and Skyfall left the other two Crescents behind.

“Well we might as well get our things in there,” Crescentelf said.

The Very Next day”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦

Crescentelf sat on the small couch in the trailor that could barely fit one, let alone two, flipping through the channels on the radio. “Well, we made it, sis,” she said.

“Yup,” Crescent1325 said.

“aw, you don’t sound to happy.”

“Did you see the paper.” Crescent1325 asked.

Crescentelf shook her head, as Crescent1325 shoved the paper under her nose. Headline: “California to have record heat. 100 degrees and climbing.”

Crescentelf groaned.

Crescent1325 moaned. “No freakin AC! Why, oh why did I leave Hawaii!”[/color:c7b9ac9c11]


Crescent, that is so funny! Great job! :D

It just so happens I wrote a Forum Movie story, too!


The actors portraying the band of Wolfriders Cutter leads across the desert are gathered on location”” in the desert sands of Death Valley. The camera crew is sweating and keeps pausing to guzzle down bottled water. A huge vat containing Gatorade sits on a table behind the director's chair, with a few shade umbrellas over both putting up a valiant, if useless, effort at creating a cool rest area. . .

Richard Pini, eyes on his watch, grumbles to himself. "Where the heck is Gold Knight-Cutter?" He raises his voice. "Someone get Gold Knight out here! We haven't got all day to make this scene!"

NightAngel-Nightfall , wiping her forehead, raises her voice. "Yeah, we're dying out here!" She turns, plaintively, to Richard. "Mr. Director, can't we at least wear sunglasses while we're waiting?"

"Nope." Richard smiles apologetically to soften the negative. "We can't have you taking sunglasses on and off, it will disrupt things." He shouts again. "Gold Knight!"

The door of one of the trailers opens, and Gold Knight comes out. "Sorry, chief. I couldn't find New Moon." He brandishes the sword, then puts it in his sheath.

Richard sighs. "Gold Knight, can't you leave that in the prop box at night?"

Gold Knight shakes his head. "Cutter keeps it with him all the time. I'm keeping a grasp on my character."

"Well, can't you keep a grasp on him out here?" Manga-Moonshade asks querously. This isn't a picnic, you know!"

"Ok, folks," Richard says. "This is the part of the scene where Moonshade's wolf-friend falls dead in the sand. Places, everyone."

The actors climb onto wooden sawhorses with tiny leather saddles on them. "Wish we could use real wolves," Shadikka-Pike says. "It's so hard to picture this scene."

"Real wolves are dangerous," Wendy Pini, sitting in a director's chair watching, reminds him. "Besides, filming them out here would constitute cruelty to animals."

"What about cruelty to us?" Leanan-Woodlock mutters.

"What was that?" Wendy inclines her head towards Leanan.

"Nothing," Leanan says.

"Listen, Mr. and Mrs. Pini," Redshine-Rainsong says. "Do we really have to film this scene on location in Death Valley? It's 110 degrees out here!"

"You want authenticity, don't you?" Richard asks. "Come on, stop complaining and let's get on with it!"

The scene begins. Manga-Moonshade carefully pushes her sawhorse over so that it is lying on its side in the sand. She kneels next to it. "Oh, my wolf-friend!" She looks up at Richard. "You sure the CGI is going to make this look right?"

Richard gives an exasperated sigh. "Cut! Manga, you're going to have to stop interrupting the scene with questions like that!"

"Oh. Sorry, director." She laughs self-deprecatingly. Arthis-Redlance shakes his head at her and mumbles something to Alana-Dewshine.

Alana pats him sympathetically on the forehead. "So sorry about your headache. I'll give you something for it next break."

Just then, Fourleafclover-Leetah comes stomping through the sand, followed by Lord Darkhan- Rayek. "Listen, we've been waiting for hours! When are you going to finish this scene?" Darkhan snaps.

"When we finish it!" Richard snaps back.

"Richard, my skirt has sand in it, and my shoes have sand in them, and my hair has sand in it, and my bra has sand in it," Fourleaf complains. "And frankly, having sand [i:3b9625d4f7]here [/i:3b9625d4f7](she points) is not something Jaspar either understands or appreciates at feeding time, which is coming up . . ."

"I”” can guess." Richard says, blushing a little. Wendy laughs. "Please be patient, Fourleaf. We'll get to your scene soon."

Fourleaf and Darkhan sigh and sit down to watch. Just then, Nakadah-Berrybuzz and Callidora- Littlesky, accompanied by all the other Preserver-actors, come running over the nearest sand dune, carrying buckets of water.

"What are you doing?" Richard stares. "You're not in this scene! Preservers don't show up till-- " His voice is suddenly cut off as one of the buckets splashes all over him." He splutters. "Why”” you--"

By this time, the entire cast is wet. The cameramen sigh in relief and shake water from their clothes. The Wolfrider actors, gasping from the sudden shock, look at each other.

