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Tentus, the Firstborn



[i:f7c0caa50e]His bios from the Black Mermaid site: [/i:f7c0caa50e]
Tentus is the only first generation elf still alive in the WaveDancer colony, and possesses the ability of rock/coral shaping. He is the younger brother of Neama, and the child of Ausra and Desh. He is medium in height and has a receding hairline of white hair, bushy eyebrows and his skin has a jaundiced look to it as if it has been stretched over bone. His most prominent features are his grey eyes that look as if they have cataracts. He is somewhat eccentric, a little cranky and impatient because all he wants is to be left alone. His function is the colony is that of historian and he sculpts coral statues of the ancestors and their stories in the Chamber of Remembrance. Tentus is a strong sender and receiver. When the threat of the Soul Stealer is upon them, he can sense it through nightmares which leave him drained, sick and helpless.


Is Tentus father to someone of the characters in this series? I just wondering.


Nothing is revealed about Tentus having offsprings - maybe yes ... maybe not.

It's said that he was deeply affected by being abandoned by his mother (Ausra), feeling betrayed by her "running away".
It's imaginable that he never mated, never sired a child ...
... as well as being father several times, having outlived all his children and theirs as well...


I've heard rumours about him being Tilaweeds father, is that so?


Havn't found a hint for this - neither in the published issues and "should-have-beens" nor in the character descriptions. And I was very watchful for those hints because once I've made a family tree.

Could be a source I've never found as well as fan fiction. Take the positive aspect - without knowing it's free for anyone to make up their minds Wink

And - he would have been a good father, don't you think so?



Oh yeah, he would have been the best :D , maybe because of the believed lack of caring from hos mother's side (I'm not hinting that she was a bad mother, but he thought she was being a bad leader).

What did Tentus answer on Shoresprout's question? He seemed so startled, surpriced


answer in short: no more flesh-shapers around, so no can do :(


I like tentus ...
he's the perfect babysitter ! Grin


Plausible, faeriegirl --- but there was a funnier solution ...

Inkbottom: [i:a7b3fd2043]That's only 'cause you want to be like Hyfus, so you can be near him and be lovemates.[/i:a7b3fd2043]

Shoresprout: [i:a7b3fd2043]Take that back.[/i:a7b3fd2043] *attacks*

Tentus: *looks startled* --- maybe a bit overstrained right now Wink


Hahahaha :rofl:

I see, that's funny. He's the perfect grandfather if you ask me


[quote:012f6f1605="Embala"]Plausible, faeriegirl --- but there was a funnier solution ...

Inkbottom: [i:012f6f1605]That's only 'cause you want to be like Hyfus, so you can be near him and be lovemates.[/i:012f6f1605]

Shoresprout: [i:012f6f1605]Take that back.[/i:012f6f1605] *attacks*

Tentus: *looks startled* --- maybe a bit overstrained right now Wink[/quote:012f6f1605]
*looks it up* yup, you're right... my answer was given on the page after...