"Thanks, Preservers," Darkhan says. He slicks down his wet hair. "I needed that."

"So did I," chorus several Wolfrider actors.

Richard and Wendy glance at one another, then laugh. "I guess everyone did," Richard says. He looks at his watch. "Ok, we're taking a break till we all dry off. The temperature should start dropping soon."

Everyone sighs and begins to drift towards the Gatorade. "But, Nakadah, Callidora--" Richard says.

"Yes?" they ask, innocently.

"Don't let that happen again."


[color=indigo:ed37917220]Thanks Kmom!

I liked your story too! Funny funny funny!![/color:ed37917220]


HAHAHAHA!!! I loved them both!!!!


Crescent, I have also posted my story in the "Forum Movie" thread in Off-Topicisms. You should do the same! :D




Less than a week left in August, and only three stories here (two of them by one person) and no art.

So I'm bumping this thread up to see if we get any more contributions. :D


I'm working on something. Dunno where it's going. Skot has taken over my brain for some reason. I think he's bored and wants to play.
BTW, the submissions are good. I had some trouble figuring out what was going on with ya'll dressing up and playing the elves but then it hit me and I was like 'OOOOOOH! Duh.'


Well, here's my contribution, late as always.... Grin


The light of the Two Moons shines softly on pale skin and dark, rippling water.

She has not told the others of this place. It is her own, her secret, her solitude. They are her friends, Tumble, even little Puffer. But they wouldn't understand this. They would want to come here in the day, to play and splash as they did in the waves. That was fine, in the great Sea. Here is not for such things.

Sliding a foot into the water's edge, she smiles slightly at its coolness, then throws herself forward, arching into the water with barely a sound. The water swirls around her, making her long hair a seperate entity, floating around her in a moon-pale cloud. She twists and swirls, now a dancer, now a single strand of seaweed, now merely a cloud, passing over the moon, full and heavy with contentment and moisture.

Floating alone, Moonmirror is adrift in a tidepool, and utterly pleased with life.


Short, I know, but there you go. I figured since I'm cast as her, I should write something, and the theme fit perfectly with what I had in mind. Besides, it was about time someone besides Christina wrote some Wavedancer stuff around here. Grin


Wow that was so well done and evocative! I love the "Moonmirror is adrift in a tidepool and utterly please with life" line. Great stuff.

I'm not really that up on the EQForum Movie (I kinda find it hard to follow) but those were very cute too! Ah, I love any chance to bug Richard. ;)


Beautiful imagery, Jade Owl. Love it! :D


Hot. So very hot. Clearbrook ran a hand across her brow and glanced over at her lifemate. Treestump seemed impervious to the heat; he never seemed to wake up in the middle of the day sweating from the heat. Letting out a few uncharacteristic grumbles she’d learned from Strongbow, she kicked the heavy bed furs off and turned over.

She tossed and turned for a little while longer before deciding that sleep wasn’t going to come. Rousing herself, she dressed and left the den both to avoid waking Treestump and in search of a cooler place to spend the day.

It was worse outside. Slipping out of her boots, Clearbrook decided the creek would be the best place to cool down.

It had not rained in a while and the grass was brown. Redlance had done his best to keep the trees healthy but even he couldn’t draw water up from the ground. The humidity was suffocating and it made her nose itch. She had to be careful about where she walked because pinecones littered the ground.

When Clearbrook finally arrived at the creek she was surprised to find Skot wading in the shallow water. His dark leather shirt and boots lay abandoned on the bank and he seemed rather lost in thought. He was kicking up the water and the drops glistened when the light hit them. When he saw her he smiled.

“So it does come loose.”

“Hm?” She dropped her boots next to his. She wasn’t upset about having company. She had come to the creek more to cool off than to be alone. Still, she wouldn’t have expected the young Go-Back to be here, much less looking so thoughtful.

“Your hair.” He gestured to the flowing silver locks that were for once freed from their braided prison. She had left it loose as she was too tired and hot to care and it needed to be washed anyway.

“Can’t have it braided all the time.” She dipped a toe into the creek. It wasn’t cold, but it was refreshing. “I need to leave it loose every now and then. Besides, Treestump’s big feet aren’t here to step on it.”

Skot chuckled. “Pike steps on mine sometimes too.” He was quiet for a moment and gazed down into the water. “Krim’s always trying to get me to cut it but I don’t wanna.”

Clearbrook stripped off her moss-green clothes and eased herself into the water. “Why does she want you to cut it?” Skot grumbled something. “What?”

“She says it smells.” Skot scowled, kicking violently at the water. “And it gets all tangled too.”

Clearbrook felt a twinge of sympathy for the Go-Back. “Have you tried washing it?”

“I wash it!” He seemed rather insulted that she would imply he wasn’t clean enough. “I go swimming with the rest of the tribe.”

“I meant with berries and animal fats.” Clearbrook explained. Skot gave her a blank look.

“You put berries and animal fat in your hair?”

“To clean it, yes.” Clearbrook stood up and waded over to the bank. Running her hands through the bushes she tore off some of the leaves and brought them back. “I ask Redlance to grow some of those bushes. Then I mix the leaves with some of the ruby berries and animal fat. I throw in a little water and rub it into my hair. It cleans it.”

Skot leaned back. His attention span had reached its limit and he was staring out over the water again. “Do you ever miss it?”

“Miss what?” She waded out into the middle of the creek and splashed some water up her arms.

“Your home.” The way he said it was almost mournful.

Clearbrook turned around and took a good look at the Go-Back. He was still leaning against the grassy bank and the corners of his mouth were down turned. His dark brown hair was loose and made him look more like a cub than a full grown warrior.

“You mean Goodtree’s Rest?” He nodded. “Sometimes. It was my birthplace and my home. But,” She shrugged. “there is little I can do to go back there and it’s not the Now. I’m content.”

Skot didn’t say anything in response and that worried the elder. Normally it took the combined promises of dreamberries and Strongbow’s displeasure to quiet the Go-Back. For him to be this quiet was almost eerie.

“It’s too hot out here.” He suddenly complained. Clearbrook reflected that maybe she should not have questioned her luck. A quiet Go-Back was a rare thing, one she should have treasured. “It’s too hot and it’s always muggy now and half the time Krim and I can’t go hunting so we’re bored but then we got that stupid rule: ”˜in the trees as you please’ so we can’t even dance and it’s always hot!”

Clearbrook nodded, understanding the problem. “It was warm in the Forbidden Grove too though.”

Skot drew his knees up to his chest and grumbled. “Yeah, but it wasn’t as hot as it is here. We were still close to the Frozen Mountains. And besides, we didn’t have to be so poking quiet all the time.”

“Skot,” Clearbrook started. “you can talk as much as you wish, just not aloud.”

“Even if we did send, we still can’t dance.”

“True.” She said slowly. “Not around the Holt. But there is land in the direction of Sun-Goes-Down. There are no humans and you’d be far away enough that you wouldn’t endanger the Holt.” Skot chewed on a fingernail and contemplated her idea.

“Think Cutter would go for it?”

“I don’t think he’d mind as long as you were careful.”

The temperature did not let up over the next few days, or even over the next few weeks. Skot presented the idea of a trip to the tribe and it was agreed upon on the condition that safety and sanity would be given thought to. Clearbrook and Treestump went along.

As Pike, Skot, Krim, Kahvi and Venka danced around the burning bonfire, shrieking out war whoops, Treestump and Clearbrook added their howls to the din. This time, it was Treestump who wiped his brow.

**It’s hot.** He sent.

She leaned in to him, her curvy frame melding against his stocky one. **That’s alright.** She inclined her head towards the dancing Go-Backs and Pike. **Sometimes”¦it’s good to be hot.**


Author’s notes- Yeah, I dunno what the point of this is either. All I know is that Skot invokes motherly feelings in me and since Clearbrook is among the most motherly of elves”¦

And I’m only one day late for the August fanfic idea. Huzzah!


[color=indigo:3d914d70ef]awwwwwwwwwwww, i love it Windwalker, so cute! and it complements the Krim/Pike one too! LOL

and Jade Owl, As kmom said, great imagery. I can just see her relaxing in the pool![/color:3d914d70ef]


I like your story Windwalker. Very in character if you ask me.
Didn't most elves feel like that during that time, even the wolfriders? Danger wasn't allowed in their life anymore. But that takes away the excitement. Constantly being hidden, high in the treetops, takes the edge of life. Zhantee and Shenshen must have missed the sunvillage dances too.
Actually, did they sleep during the day? Must've been terrible for them not to live in the sun for so long.


Thanks you guys! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know people read what I write.
Innie, I imagine most of the elves felt like this at some point. The elders spoke of letting danger back into their lives and hopping around from branch to branch can't be that much fun. I just imagine the Go-Backs would have the most trouble getting used to that. Quiet isn't really in their nature.
Anyways, thanks ya'll!


Wind Walker, that was gorgeous! :thumbsup: Perfectly in character and completely believable.

[quote:ee75914f42]A quiet Go-Back was a rare thing, one she should have treasured.[/quote:ee75914f42]

I see the point very well. You are bringing out the idea of discontent-- with the heat as a catalyst. The ending line shows that it's not the heat that's the problem, it's the discontent. And wise Clearbrook has found a good remedy.

Too bad the humans had gotten so much more numerous by [i:ee75914f42]Dreamtime[/i:ee75914f42]. An outlet like this might have kept Skot and Krim from causing the trouble they did there.